5 thoughts on “Fall Is the Perfect Time to Revamp Your Health and Fitness Routine

  1. I began losing weight June 1, 2009. I have lost and kept off 90 pounds too 🙂 It can be done…just a matter of taking it a day at a time. Now I homeschool and teach fitness classes at my YMCA. Two things I never thought I would do! Thanks for the encouragement and good job staying fit and healthy!

  2. I just started my weight loss/fitness journey 2 weeks ago. I have about 90 pounds to lose. My friends think I’m crazy for starting now. My thought is that if I can’t get through the holidays while I’m motivated them I never will learn how to handle them. It helps that my mom has just lost about 100 this past year. Great job Heidi & thank you for teaching us!

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