2 thoughts on “Dear First-Time Mom Who Just Wants to Feel Human Again

  1. I just read this post, I just had our 6th baby and as far as the looking at the other moms who seem to have it all together with more kids – we have just had more practice looking like we have it all together! At least that is the truth for me! I completely relate with the feeling frustrated with the lack of progress, wonder when I will get a shower in and feeling completely overwhelmed each day with homeschooling! But I KNOW this is a season and a blessing from God and that these little years pass way too fast – so enjoy! Your house WILL be clean someday and your checklist WILL be checked someday and you WILL get up, rested, showered and ready for the day someday! Looking back you will remember the firsts you experience with your baby – not the things you didn’t get done! But even today 5 weeks after baby 6 I have to be reminded by my husband, this post and remind myself it’s OK to NOT have it “all together” whatever that means! Thanks for the post it was good for this frazzled mom!

    1. Congratulations Noelle! I love how it’s all new again, no matter how many you have. But we definitely struggle through those feelings over and over again, in different stages of life, of NOT having it all together. Those little years do fly by so fast, our eldest is 9 and our youngest 16 months, and it seems like yesterday they were just babies. Sowing seeds!

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