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More Than Making Babies


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Hi moms!

You may have seen my Tuesday post that shed just a little light on the physical battle I’m facing—so the next few podcasts were recorded ahead-of-time.  In fact, I’m hospital right now, and my sweet husband is helping me write this Friday’s post.  My surgery went well, and now I’m trying to get on the road to recovery.  (aka: I’m on drugs.)  🙂

It’s been a rough day—painful for sure but also humbling.  Nothing like needing help just to go the bathroom!  I’m so glad Jay has seen me at my worst. Why?  Because it strengthens us when we walk through deep water together.

The longer I’m married, the more I appreciate the many sacrifices my husband has made for me.  I want so much to bless him!  God designed marriage to be an amazing union between a husband and wife.  In our culture, we’ve lost much of the appreciation and wonder that God gives to the marriage relationship.  Have you ever thought about how much God loves us?  Marriage is a wonderful place to see God’s love for people.

Sex between married people is one example of God’s care for His creation.

Certainly it was within God’s creative ability to make procreation a dull, necessary part of making sure the human race continued.

Genesis 2:24 says “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.”

Did you know that God has given us the ability to enjoy sex for the sake of enjoyment alone? The world seems to have stolen this from the Christian community and so we either hear about it being an awful, wicked thing or we hear about it being something that has absolutely no boundaries on it at all.

But did anyone ever tell you that sex is only for making babies? I hope you realize how far from God’s heart that is. God’s heart is that you enjoy sex with your husband. His design is infinitely more wonderful and loving toward us than we could ever comprehend. I love the imagery, of scripture: the Bible says that the two will become one flesh, ONE FLESH. The language itself suggests intensity, infusion, and pleasure. It also shows that God’s heart in uniting a husband and wife was meant to be this way, on purpose. God wants us to be one flesh.

For this reason, a man shall leave his parents, and they will have babies? Is that what God said? No, He said they will leave their parents and cleave to their spouse and become one flesh.

Sex is about so much more than making babies. I truly believe that God meant for sex to provide us with a respite from the stresses of this world. And a healthy, intimate relationship serves to strengthen the bonds between a husband and wife. Sex gives physical pleasure, and release, and wonder of wonders the most amazing thing we can think of happens through sex: NEW LIFE is created! Every time I think about this amazing gift, I’m speechless.

Be speechless—enjoy married life!

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