19 thoughts on “When the Kim Davis Dust Settles, Will People See Jesus?

  1. I fail to see the relevance of your question about the dust settling. Kim’s stand wasn’t for Christ but against judicial tyranny which are two totally separate issues. I think anything detracting from the fact the U.S. Government imprisoned one of it’s own citizens is paramount to this discussion. I also think people will continue to view her through whatever worldview they are already established in either way. Just my thoughts. KC
    Terrell, Tx

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    1. Hi KC, thanks for stopping by. She is saying her objection is religious. This is the relevance. I agree that we are experiencing judicial tyranny. Kim Davis was jailed unnecessarily. I think my question is still valid. What is more important? That we don’t allow If we read to the end of the Scriptures—it’s clear. God will make things right one day. In the meantime, what are we doing to further the cause and Kingdom of Christ?

  2. I’ve been battling this case in my heart. I’ve discussed it with like-minded friends and my adult children. Heidi, I think you have said very eloquently what my been stirring in my own soul. Why THIS issue? Why not unequally yoked couples? Or pregnant couples? “Marriage” is a relationship ordained by God for His people, for their good and their children’s and for society’s. What the “Law of the Land” defines as marriage is really a moot point. It is a contract that provides for certain legal financial rights. Kim, to be believable and to be God-honoring, should NOT sign marriage certificates that she cannot morally support and should quit, and look for another job.

    1. Hi Laurie, yes. It’s a sticky subject and it seems to be dividing the Christian community. I’m praying we can keep our eyes on Jesus while we walk out our faith. Sometimes, that means we stand up and sometimes, it means we run. Without a doubt though, Ms. Davis needs our prayers. Thanks for commenting!

  3. At first glance, it seems very admirable that Ms.Davis is willing to go to jail to stand up for her beliefs and convictions. However, she was sworn to do a job as an elected official, and the admirable thing to do would be to resign her position due to the fact that her elected job was compromising her beliefs. Whether we support gay marriage or not, it is the law now and the couples that she turned away were entitled, by law, to the marriage licenses. I don’t believe that refusing to follow the law that she was elected to uphold, shows Jesus’ love.

    Kim Davis will be a forgotten headline in a few weeks and I don’t believe anyone will come to know the Savior because she went to jail, but there are probably plenty of non- believers saying “Who do they think they are?” I say this as a believer who, prior to be being saved, was surrounded by many misguided, well-meaning Christians who turned me off with their self-righteousness. I don’t know Ms. Davis and I am not implying that she is one of those people, but I do know first- hand that it is a slippery slope sometimes between turning people away from Christ vs. toward him.

    1. Amy, I agree. We need to keep our eyes on how we can reach people with the grace and forgiveness of Jesus. That doesn’t mean that we don’t stand up and tell the truth, but there are better way to do it, I believe. I appreciate you reading and commenting!

  4. I was in a Facebook discussion about this last night and my final comment on it this morning was the very same thing. The Lord also brought to my mind Joseph, Daniel, and Ester, and their plights and positions in Pagan countries in staying true to God’s commandments. I whole heartedly agree that she has done more to harden the hearts of unbelievers than to bring anybody closer to Christ.

  5. As Christians, we have to remember the two greatest commandments are predicated on love – love for God and love for one another. Jesus didn’t teach this disobedience. If we follow his walk, he called his believers from their sinful jobs (ex. tax collector). He didn’t tell them to stay on your job and refuse to do it or collect less taxes. In fact, it was because he didn’t preach mutiny or disobedience that many Jews didn’t believe he was their Messiah. It seems that love is missing – we must pray and pray that we all truly learn to love the Lord our God with all our hear, all our soul, and all our strength. We may all face a similar decision as Mrs. Davis I pray that I remember I am not entitled to any job nor do I deserve it. This isn’t my inheritance. I pray to have the courage to walk away if necessary and follow Christ to my true eternal inheritance.

  6. Hello Heidi,

    I think the most important thing here is that Kim Davis is the first Christian to be jailed in America for her beliefs! Why should she be forced to obey a so called “law” if it violates her religious conscious (This is a ‘law’ that is not even on the Kentucky books yet, therefore she didn’t really break any law. Focus on the Family has an article explaining this: http://www.citizenlink.com/2015/09/08/she-broke-no-law-citizenlink-report/)?

    Why are Christians and people that love liberty not up in arms to support this woman? We should be saluting this woman that she is willing to go to jail rather than be bullied into breaking her religious conscious. It doesn’t matter if it’s about gay marriage or whatever, this is about religious liberty! Is she not entitled to her 1st amendment rights because she is a government worker? That is ridiculous! The 1st Amendment is to protect ALL citizens, or she might as well give up being an American not just a government worker!

    I have listened to you speak and write about being a warrior. We are in a battle. There are so many Christian warriors that at times have had to disobey the law and obey God rather than man. I’ve heard you talk about Bonhoeffer, but what about others. Think of all the martyrs that were put to death because of their beliefs but they wouldn’t back down. It was against the law for Daniel to pray, but he prayed. It was against the law for Paul to preach, but he preached and was jailed more than once! What about people that smuggle Bibles into countries, they are breaking the law… you get my point. But America is supposed to be different! We are not supposed to go to jail for practicing our faith. And by the way, our Founders never intended to mean that the separation of Church and State was to mean that God is taken out of our government, yet Christians just sit quietly by and let all of their freedoms get taken away! Oh well, the court ruled. What ever happened to give me liberty of give me death? What was the point of the Revolutionary War? What is the point of a government of the people, by the people, for the people? In this case the people voted overwhelming against same sex marriage, yet 5 Supreme Court rulers are allowed to just unconstitutionally change the law? And then all the people just lay down and say ok; let’s all be loving and show Jesus. Standing up for her rights does not mean that she is unloving! Like I said earlier, but it deserves repeating, the issue here is not about same sex marriage, it’s really not. It’s about religious liberty! It’s about being an American. And we should support all Americans that are willing to fight the good fight to keep that liberty.

  7. I have just one other thing that I would like to say. We live at a time in American history, where we are less free today than at any other time. We have the most tyrannical government than at any other time. We will give our children a much less freer country than even we have and if something doesn’t change, I hate to even imagine what it would be like for our grandchildren if it lasts that long. And why? Why do we have such a secular government when the majority of Americans say that they are Christian? I believe it’s because we have lost the fight. To many Christians think that the fight is only on our knees. Yes, it does begin there, but it should not end there! Christians need to be involved, informed voters. They need to be involved in the political square and when a government tries take power that they were never intended to have, it’s the job of the people to fight it, not just on our knees. We need to be willing to go to jail if we have to. We need to be willing to go to battle if we have to. Where are the people like Natan Hale, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

    What were they fighting for? Sure, taxation without representation, but that was only part of it. It was just as much if not more about religious freedom. America was founded to be a Christian Nation and now we have CHRISTIANS that mock people that stand up for religious freedom! A woman asked Benjamin Franklin what kind of government they had established, and he replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Well I guess we couldn’t keep it too long, because we no longer are willing to stand up and fight. We are not willing to go to jail if we have to and were not willing to support those who are.

    1. Hi Lisa. I really appreciate your comments. My only real beef with Kim Davis is that she must do this all across the board if she’s going to cite “religion” as her defense. I am not afraid of standing up for my beliefs 🙂 as you know since you’ve heard me speak, but we are to be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” I fear that this issue will not be the one we look back and as “the” issue that defined our battle for religious freedom. There are too many facets to what she is doing that trouble me, even though I believe gay marriage is wrong and the courts were wrong.

      But I keep asking, will people see Jesus when this latest dust up settles? I’m not so sure. You reference a secular government and I would say that Christians have lost their seat in the gov’t years ago- through laziness and hypocrisy. The vast majority of those who claim the name of Christ rarely blow the dust off the covers of their Bibles and therefore cannot defend their position.

      This is troubling—but we know for sure that the Lord is coming back. God is going to make things new.

      One thing is certain though, we are called to pray. And we must. Thanks again, Lisa!

  8. I loved hearing you at the Az Homeschool conf. Thank you for continuing to speak your convictions. I also was thinking the same way as you about Kim Davis. When I spoke to my husband about it he asked me, “where do we draw the line? Would You think differently if she was court ordered to issue a marriage license to an adult with a kid? We need to stand up against promiscuity here and now.” I hadn’t thought of it that way and appreciated his thoughts.

  9. I just read your blog and disagree with your analysis about the cherry picking 1 thing over another. Nobody can ever be totally consistent on everything or react to everything. God places things in front of us where we each must choose right. Kim Davis is not right 100% all of the time. Everybody has opportunity to stand for God’s truth. I applaud her taking hers. I recently phoned about the rainbow crosswalks that my city has decided to make permanent in support of the Gay Pride Parade. I made my voice be heard in a kind and respectful manner, but as a citizen of my city. Was it for every Christian to phone and complain? No, but God place that in heart and on my conscience. May we all choose right, when the we are placed “in such a time as this” like Esther was.

    1. Hi Shannon. Thanks for your comments. I agree that we should ALL make our voices heard. I disagree with the way Kim Davis has gone about it. We are all here “for such a time as this,” and as ambassadors for Christ, we keep our witness before us always. This is a hard issue. Time will tell the outcome of Kim’s decision, but one thing is for certain, we must get on our knees and pray for our nation! We are desperately in need of a fresh move of God.

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