7 thoughts on “A Quiet Exile—and An American Genocide

  1. I have watched abortion ruin the lives of several women I know, as I commented on the post from a few days ago. I don’t have a problem standing on the foundation of my Christian beliefs to argue for Pro-Life, but what I find is that when you are arguing it is a sin to people who don’t believe in God, it doesn’t have an effect. For people who don’t believe in God and sin in the first place, it is hard to get the message through. Which doesn’t mean that we stop trying, absolutely not!

    However, if you remove the fact that it is a sin so that you can get through to non-believers, the argument that speaks volumes to me is that less than 1% of abortions are due to rape or incest. I believe if you add in the instances of the mother’s health being in jeopardy, it is less than 3% total for all 3 reasons. So abortion is most often being used as a solution for irresponsibility and bad behavior. So people want to live irresponsibly and have sex, but then if they accidentally become pregnant, they want to commit murder. Or in the case of my sister-in-law, when she became pregnant before her and my brother-in-law were “ready for kids”, they just murdered their child. If you are old enough to make the choice to have sex, then you need to deal with all that comes with that. Period. Living irresponsibly and then committing murder as a solution isn’t even on the radar as logical. So, if I run up my credit cards and then can’t pay them, is it legal for me to rob a bank to pay them off? If I drink too much at the bar, is it OK for me to drive home and kill people on the way? NO! Of course not! This reasoning doesn’t make sense in any other scenarios except have sex and then murder your child.

    So yes, as Christians we have to stand firm on this atrocity, but as human beings…Christian or Non-Believers this doesn’t make sense. It is murder. I would like to think that most people, Christian or not, would agree that if you make a mistake it isn’t OK to just murder someone to solve your problem. We are living in a world of -I can do whatever I want. I can be whatever I want. Why is everyone entitled to whatever they want? I want to be a boy today and a girl tomorrow. I want to have sex today and kill my child tomorrow. I want to charge my credit card today and not pay it tomorrow. We are suffering a major accountability crisis in this country and instead of holding people accountable, we just write laws to make what they are doing OK for them. To me, this isn’t just an issue of sin. It is an issue of right and wrong that I would like to think non-believers can still distinguish between.

    Thank you Heidi for continuing to remind all of us that we can fight and we don’t have to lie down and accept what this country is becoming!

    1. Hi Amy. Thanks for commenting. I am speaking directly to the Church (big “C”) here because I see Christians being silent when they should be speaking. The very reason there is “right and wrong” is because of sin. So we must talk about it truthfully and stop hiding because we think people will reject us out of hand if we use words like “sin” to talk about things like murder and homosexuality. We have replaced Biblical arguments with emotional ones and thereby lost both our credibility as Believers and our position at the table where discourse should be occurring. We don’t have an abortion problem in our culture … we have a sin problem. People need the healing touch of their Redeemer. We have a President in office right now who we literally elected because our nation is so desperate for “hope and change” that we thought a President could give it to us. Not so. As Christians, we can do no less than share the reason for the hope that lies within in us. This is where healing and hope will ultimately be found.

      1. Hi Heidi. I couldn’t agree more. I was trying to make a different point, albeit not very well. I too am tired of Christians being treated like they belong at the kids table or as if we are foolish and out of date. We are indeed in a fight against sin. And a fight against our society, politicians, and unfortunately now churches bending to meet the public “norm” rather than being vocal about what the Word says and our Christian foundation.
        Now more than ever in recent history, Christians and Churches have to join together and stand firm against the Darkness our society is falling into.

        We do need to be truthful that it is sin and not hide behind non-Biblical arguments. I just feel that as far as the genocide of abortion is concerned, we are going to have to join believers and non-believers together to fight abortion. There are plenty of non-believers that still have a moral compass even if they don’t recognize it as sin. We will need everyone who believes that murdering defenseless children is wrong to turn the tide on abortion. For Christians it will be a fight against sin and for them it will be “doing what is right” but collectively we may have a chance to change this. Of course, I would love it if in the process, we save many non-believers and give them the hope that lies in Jesus Christ. However, I will gladly stand side by side with non-believers if we have a chance at outlawing abortion.

        Thank you as always for a stirring post and a reminder that we aren’t alone!

  2. God bless you Heidi for speaking the truth and not shying away!! We have had 3 miscarriages in the last year. The last one was twin girls. I have their testimonies written down and have shared them with others. God moved in our time of grief and witnesses who He is through each time. I am always willing to share their testimonies to show how these precious souls are just that from the very beginning!!

  3. Heidi, I am so thankful for the way you are not afraid to speak the truth in love! I shared this on my Facebook page because I don’t want to be afraid either. When I tried to share the link to the petition on my page, it was blocked by Facebook! Did anyone else have the same problem?

  4. Thank you for being so honest with this, I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought the whole lion thing was ridiculous! Not only are unborn babies being murdered but Christians all over the world are being murdered due to their beliefs, where is your hashtag for that?! It’s horrible what society puts as valuable lives anymore!

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