11 thoughts on “A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

  1. Interesting…that same scripture was strong on my heart recently as well. Thank you for keeping it in the forefront of my day 🙂 I want my attitude to be one of faith as I live in a divided home with my oldest child astray & many cares that come to destroy faith. This scripture helps remind me, to cast my cares on God & walk in Faith 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. I have been overwhelmed lately with 4 kids, including a 4 month old with a ton of food allergies. Not to mention a husband who has worked 12-16 hrs every day for the past two months! Yeah harvest! The issue of what I say and how, especially with my kids has been heavy on my heart. I’ve been losing my temper a lot lately. This passage as well as Proverbs 14:3 and 15:1&4 are going up on my fridge right now!

  3. dear, it is always so good to read your articles, I admire you so much for your transparency!
    I am Brazilian, but already there was missionary in the U.S., and then return to being there!
    But now I’m in my nation, Brazil, and here I mark a generation of wise women!
    kiss, love u!

  4. It is such an inspiration to see another godly woman who is struggling yet continuing to strive for the goals, character, and plans that the Lord has desired for her. (oh and if you didn’t know that woman is you!) I feel as if these past few podcast you have done came straight out of my head. I have been feeling very overwhelmed in this season of my life and sadly had really put God on the back burner.. what a huge mistake my attitude, character etc have shown that. I am encouraged and have been trying to meet with the Lord each morning and what a HUGE difference it makes in me, and therefore my children, husband & home. Thank you for these podcast, I am loving them. I am also looking into your firmly planted co op here in TX. Thank you for your work, God really is using you.

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