31 thoughts on “Dressing for your {Plus-Sized} Body Type

  1. I love this Crystal!!! Absolutely love those skinny jeans — they give you shape and I think curves are beautiful! You are so gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks for the great tips, Crystal. Those strategies really do make a difference. You look terrific, and very pulled-together… which is not always so easily accomplished for moms with little ones at home!

  3. Great suggestions!
    I went out on a limb before Allume 2012 and bought myself a pair of skinny jeans and knee high boots, and a drape cardigan…that is still my all time favorite outfit to wear, for all the reasons that you stated here!

    For myself, my hair makes a huge difference. If it’s pulled up and back it just accentuates my face, but if I leave it down, or pull back just the sides, it does a lot better.

  4. I have tried on skinny jeans several times but never bought. They really seem to just make my thighs look wide…so, I’m still a boot-cut fan. Your outfits look very cute and flattering!

  5. Crystal, you look great. Every outfit is enhanced by your beautiful hair and smile. I think we can all benefit from being a little more intentional in how we dress, regardless of our size.

  6. Great tips Crystal. You looked beautiful. I think a good tip is don’t be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe. Too many times plus size women think always wearing black is slimming. Also it’s hard not to find plus sizes that aren’t covered in a pattern, patterns are nice but all over patterns can be too much. You did a great job of combining patterns and simple pieces in your pictures.

  7. I love these tips and you are so right about the skinny jeans. I was also VERY hesitant to buy some but like you needed some to wear my boots and wow I look 10 lbs light with those babies! Woohoo. Love the jacket tip I will try that one. 🙂

  8. Great tips! One more tip I’d like to add is to make sure your “foundation pieces” are correctly fitted. Plus size gals go to lane bryant or catherines,smaller ladies try Jcpenney, Macy’s or Victorias secret…. You have no idea just how much that one article of clothing can change how ypur clothes

  9. I haven’t been able to shed those pregnancy pounds (ummm – its been 13 years since I was pregnant!) and the thought of going clothes shopping still depresses me. I felt that if I couldn’t look like I did pre-pregnancy, then why bother? I spent quite a bit of time in sweats and a T shirt. My mom bought me some new stylish clothes in my size last year, and I felt wonderful! I wish I had dressed up sooner… I also have a large friend who chooses bright cheerful colors along with pretty accessories, and they make her look so attractive! I almost always grab a colorful scarf to perk up an outfit now. Thanks for the encouragement…

    1. I live in a tiny town and am very limited. There nothing in my town, but the next town over (about half an hour’s drive) has a Walmart, which I have found to offer more and more plus-sized clothing. I also like to shop at Cato, which is another one we have in that town about half an hour away and they have a plus-sized section, and their clothes are classy and modest. Yes, I’m a frugal girl.

      I know a lot of others who have success shopping online, but I need to be able to try things on.

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