18 thoughts on “When Valentine’s Day is Hard

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. Mine has just gine cold. between a serious illness, six kids and an over worked husband, I have felt ignored and alone for too many years. Valentine’s is a tough time; none of that lovey dovey stuff has happenednat my house for years.
    I am going to try to remember what I already know; He did for me–ugly, sad, ungratrful me.
    Thank you!

      1. Thank you for sharing. I expected thiis Valentine’s day to be difficult but I made it through it by His grace. I’m recently separated and considering a divorce. Pray for me please, especially for some wisdom and to be honest with myself during this time and for my daughter that she comes out of this time fairly intact. Thank you.

  2. Oh, how your words hit home for me. I’ve never before heard someone vocalize the sadness I feel on Valentine’s Day. That holiday which is full of joy and anticipation for so many is one of heartbreak and dread for me. Unlike you, though, I am still married. For more than ten years now the holidays that so many love (Valentine’s, Birthdays, even Christmas) have left me feeling empty and lonely. I have always tried to serve others despite my own feelings, but the gaping hole in my heart remains. I try to stay hopeful, though my spouse seems uninterested in saving our relationship. For me, Valentine’s Day is particularly hard. I could really use prayer support and am grateful for your reminders that my Father loves me no matter what!

    1. Oh my sister my heart hurts for you. I have been there and remember how hard it was for me. Hang in there! Keep praying, keeping believing and know that I am praying with you and our God has not forgotten you.

  3. Do you have any suggestions of what others can do to help those who we know have a hard time with this holiday? Should we reach out to our hurting friends at Valentine’s Day or is it better to not because it might hurt them more? What would be an encouragement for them?

    1. As a person who struggles with such days I encourage you to reach out. Send them a note or a card, send a plant or flowers. Let them know that they are loved by you. Do something special for them or invite them over. I don’t think you can really go wrong with reaching out unless your going to spend the time bragging on how special your day was.

    2. Becki I think that it will depend on your friend. I enjoy hanging out my friends if it’s a girls night. It can be a little awkward if there are a bunch of couples and I’m the only single one there.

      I think it’s great that you want to reach out.

  4. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing. Valentines Day is also rough for me. My husband left 4 years ago and it resulted in us divorcing. Forgiveness is something I have to do on a daily basis.

    This year I was thinking about buying some flowers just for me. I rarely ever do something for me. I have 3 kids and money is tight. Yet, I think I am looking forward to picking up some pretty flowers. A small visual reminder that God love me and that is what I need to keep my eyes fixed on.

    If God places a special man in my life that would be a blessing but for now…. I am picking up flowers for me on Friday. 🙂

  5. This is the first Valentines Day Im spending alone for the last six years. It has been a hard week. No, it’s been a hard few months. This time last year I was completely oblivious to the gathering storm that was going to rip my family apart. I hear your words. I understand your words. But I am having the hardest time putting them into action. Forgiveness is not my forte and I easily forget the love anyone has for me, let alone God’s love. Please pray for me hard. Ive always wanted a big family like yours but I have little hope that it’s going to happen for me now. God bless.

    1. Forgiveness is a struggle of mine as well. Start slowly. Take it one day or hour at a time. It took me a long time to completely forgive my ex. You will get there I promise! Give yourself grace and rest in God’s love. He knows your pain and is able to heal your heart.

  6. It’s not easy. I’ve been a single mom of three for 14 years. Valentine’s Day is hard because you have the Thing you often try to ignore, right in your face. I’ve never bothered celebrating it with my kids. I’m still burned out from Christmas! We’ve never made VD a big deal.
    I’m going to post about love and the inner single mom on my blog this Friday. I’ve been reminded lately that God’s love strengthens us to face anything.

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