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America the Beautiful, You’re In Trouble


Trump leaves White House for the last time as US president ...

My heart is breaking for our Republic today. I know many of you are grieving with me.

2020 will go down in history, at least for me, as the year we lost our Republic. The 24/7 attacks against our President by the mainstream media and leftist elites seems to have had its intended result: the faith in our democracy has all but disappeared for over 75 million Americans who watched as the unimaginable happened in slow motion
right before our eyes.

President Trump, though he is flawed like the rest of us and even arrogant at times, was a champion for this country, for Israel, and for the unborn, to name just a few of the reasons I loved and supported his presidency. His patriotism moved a generation out of their slumber and back into caring about what happens in DC.

Trump wisely saw a storm brewing on the horizon. That storm is socialism, and it is here now. With no one to stop it, it can sweep unhindered over the free people of this great nation like a swarm of locust over the plains of Africa.

Trump tried to stop it, and the elites in Washington hated him for it.
Unlike Biden, Trump couldn’t be bought.

Like him or not, Trump didn’t mince words about the issues we sent him to Washington to address. He told the truth about everything from the sanctity of human life to the truth about gender. He rightly noted that there are only two genders. He refused to play the political game. It was why we elected him. He spoke for us. He couldn’t be bought, and they knew it.  For this, he was castigated, investigated, abandoned by the cowards in his own party and ultimately, cheated out of re-election through a fraud and deception that only the devil himself could have designed.

But the devil didn’t do this alone, of course.
He had help.

“Woke” Christian leaders, many of whom I have studied under and admired for my entire adult life, have shown themselves to be woefully lacking in discernment about simple ideas like socialism but also about spiritual matters, like the sanctity of human life and the dangerous nature of rebelling against
God’s clear instructions regarding sex and gender.

Speaking out about this fact comes at a high price today. I have paid both personally and professionally— right down to my career as an author … simply because I supported President Trump and the ideas he represented. The wounds are real, as many of the President’s supporters will attest to.

Many of these wounds have been carried by my family and myself privately because to disclose them publicly would have been professional suicide.

And so instead, we suffered a thousand cuts in private as I stood by my convictions and stated them in the public square. It’s what I have always done. But this time, it was different. This time, it was costly.

The public is no place for discourse in this brave, socialist world, is it? Speak and get canceled. That’s the lesson they want you to learn. Social media will teach you the hard way if you don’t conform to their version of truth.
Fact checked lately? Yeah. That’s because you’re stupid and they’re not. Get it?

“Learn it now, and don’t you ever forget it.” That’s the lesson they want you to learn.

In the spring of 2020, Covid hit the US. The nation buckled under the weight as the Democrats, who had spent the previous three years trying to make something out of nothing, finally saw their chance to do mortal damage to the man who was well on his way to winning another term.

We.Can’t.Have.That. So the political elites, far-left governors and doctors who hadn’t seen real patients in years locked us down. The country could go to hell for all they cared.
This was political. It was NEVER about our health.

You will never convince me that a nation who murders its most vulnerable cares about my health. Never.

My husband and I suffered the loss of nearly 100% of the income we bring in from my speaking engagements as one event after another was forced to cancel. That “stimulus” check we just received? It was like getting a sucker in exchange for the government stealing our livelihood.
It was an insult.

Days turned to months. Fear got a strangle hold on us. After almost a YEAR of watching our businesses die from government mandates, after months of “social distancing” and watching doctors who spoke the truth about the virus lose their jobs and reputations at the hands of the media elites, things became very clear:
we could be controlled by fear.

Never mind that the virus has a 99.89% survival rate. Forget the facts.
Feelings and fear are what we worship now.

God says, “Do NOT fear!” But we’re not listening to Him right now. Father Fauci is the one we listen to.

Weary, disillusioned and discouraged, we obeyed and treated each other like  enemies. Thanks to Fauci and his ilk, we are no longer the Americans who hug one another at weddings or give handshakes in the grocery stores. No. Instead, we are disease carriers, who could accidentally pass on a highly survivable virus.

“STAY HOME!” they ordered.

And so we did. More distance. Only now, there was anger mixed with sadness. The plan was working. The elites went on with life as usual. Governors dining at expensive restaurants w/out masks or the required “social distancing” while the  serfs in the United States were forbidden from gathering.

Our elderly were left to die alone. The elites justified this.

It was for their safety, you know. And yours. “It’s for the best,” they told us. “We’re all in this together,” they said via their television commercials and magazine covers. How did we fall for this?
Are we really this stupid? Yes. Yes we are.

The double-standard of the highly politicized corona virus was stunning: no social distancing seemed to be required as Black Lives Matter burned our cities for the sake of “justice” and taunted our law enforcement officers. We watched in disbelief while the political elites and woke celebrity evangelicals remained silent.
Somehow, this was allowed.

Portland, Oregon, the city I grew up in is no longer recognizable to the native Portlander. It’s not safe. But hey. We’re all in this together. The drug epidemic. The street fighting. The murder and looting. It’s cool. It’s for justice.

During a debate, Biden casually said that a “long, dark winter” was coming. It was almost like he knew something that the rest of us didn’t. His vision of America was coming true, it seemed.

By the time November rolled around, we were right where the self-aware and woke evangelicals wanted us to be. Tired and discouraged, we were easy prey for their shiny new version of evangelicalism. “Be good citizens,” they told us. “Stop being nationalists. Especially white ones. Really stop that. Y’all are racists, you know.”
The social justice warriors then turned their attention to our schools and churches. Critical Race Theory was embraced. Why? Don’t you know yet? All this pain and suffering is our fault, you know. Our crime?
Supporting our President.  We have this coming.

That’s what they tell us, anyway.
I thought it was fascinating that while our nation was struggling under the weight of the Chinese Virus, the man who would be the President of the United States did not campaign. He won no one over. He was unappealing on almost every level. Forget the fact that he has obvious signs of serious mental deterioration
and often seems confused and bewildered.

They want us to believe this is the man who got more votes than President Obama. And we’ll believe it, or else.  We’re supposed to swallow what they tell us no matter how hard it goes down. We know the drill by now. “Swallow it! NOW. Or we’re gonna fact-check you into oblivion, you stupid commoner!” Our social medial overlords, working in tandem with the mainstream media meant business. We knew it—because most of us have at the very least been sent to social media jail or shadowbanned for the sin of thinking for ourselves.

We don’t do that now, you know. Mail-in ballot dumps in the middle of the night? Swallow it. All the bell-weather counties wrong?  Swallow it. Sworn testimonies from people who witnessed fraud at the ballot box?  Swallow it!

Or else. Stop asking questions. Put your mask back on. Shut up.

So we did.

On election day, the nations watched. Many of my Canadian friends, who themselves are living under a tyrannical government, fasted and prayed. They knew the stakes. They all know what happens if the US fails. It seems we’re the only ones who don’t know. The nations of the world, including our enemies, know that as the USA goes, so goes the rest of the world. We have always held back evil. Now, it appears that we have all but been overcome by it.

I know some of you can’t understand my sorrow. That’s okay. I won’t cry forever. Instead, I’ll ask God to allow this terrible time in our nation’s history to wake us up. Not the “woke” kind of awake, but the real kind. The waking that comes from truly seeing the sin that our nation is literally drowning in. This kind of “awake” means seeing the mess we’re in as a result of our national rebellion against the God who gave us the freedom we have enjoyed for so long.

I’m grieving today. But tomorrow, I’ll ask God what He wants me to do and how He wants me to participate in this new version of the America I love and find myself still living in.
I also know that some of you are mocking me—and that’s okay.
I honestly don’t care anymore.

I know that I don’t know much—but I do know this: we need to refocus. We need to remove our kids from public schools—and do it yesterday. They are not safe places for young minds. We need to get back to training our children about what it means to really follow Jesus. To share the gospel. To be students of the Word of God. God’s justice is the real kind of justice. Social justice is just worldly justice which has no root in righteousness.
Our kids need to know this.

Some of you will say that my writing reveals that my hope hung too much on politics. Not so. It wasn’t in Trump (though I like him) or in the cowardly Republicans who didn’t have the will to do the right thing even when they had the House and the Senate. No. My hope has never been in a political party—but  I did believe that we at least understood good versus evil.
I was naïve enough to believe we had at least a rudimentary understanding of socialism and Marxism.

I was wrong.

So yes. I’m not sure of much right now, but I am sure of this one thing: Jesus will return some day and He will set all this right. Until then, I will keep praying, keep trusting, keep telling the truth
and keep loving those people God places in my life.

I was blessed to have lived in the days of Reagan. My grandpa was a pastor who loved this nation with a passion. He taught me that we must never take for granted the freedom that so many died to give us. And so I will not. I will defend it as long as I have breath.

And yes. I can do that and still follow Jesus Christ with an unbridled passion. We can love both God and our nation. It is a lie to say otherwise—a dangerous lie that evangelical elites will keep peddling from their platforms to the applause of the “woke” and the “social justice warriors” who are loving every moment of this,
now that the “Orange Man” has been defeated .

To be fair, I don’t think these evangelicals understand what they’re celebrating. But someday soon, they will.

I will continue to support President Trump. As I watched him leave on AirForce One today,
I wished I could hug him and say one thing:

“Thank you for your service, Sir—and I’m sorry for the shameful way this country treated you from the day you were inaugurated.

Some of us saw it for what it was.”