4 thoughts on “How to Tell If You Are Too Busy (By Looking At Your Legs)

  1. This is absolutely hilarious but oh so true!

    I was lamenting THIS morning about my AMAZON legs as I had to rush just to get a shower in after helping my daughter run a friend’s dogs (‘she’ is dogsitting) before we dash off to the doctor’s office. Yikes, I’ve been too busy lately to even notice that the Rainforest had taken over! And I read this blog while lamenting my scraggly looking cuticles and nails.

    Amber, you hit the nail on its head for sure. Gotta make some time to do the little things that’ll make me feel more ‘together’. Thanks for the lighthearted reminder!!

  2. This is oh so true! I made a decision a few months ago that I was going to start painting my nails again, coloring my hair regularly and I was actually going to wear a dress for NO reason. No funeral, no wedding, not for Easter. Just on a Tuesday. The first time I did, my boys asked if we were gong to church. The next time they asked where we were going. Completely puzzled. After a few weeks of the occasional dress they have stopped asking if we are going somewhere special and I realized that I want them to remember me this way, not as jeans and t-shirt mom. Don’t get me wrong, I will be in jeans and a t-shirt 60% of the time but I want to be an example to them of loving and caring for yourself in an unselfish way.

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