7 thoughts on “3 Steps to Taming Your Child’s Tongue, with Ginger Hubbard

  1. What a great podcast! Thank you so much Heidi and Ginger. This is exactly what I needed. Such beautiful, Godly wisdom. I can’t wait to read the book and put in to practice some of these tips.

  2. As my family goes into the launching stage, with only one son left at home this year I find prayer is all I can do. My control is removed. A hard lesson to learn. College is concerning, but they have been trained and know what Is right. I thought the How to Pray for Your Child would be a great resource at this point for me as I let go and let God.

  3. Thank you for writing this. I often become so flabbergasted at what is said that I have trouble parenting it. Thank you for reminding me to look at the heart of my children in this situation.

  4. Be careful not to break the spirit when correcting children, but to admonish them in the Love of God. Praying with them for God to guide their thoughts, comments and actions in each instance over time will result in them praying on their own about their speech in a situation. We are showing them how to have equity in their life, so when a challenge comes along they will have equity to draw from. Equity is like buying a car that loses value. When it is time to trade in you are upside down owing more than the car is worth. There is nothing to draw from. We did not invest enough capital into the car to have equity for the new car. Admonishing Children is like investing capital in that car for addressing situations in life. When we invest in our children in the way described above, then they have that investment of your time in their life to draw equity from to handle the situation the same way when you are not present with them.

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