3 thoughts on “The Gift of a Terrible Two!

  1. I was so prideful when I was pregnant with my first child – I was a Christian and my children were going to be so well behaved, not like those children from Public Schools…

    Well, I have been completely humbled. My children are not very well behaved and my family is in fact a pretty broken… just being a Christian and homeschooling isn’t enough. I need the Lord now to recover and repair.

  2. I felt this way after my first child! I had prepared so thoroughly and expected everything to go as I planned, then ended up with an extremely colicky baby and no idea how to handle anything. I tried so hard to do it all on my own (which made me a mess!) and God used that sweet baby to make me realize that I so desperately need him. No matter how much I think I have it together, I can’t be the parent (or person) I want to be without His help. What a great article and reminder!

    By the way, that baby boy just turned 3 and I still need some major assistance;)

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