2 thoughts on “Raising Kids to Depend on Jesus

  1. Marianne, this is my heart, too. I get this and I think you’ve done a stunning job making it very clear and compelling. I especially love that you used a story to make your point. Jesus taught with stories because they’re very effective tools, and I think this is why he makes all of our lives into stories that penetrate the heart and point to his glory. Like in every good story, there are rough, raw patches in all our lives, and the happy ending is not that we’re happy here on earth, but that we have His love and comfort here, and eternity to look forward to.

    God bless you, Marianne. You’ve been so good to help navigate life with dyslexic children for me and others, and always, you point readers back to what is really important.

  2. What a beautiful post, Marianne! Thank you for sharing. It’s so well written, and thought provoking. Love all your tips, too. :)I’m so sad for your loss. He sounds like an amazing man and all that you said about Dave’s life and impact on yours is just awesome. What a blessing to know he is set free and with Jesus.

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