8 thoughts on “To the Mom Who’s Forgotten to Be Kind to Herself

  1. Thank you for this! It’s easy to forget that our struggle as s mom is also a spiritual battle. I realized after reading this post that the enemy has been working double time to kill, steal, and destroy the joy I used to have in being a mom and in homeschooling. I was homeschooling for four years, took a break last year and put my older 2 in a private charter school because I was pregnant with twins. This year I decided to bring them back home… I was going crazy (Normally, I could do crazy.). Then, just today, I put my second grader back in school (My eldest is still at home because she lost her spot.). Things just started to seem too much to bear… care for the kids, love your husband, dishes, laundry, clean the house, and then there is still Math to do.

    I wish I had you and Heidi on speed dial. I mean, how do you do it? I only have 6… 10, 7, 4, 2, and 8 month old twins. I love this school he is in, but still my heart is sad that he is not homeschooling anymore 🙁

    1. Sweet Michelle— it’s all … grace. Do what you can. Be obedient to God, even when you think you can’t and watch Him show up. He’s good like that. No condemnation! Listen to the voice of the Spirit as He whispers to your soul, “Peace. Be still.” You are loved! -heidi

  2. Durenda, I feel like you wrote this blog post just for me. The words spoke straight to my heart. I’m so grateful that you took the time to share from such an honest, yet loving place.

  3. Thank you for this timely post that lifted me up during a week where I feel more like Cruella Deville than mom! I read this the morning after my 6 year old told me, as I was putting him to bed, that I always seem to be mad at him and his brothers. After my initial heartbreak I proceeded to apologize profusely, hug him relentlessly and profess my never-ending love for him. I then came downstairs and beat myself up for the rest of the evening feeling like a complete failure. He was tired and sick so we just had “one of those days” and I knew that was where it was coming from, but I also knew that there was truth that in his little world it probably does seem like I am always mad at them. I needed your post so desperately to forgive myself and remind myself that I am human and each day His mercy is new. That next day we had a much better day in our house in general. Throughout the day as they disobeyed and pushed my buttons, I kept my cool, but also pointed out that those moments of button-pushing and disobedience contribute to the problem so we have to remember that we are a team. Thank you for your insight and experience which I respect so much!

    1. Your response to the still, small voice of God was perfect! It’s something we cycle through many times over our years as a mom. I’ve messed up countless times and yet, God continues to be gracious in the hearts of our children.
      Keep up the good work! You are doing a wonderful job!

  4. What a powerful read on remembering to trust GOD! I know sometimes I put a lot on myself making sure my daughter is well taken care of. It’s hard to sit back and say “I’m doing my best”. I always think there is more I can do for her. But, she’s healthy, has a roof over her head, safe and happy and that’s nothing but GOD!

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