6 thoughts on “Resolve to Make Home Rather Than Just Clean Home this New Year

  1. The great thing about this concept is it really doesn’t take much. I am a woman who likes pretty things but is not always in the position to spend the excessive amounts of money to purchase them. When my husband was alive and we had the money I was not one to spend those amounts. It just isn’t who I am. I am a woman who likes the deal. So my process for getting pretty things and having pretty things is to create it. I don’t spend $150 on a pair of curtains. I go to the discount fabric store and buy pretty fabric and make my own. I have been known to find furniture pieces on the side of the road that people were throwing out and taken it home and recovering it to make it look better. Antique Swap Meets are an amazing place to find nice things for home very inexpensively. I once found a chair for $5.00. The chair was in great shape. I took it home and covered it with toile fabric. If you don’t sew you still can buy nice fabric and drape it over a window or pen it to a wall. Be creative! The great thing about this is you can get your kids involved in the creative process. Buy a small table and teach them how to paint it. Simple stuff that creates fun family time and a prettier household that the entire family can be proud of.

  2. Great perspective!! My mother was a wonderful homemaker. I can still vividly see, smell, and taste my childhood when I close my eyes. She passed away in April and this holiday season exactly what you just wrote about was really impressed upon me. I realized that my new dedication would be to create these memories of home for my children whether there are shoes in the hallway or dust in the window sills. They won’t remember the dust but they will remember their home. Thank you so much for for a great post!!

  3. I needed to hear this so badly, thank you for this reminder! Especially as a homeschooling family (because we’re home all the time..) I want home to be truly a place where our family wants to be. It’s so easy to get caught up in the laundry and dishes and schedules and forget that a little mess reminds us that LIFE is being lived here! Thank you so much!

  4. I, too, needed to hear this! Early in my marriage (before many relocations, kids, and homeschooling) our house was a home and I was proud that it was a relaxing, pleasant place to be. However, over the years I have allowed our house to become a disheveled, embarrassing mess that is far from relaxing or pleasant. I do NOT want this to be the memory my kids have of their years at home. They are teens now so I do not have much time to change the atmosphere and create loving memories for/with them. NOW is THE time!! Please pray for my commitment to and focus on this important goal…..

  5. This is so true. With two busy little ones under the age of 4, our house often looks like a preschool exploded in the living room. In addition, our house is full of craft supplies, sculpture, books, science experiments, our nature walks collection, muddy boots, and the tidal wave of clutter that seems to collect EVERYWHERE. I often try to clean (or hide clutter in drawers and cabinets) everything at once in a panic before company comes, right up until the exact second (and sometimes after) our guests arrive. Then I’m stressed out instead of being a relaxed and gracious hostess. This was a great reminder to focus on the whole feel of our home, from lighting a candle to sitting and drinking tea with the kids, who love a little ceremony in their days. Also, focus on how we experience our very happy home as well. I’m starting with keeping the dining room table clear of projects at night, so we have a peaceful place for breakfast in the morning. Thanks for this beautifully written reminder of how to keep grace in our happy home.

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