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  1. So, so good Heidi. Thank you for this. My homeschool schedule alone has kept my {happily} busy with my children and I have found myself engaging and writing more in the evening hours, which really works out for everyone’s advantage.

  2. I’m at the beach with my family, and I made a conscious decision to stay off Facebook this week so I can be fully present with them. My only internet time is listening to these devotionals which I have so looked forward to and am enjoying, along with my busy mom journal. Thank you!

  3. I too had the nudge a while back, and while I backed off for a while I felt things slowly going to back the way they were, and not liking it. So this is my confirmation to continue on with my effort. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful, you are such an inspiration! I loved today’s discussion. I often times find that there is too much “stuff” going on (with 6 under 12, of course it gets a little crazy), we have been trying to say “No” more often to things that take time away from our family. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s discussion! I <3 my quiet time in the evening to contemplate what you have shared and really spend time in quiet reflection and prayer!!! 🙂

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more about the need to be online less and in life more. I have chosen to not have a facebook account for that very reason. I do often look at blogs though and find myself struggling with the lure of checking them daily (not that that in itself is wrong it’s just not healthy when it takes so much of our time that other things that should be our priority suffer). I pray I’d hunger for the word more and rush to get in it like I sometimes rush to check my email.

    Something I’m struggling with is how hard it is to form relationships with other women lately. I always found it easy to make friends in high school and college but anymore I find women don’t seem as interested in opening up and investing in other people’s lives. I know I need to examine myself and make sure I’m being approachable and willing to reach out to other’s but it just seems like even at places like church and MOPS women aren’t as quick to form meaningful relationships as they used to be. I have been wrestling with the thought lately that maybe all the technology we use anymore to make connections is replacing real connections and therefore we aren’t as interested or skilled at forming friendships in real life.

    I’ll be the first to admit, part of my interest in people’s blogs is probably related to the fact that I’m looking for a way to be part of other people’s lives, given that I don’t experience a lot of that in real life.

    As a side note, I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids. This is my first year homeschooling my oldest two (pre-K and Kindergarten). I’ve been so encouraged by your ministry! Thank you!

    1. Hi Lana, I couldn’t agree more—it’s more effort to manage “in life” relationships and I believe that social media has made it easier to just slack off. Different seasons of life have made me more or less Internet dependent,depending on where I’m at. So keep bringing it to the Lord. He’ll help you navigate the season of motherhood well. xoxo, heidi

  6. I gave up my Facebook. I needed to get back to my real life. I needed to get quiet with Jesus. I needed to find myself again. I wasn’t doing that anymore. Bless you, thank you for this. What a blessing I needed.

  7. It is funny how I thought I really had the whole smart phone thing under control. Then my 14 year old daughter came to me ad told me that she felt like I wasn’t listening to her – that I wasn’t pulling away from the phone when she came to talk to me! Here I thought I was being good by not sitting at the computer.

    Shortly after this exchange, I listened to your podcast! Total confirmation from the Lord! I am staying off my phone during the day now and scheduling a few times throughout the day to check in on my computer, where the kids seem to understand that I’m working. 😉

  8. I can testify to the fruit of removing social media from your life. I’ve done away with fb, Instagram & even my blog this year alone. God is now able to talk to me more and I am able to pray more and seek his face.
    I miss a few people and am not always in the loop of the daily goings on and can’t join in on fb status conversations. Most of it is just gossip and women trying to be noticed so they receive fulfillment in who they are as a person. We need to stop validating people and let God show us how much he loves, desires and wants us. Social media takes our time from Jesus and while we think about such n such’s fb status we are not praying continuously or being thankful or loving God or loving our neighbors. Fruitful season.

  9. I gave up all social media except my blog a month ago as I was totally addicted and can also testify to how freeing it is. I actually have battery power on my phone left at the end of the day! Haha

  10. Love your posts. I can see myself in them. Glad that i found you. I work full time . We all leave the house at 8:30 and step back in at 5:30. I can only spend quality time with my kids on weekends. Week evenings are mostly being after them to shower, home work, read, dinner and then bed time….

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