4 thoughts on “5 Minute Makeup for Busy Moms

  1. I understand how easy it is to just frump it, but why say you aren’t representing your family/husband well that way? Why can’t you do something nice for you? Some day your kids will be gone and your husband will be dead — will you try to look nice for you then, or without them will you have no raison d’etre? You were you before husband and kids. Don’t make them your sole reason for anything.

  2. I don’t usually make time for make-up, my sweetheart says I don’t need it. But occasionally I like to look special for him anyhow. It’s hard to find even 5 minutes sometimes. This is a great post anyhow!

  3. My hubby doesn’t like too much makeup, and what I do put on, he doesn’t really notice whether I have it on or not. I usually only wear a little eyeliner and mascara on Sundays because I’m on stage in the worship band. It takes like a minute tops.

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