5 thoughts on “The Lie of Ordinary Motherhood

  1. Heidi,

    Thank you for posting this! I feel like you wrote it for me! I am in the midst of my own bad mood, feeling defeated pity party as I read it. Recently SO many issues have been rearing their heads with our kids, the house is not kept up like I like it (not Pinterest believe me, just to good enough!) and I’m tired ALL the stinkin’ time! However my husband just decided to take on a position as a Pastor part time in a church, working toward full time. I am certain Satan is working hard to stop this! And I’m probably an easy target! I keep telling my husband, you want to pastor a church and lead others and I can’t even take care of our home, AHHHH!!!! Thank you for the reminder I am the one God picked for these kids (poor kids, ha!) and this is a battle not “just” raising kids for no real purpose! I am sorry you had to go through that but thank you for sharing so I could be encouraged I’m not alone! OK, time for the pity party to end and time to get ready for the next school year – YIKES!!! Keep sharing your timing is amazing!

  2. Hello Heidi,
    I saw your name listed on the upcoming 2018 HSLDA Conference and clicked on your website to learn more about you. A very impressive website chock-full of thoughtful articles and insightful podcasts! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt experiences encouraging Homeschoolers, may the Lord Bless You richly!

    Holly Henderson

    p.s. Who did you use to design your lovely website? My website is due for an upgrade…

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