18 thoughts on “Sore Throat? Try Essential Oil Tea!

  1. LOVE Young Living oils!! This past spring I did not have to take a single allergy med because I was using lavender, lemon, and peppermint oil in a capsule daily. How wonderful to go all spring without feeling doped up on allergy meds!!

  2. Please be very careful with recommending ingestion. Every trained aromatherapist I have heard discuss the topic of ingesting oils says it should never be done without strict supervision and and that it should only be for a specific reason or course of treatment. People do not realize that even though they are natural they are still VERY potent and taking them internally can cause damage to your liver!!!!!And most representative of essential oil companies while they mean well have never been certified in an independent aromatherapy degree. You wouldn’t take a drug from someone who had no formal training of medicine and oils are just as powerful as drugs (hence why they are so great).

  3. Eating healthy as well as washing ones hands {front and back]also helps .I am a stickler also for cleaning door knobs and drawer pulls or cupboard openers..as well as bathroom.{tho my kids would say does not appear so] .

  4. I love EOs, personally, and use them for everything! And im sure you already know this, but some go wild and crazy and become militant EO police when people talk abt ingesting EOs. All of the sudden everyone becomes an expert, so, just and fyi, if you haven’t already experienced the flack.

  5. IF you read licensed aromatherapists safety information, they say to NEVER consume/eat essential oils. Good luck on your journey! See learningabouteos.com for more info.

  6. Thank you for sharing your expierences, I’m also using EO but just in aroma purposes,so to tell the truth still thinking about the risk og allergic effects. May be smb can share sites or information about some sites where it can be written/ ANyway thank you.Keep well!

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