8 thoughts on “Living Guilt Free in a Pinterest World

  1. I haven’t gotten onboard with Pinterest because I’m afraid I would become discontented, jealous, etc. Sadly, I feel judged/labeled as a weirdo because I don’t. Strange ….

    1. Carol, it’s so easy to feel that way. If you are feeling led this direction than embrace it. I sometimes feel weird not having a smart phone and just have to keep reminding myself that my budget and self-control are better w/out it around.

  2. Thanks so much for this article! I KNOW I shouldn’t feel guilty and dissatisfied with what I do/don’t do each season, and I KNOW I shouldn’t be jealous or judgmental of others. But I honestly never thought about praying and asking God what’s right for my family in “little” things like this. Where we should live and my husband’s job. . . yes, I’ve cried out to God for direction. But it never dawned on me to seek Him in our daily tasks and routines–the very things that cause me stress and make me feel inadequate. This word came at a perfect time for me! Thank you for being a mouthpiece for God!

    1. Oh this made me so happy to read. It is amazing how free we can live, when we surrender everything, even the small things, to the Lord. He is always, always, always faithful to lead. And yes it is so helpful in moving from KNOWING that we don’t have to feel guilty, jealous etc, to walking out life free from that baggage.

      Have a wonderful week Katrina!

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