4 thoughts on “What Does it Mean to Be MomStrong?

  1. Wow. So true. Moms today are bombarded with challenges and then told by culture that it is better suited to handle kids than parents are. You are so right we must be strong and say Not with my Kids you don’t!

  2. This was like a hug from the Lord this morning as I sit here feeling broken and completely inadequate to parent. Finding out our teenage daughter is cutting herself yesterday and feeling so broken and helpless and wondering how God can ever help us make this right and use it for His glory. But like you said, we have to be in the battle even when we’d rather hide. We have to fight for our kids and stand in the gap for them. I am committed to fighting for my daughter’s life and being Mom Strong. Thank you for your faithfulness in writing what God lays on your heart and sharing it with us. It does make a difference.

    1. Oh Christy, I am so sorry. That is such heavy news for your mama heart to bear. Do fight for your daughter in truth and love, but also remember to commit her to our Father’s hands. As a former cutter who is currently becoming MomStrong herself, I just want to encourage you to trust that there is nothing that God can’t redeem and make whole again. We serve a great and mighty God who cherishes His Children! Love to you in Christ and I will be praying for you all!

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