10 thoughts on “Fall Family Project: Care Packages for Our Troops

  1. Thank you Marcy for such a detailed How-To on shipping a package to a US soldier. My son and I are going to do this together. I appreciated, especially, the do’s and don’ts to help us avoid a mistake!!

  2. Thank you for the information about the discount for mailing to an APO address. I’m happy to know it’ll be a little more affordable to send care packages to my husband next year.

  3. Great post! I used to have a boyfriend in the marines and I shipped him a box every week, sometimes twice a week, so this brought back a lot of memories.

    One thing I would mention is that while it usually took my boxes about 3 weeks to arrive, the closer it got to Thanksgiving the longer they took. So if you’re aiming for a Holiday delivery do it now! Also, the custom forms are no joke. Fill them out exactly as they request. I’ve heard horror stories!

    And you’re right about chocolate. It might be cold here, but it’s almost always hot there.

    You’ve inspired me. I think I’ll take the kids to the dollar store and pack a box to mail from our family this weekend. I know my husband has stated that he always enjoyed the boxes that came from strangers with a thank you note. It reminded him why he was out there. 🙂

  4. Great post Marcy. My son is currently in Afghanistan & we have loved sending him packages while he is there. He just moved to a new base for a couple of weeks and then off to another one, so I’m not sure when we can send another one. We may have to save his Christmas until he gets back in Jan/Feb.

  5. Marcy, I’m just getting started as my son will be deployed in March and he is thinking ahead by asking family to help w/ supplies. I am having a send-off party for him and will ask if anyone would like to drop off something. All your information is a wealth of help!! Thank you so much and God Bless your husband and all servicemen/women!

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