Have you ever wished you had a Christ-centered, veteran mom who could encourage you through the daily ups and downs of motherhood?

In MomStrong 365, mother and popular author Heidi St. John does just that. MomStrong 365 will encourage you in one of the most important roles you can ever have: being a mom. For each day of the year, Heidi provides a Bible verse, a reflective devotion, and an encouraging takeaway that every mom needs to hear.

In MomStrong 365 you will find devotions that include:
        reassurance of God’s love for mothers during uncertain times,
        ways to strengthen the precious relationships within your family,
        tips on how to regain perspective and keep your joy when the days are long,
        Scripture to keep in mind when it feels like God is staying silent,
        and much more!

We all need God’s love and mercy to meet us amid the unprecedented challenges of modern motherhood. Let Heidi come alongside you as you navigate the ups and downs of mom life and point you in the right direction—God’s direction—along the way.


Kathy Koch, PhD
Founder of Celebrate Kids, Inc., popular podcast guest, and the author of 8 Great Smarts, Five to Thrive, and other titles
Have you always wished verses relevant to your role as a mom were highlighted in your Bible so they’d jump off the page right into your heart? Well, this isn’t a Bible, but Heidi has done that for you here! The devotionals are simple and profound at the same time. You won’t be intimidated, but you will be inspired! Heidi doesn’t preach at you. Her love for you and her belief in your value as a mom comes through in every devotional. You’ll feel she is writing just to you. And, through the Holy Spirit, she is! As you read, I expect you will believe God is for you and His Word is relevant to strengthen you more than ever before.

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