6 thoughts on “Tell Them So That They Will Know Full Well!

  1. Love this! I have often wondered about this too, and a speaker at a convention recently, said we are not to praise what the child has no control over. I guess, I can’t help saying my daughter is beautiful…I think she is! It’s just the way the Lord made her! But, her beauty is truly from the inside out, so maybe it’s okay to say she’s beautiful!

    I have heard friend’s stories from growing up in a legalistic/strict home where they’ve said they never received ANY praise–ever. Isn’t that sad?

    Great article–thanks for sharing and encouraging me today!!!

  2. Wonderful article! I think the church has taken many issues (pride being one of them) to such an extreme that we’ve created even more problems!! We are “fearfully and wonderfully made” IN THE IMAGE OF GOD! Our kids need to get this deep within their hearts and know that recognizing the beauty that God’s created in and through each of us does not equal pride!!

  3. They need to hear that they are beautiful and even when they’ve done something that God sees as beautiful and is pleasing to Him, the same is ultimately pleasing to us as parents. We can rejoice in the unique ways that God has made each of us, nurture their God given talents and tell them how proud we are of them when they show others who Jesus is! What a blessing.

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