America the Beautiful, You’re In Trouble


Trump leaves White House for the last time as US president ...

My heart is breaking for our Republic today. I know many of you are grieving with me.

2020 will go down in history, at least for me, as the year we lost our Republic. The 24/7 attacks against our President by the mainstream media and leftist elites seems to have had its intended result: the faith in our democracy has all but disappeared for over 75 million Americans who watched as the unimaginable happened in slow motion
right before our eyes.

President Trump, though he is flawed like the rest of us and even arrogant at times, was a champion for this country, for Israel, and for the unborn, to name just a few of the reasons I loved and supported his presidency. His patriotism moved a generation out of their slumber and back into caring about what happens in DC.

Trump wisely saw a storm brewing on the horizon. That storm is socialism, and it is here now. With no one to stop it, it can sweep unhindered over the free people of this great nation like a swarm of locust over the plains of Africa.

Trump tried to stop it, and the elites in Washington hated him for it.
Unlike Biden, Trump couldn’t be bought.

Like him or not, Trump didn’t mince words about the issues we sent him to Washington to address. He told the truth about everything from the sanctity of human life to the truth about gender. He rightly noted that there are only two genders. He refused to play the political game. It was why we elected him. He spoke for us. He couldn’t be bought, and they knew it.  For this, he was castigated, investigated, abandoned by the cowards in his own party and ultimately, cheated out of re-election through a fraud and deception that only the devil himself could have designed.

But the devil didn’t do this alone, of course.
He had help.

“Woke” Christian leaders, many of whom I have studied under and admired for my entire adult life, have shown themselves to be woefully lacking in discernment about simple ideas like socialism but also about spiritual matters, like the sanctity of human life and the dangerous nature of rebelling against
God’s clear instructions regarding sex and gender.

Speaking out about this fact comes at a high price today. I have paid both personally and professionally— right down to my career as an author … simply because I supported President Trump and the ideas he represented. The wounds are real, as many of the President’s supporters will attest to.

Many of these wounds have been carried by my family and myself privately because to disclose them publicly would have been professional suicide.

And so instead, we suffered a thousand cuts in private as I stood by my convictions and stated them in the public square. It’s what I have always done. But this time, it was different. This time, it was costly.

The public is no place for discourse in this brave, socialist world, is it? Speak and get canceled. That’s the lesson they want you to learn. Social media will teach you the hard way if you don’t conform to their version of truth.
Fact checked lately? Yeah. That’s because you’re stupid and they’re not. Get it?

“Learn it now, and don’t you ever forget it.” That’s the lesson they want you to learn.

In the spring of 2020, Covid hit the US. The nation buckled under the weight as the Democrats, who had spent the previous three years trying to make something out of nothing, finally saw their chance to do mortal damage to the man who was well on his way to winning another term.

We.Can’t.Have.That. So the political elites, far-left governors and doctors who hadn’t seen real patients in years locked us down. The country could go to hell for all they cared.
This was political. It was NEVER about our health.

You will never convince me that a nation who murders its most vulnerable cares about my health. Never.

My husband and I suffered the loss of nearly 100% of the income we bring in from my speaking engagements as one event after another was forced to cancel. That “stimulus” check we just received? It was like getting a sucker in exchange for the government stealing our livelihood.
It was an insult.

Days turned to months. Fear got a strangle hold on us. After almost a YEAR of watching our businesses die from government mandates, after months of “social distancing” and watching doctors who spoke the truth about the virus lose their jobs and reputations at the hands of the media elites, things became very clear:
we could be controlled by fear.

Never mind that the virus has a 99.89% survival rate. Forget the facts.
Feelings and fear are what we worship now.

God says, “Do NOT fear!” But we’re not listening to Him right now. Father Fauci is the one we listen to.

Weary, disillusioned and discouraged, we obeyed and treated each other like  enemies. Thanks to Fauci and his ilk, we are no longer the Americans who hug one another at weddings or give handshakes in the grocery stores. No. Instead, we are disease carriers, who could accidentally pass on a highly survivable virus.

“STAY HOME!” they ordered.

And so we did. More distance. Only now, there was anger mixed with sadness. The plan was working. The elites went on with life as usual. Governors dining at expensive restaurants w/out masks or the required “social distancing” while the  serfs in the United States were forbidden from gathering.

Our elderly were left to die alone. The elites justified this.

It was for their safety, you know. And yours. “It’s for the best,” they told us. “We’re all in this together,” they said via their television commercials and magazine covers. How did we fall for this?
Are we really this stupid? Yes. Yes we are.

The double-standard of the highly politicized corona virus was stunning: no social distancing seemed to be required as Black Lives Matter burned our cities for the sake of “justice” and taunted our law enforcement officers. We watched in disbelief while the political elites and woke celebrity evangelicals remained silent.
Somehow, this was allowed.

Portland, Oregon, the city I grew up in is no longer recognizable to the native Portlander. It’s not safe. But hey. We’re all in this together. The drug epidemic. The street fighting. The murder and looting. It’s cool. It’s for justice.

During a debate, Biden casually said that a “long, dark winter” was coming. It was almost like he knew something that the rest of us didn’t. His vision of America was coming true, it seemed.

By the time November rolled around, we were right where the self-aware and woke evangelicals wanted us to be. Tired and discouraged, we were easy prey for their shiny new version of evangelicalism. “Be good citizens,” they told us. “Stop being nationalists. Especially white ones. Really stop that. Y’all are racists, you know.”
The social justice warriors then turned their attention to our schools and churches. Critical Race Theory was embraced. Why? Don’t you know yet? All this pain and suffering is our fault, you know. Our crime?
Supporting our President.  We have this coming.

That’s what they tell us, anyway.
I thought it was fascinating that while our nation was struggling under the weight of the Chinese Virus, the man who would be the President of the United States did not campaign. He won no one over. He was unappealing on almost every level. Forget the fact that he has obvious signs of serious mental deterioration
and often seems confused and bewildered.

They want us to believe this is the man who got more votes than President Obama. And we’ll believe it, or else.  We’re supposed to swallow what they tell us no matter how hard it goes down. We know the drill by now. “Swallow it! NOW. Or we’re gonna fact-check you into oblivion, you stupid commoner!” Our social medial overlords, working in tandem with the mainstream media meant business. We knew it—because most of us have at the very least been sent to social media jail or shadowbanned for the sin of thinking for ourselves.

We don’t do that now, you know. Mail-in ballot dumps in the middle of the night? Swallow it. All the bell-weather counties wrong?  Swallow it. Sworn testimonies from people who witnessed fraud at the ballot box?  Swallow it!

Or else. Stop asking questions. Put your mask back on. Shut up.

So we did.

On election day, the nations watched. Many of my Canadian friends, who themselves are living under a tyrannical government, fasted and prayed. They knew the stakes. They all know what happens if the US fails. It seems we’re the only ones who don’t know. The nations of the world, including our enemies, know that as the USA goes, so goes the rest of the world. We have always held back evil. Now, it appears that we have all but been overcome by it.

I know some of you can’t understand my sorrow. That’s okay. I won’t cry forever. Instead, I’ll ask God to allow this terrible time in our nation’s history to wake us up. Not the “woke” kind of awake, but the real kind. The waking that comes from truly seeing the sin that our nation is literally drowning in. This kind of “awake” means seeing the mess we’re in as a result of our national rebellion against the God who gave us the freedom we have enjoyed for so long.

I’m grieving today. But tomorrow, I’ll ask God what He wants me to do and how He wants me to participate in this new version of the America I love and find myself still living in.
I also know that some of you are mocking me—and that’s okay.
I honestly don’t care anymore.

I know that I don’t know much—but I do know this: we need to refocus. We need to remove our kids from public schools—and do it yesterday. They are not safe places for young minds. We need to get back to training our children about what it means to really follow Jesus. To share the gospel. To be students of the Word of God. God’s justice is the real kind of justice. Social justice is just worldly justice which has no root in righteousness.
Our kids need to know this.

Some of you will say that my writing reveals that my hope hung too much on politics. Not so. It wasn’t in Trump (though I like him) or in the cowardly Republicans who didn’t have the will to do the right thing even when they had the House and the Senate. No. My hope has never been in a political party—but  I did believe that we at least understood good versus evil.
I was naïve enough to believe we had at least a rudimentary understanding of socialism and Marxism.

I was wrong.

So yes. I’m not sure of much right now, but I am sure of this one thing: Jesus will return some day and He will set all this right. Until then, I will keep praying, keep trusting, keep telling the truth
and keep loving those people God places in my life.

I was blessed to have lived in the days of Reagan. My grandpa was a pastor who loved this nation with a passion. He taught me that we must never take for granted the freedom that so many died to give us. And so I will not. I will defend it as long as I have breath.

And yes. I can do that and still follow Jesus Christ with an unbridled passion. We can love both God and our nation. It is a lie to say otherwise—a dangerous lie that evangelical elites will keep peddling from their platforms to the applause of the “woke” and the “social justice warriors” who are loving every moment of this,
now that the “Orange Man” has been defeated .

To be fair, I don’t think these evangelicals understand what they’re celebrating. But someday soon, they will.

I will continue to support President Trump. As I watched him leave on AirForce One today,
I wished I could hug him and say one thing:

“Thank you for your service, Sir—and I’m sorry for the shameful way this country treated you from the day you were inaugurated.

Some of us saw it for what it was.”



About Heidi St. John

Heidi has been married to her husband Jay since 1989. Together they have seven children and three grandchildren! The St. Johns homeschooled their kids all the way through high school. Heidi is the the author of seven books, host of the popular podcast "Off the Bench," and the founder of MomStrong International, an online community of women learning God's Word and how to apply it to every day life. She and her husband Jay are also the founders of Firmly Planted Family and the Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center, located in Vancouver, Washington.

155 thoughts on “America the Beautiful, You’re In Trouble

    1. Amen and amen Heidi!! I just don’t get how they stole this election and the “baseless”!claims of fraud WERE NOT BASELESS!! It’s mathematically improbable for Biden to have won. There are solid numbers showing 100% dumps for Biden and Ruby and her daughter and two More in ga And they got caught on video!!!!! I could spit nails!!! Praise God that I know Him and He is my King and this is nothing for him. So now I just trust And my faith is put to the ultimate test. The season finale of little house on the prairie I just finally l saw the other day and what sweet retribution they got in the end. Other than avoiding google with DuckDuckGo and stopping using amazon and YouTube and Facebook and Twitter- that’s all I got or know to do. But Gods got this and I really loved reading your words bc sometimes I’m shocked by what people say that know God and have pure hatred for Trump. But I agree he’s said some terrible stuff but he’s done some great things for our country and when I voted for him I really just felt like I was voting for America. I am worried for our future as a church but again I guess I will draw closer to God like Never before. Can’t wait to see you in Florida 🙂

      1. Thanks for this article. This could not be no more than the truth. I am telling all my friends (TRUMP) to be sure and read this article. W e are in bad trouble and that is for sure !!

    2. Thank you! I 100% agree with you! I saw you speak in NC several years ago! What a breath of fresh air! I am tired of Christian leaders saying God’s sovereign and in control, but never taking a firm stand for justice! Is the church supposed to stay out of political issues? The church in many places seemed afraid during COVID and believed we were nonessential. I know COVID was new, but if we know Jesus we don’t fear death like the world. We should be shining and sharing. I am guilty, but the way Trump has been treated and the corruption of Congress, Justice department and media has shocked me. I thought America was better than it is. I have placed too much trust in the temporary, but I am still willing to fight for truth and freedom! God bless and keep you! By the way, reading Isaiah 1-5 this week and it’s scary how it feels as if America is being written about!

      1. I could not agree more Shannon! And thank you Heidi for listening to the Holy Spirit instead of the world and using your voice. I am too and don’t plan to stop. I would rather hear, “well done my good and faithful servant.” The other side of heaven than a compliment here on earth. Do we believe what the Bible says or not? Psalm 91?! Or do we love our lives so much? But rather, let us live Revelation 12:11 instead!

    3. It has been a discouraging time. So many “Christians” walking through darkness arm in arm with the unsaved. My dad told me many years ago that it made him sad that his kids couldn’t experience the America he grew up with. I blew it off and thought “psh…whatever.” I now know how he feels…times a thousand. I pray God does whatever it takes to wake this country up. It’s a scary, but a necessary prayer. Whatever it takes. 😔

    4. I just found your post! Yesterday ! And you are so right
      About everything, I know that God is not pacing back and forth he got this, and maybe it’s a reason why this all happened! But we need to be in prayers and not be around negative people specially family, in my case family are the worst, because you have to see them all the time or once a week. We don’t have to have a national day of prayer we need to have prayer everyday.
      May the Lord be with all of us!!

    5. Heidi, thank you so much for your beautiful words. I completely agree with you. Every word. And I am so thankful for your podcast. The encouragement you provide is priceless. You bring me right back to God’s Word when I feel discouraged and remind me that we serve a faithful God who will not leave us or forsake us. God bless you and your family.

    6. Wow Heidi, I can certainly feel your pain 😞 Today was no an easy day, to say the least, but we must dust of our boots & hit the ground running, for God! He is NOT done yet….THE BEST IS YET TO COME! 🙏🏻🇺🇸🚂🙌🏻

    7. It’s not over for America. Not at all.

      Do we have standing in the Courts of Heaven? I believe so.

      Watch and see what happens in the next 30 days. Stand strong. Do not be terrified nor … wait for it … “discouraged.”

      The battle is the Lord’s. Unzip your rapture luggage, pull out your armor, and fulfill your high calling.

    8. I understand your grief, grief that we all share. At the same time, it turns out that it was God’s ultimate will for increasingly anti-Christ forces to take control of our country. In this we can take great comfort, for God guides the hearts of rulers (Proverbs 21:1) to accomplish His ultimate ends. What they mean for evil, God uses for our good and for His glory, Genesis 50:20.

    9. Heidi, We are God’s plan! He works through us! He was working through David as a Shepard boy when david killed Goliath ,and cut off his head. The nation we grew up in has had the luxury of not doing physical battle, david didn’t have that luxury and I believe we have lost that luxury. Hard words to say probably hard to hear. God keep you and yours safe I’m encouraging you to prep for battle moving from the spiritual to the physical.

    10. My tears have broken out, yet again!
      You have perfectly worded my thoughts! My heart is grieved beyond measure for our nation. Mourning lasts for a while, BUT I KNOW, God is at work and HE will turn that mourning into something beautiful. Today, I mourn. Thank you for writing down the hurt in my heart.

    11. I care less for Trump than you do, although I don’t dislike him, but this is spot on how I feel. I was just explaining to my friend that it is really mourning. None of my hope has ever hinged on Trump- I could take him or leave him; no hate, but no deep love- so I am not missing my hope. I’m not depressed, because no matter Jesus is still King and I know how the story ends. No matter what happens on this earth I have God’s goodness and grace to be thankful for and cling to. But.. the sorrow and mourning is real. Sackcloth and ashes. I am not even mad that it ended up this way. It doesn’t even upset me that my way of life has changed and will never be the same again. It deeply saddens me to live through history and to see what is happening and to realize how this is how it always happened in history. I’ve always wondered how people went along with things, how they allowed the evils they did, how nations fell, how people forgot… I kind of always figured, in my naive, cushy, easy life, that it would have to be really hard to do at THIS point in history. I’m just really sad that I was wrong, and now get to live through seeing it happen.

    12. Love your words and thoughts. God always wins and President Donald J. Trump will prevail! He is not finished. It is dark right now, but the light will come and it will be brighter than ever. Soon. Very soon. God Speed.

    13. Heidi, my wife and I are the parents of 5 daughters and 2 boys. Kids are all young adults now and we have 8 grand kids. I read your post and it brought years to my eyes. My wife and I are standing with you and praying for your family and that this election will be turned over to Trump for four more years because nothing is impossible with God! glad you are a Christian Patriot it’s so refreshing actually there are so many of us out here and we are not going to be silenced by the grace of God. He hears our prayers and there are great times ahead!
      Bless you, Semper Fi

    14. That was a beautifully written piece. Ii am sure so many of us share your same sentiments. No one knows or understands how “Biden n Harris” can, in good conscience, accept this ill-gotten gain, glare at America in the eyes and forge ahead in their delusion. Trump was throwing a wrench in their iniquitous NWO timeline. This may well be the last selection…. …..I mean “election “ we have. Everyone knows that the criminal and incorrigible “elite” know Biden is neither competent nor coherent. They exploit him with full intention on replacing him with Harris. It is my opinion that They are grooming her to take over when Biden’s michrochip crashes.:)

    15. I would like to share your post but the FB button does not allow me to share it. Beautiful thoughts, your thoughts expressed exactly how millions of us feel. I believe God will turn this around. I really do. I would not want to be in the people’s shoes that committed this fraud.

  1. I agree with every word. I am still waiting for God to do something only He can do, expose and punish and destroy the evil ones.

  2. This was an amazing look at a very sad and scary time. I wept for our President and the First Lady and Trump family when they were just obliterated by the left. All of my family is liberal and I am the lone outsider. I am a Christian and a Trump supporter. My adult son and daughter will not talk to me, and my family doesn’t even try to listen to what I have to say. Its been awful. I am going to stay in prayer and belief that God will hear the cries of His people. Perhaps he knew we were just at the edge and knew we would seek him harder. Thank you for being a strong voice. I needed you during this time. I changed churches rather than wait for mine to decide it was “safe” but I needed someone to help me see straight – especially since I was a liberal for so long the indoctrination is seeped in! You were there and I am glad. We now need each other more than ever. We have God and numbers. And really we just need God. He will guide us!!

    1. I’m there with you, the lone voice standing for truth in an immediate family and in laws. I will pray for you, me and tyhe rest of us out there. Jesus said that families will be against each other, stang on, it could get pretty dicey.

    2. We are studying the book of Daniel right now. Daniel served wicked and evil rulers for most of his life, yet remained faithful to God. I need to spend more time in God’s word.
      Love your article Heidi and I totally agree with you. Strap in – it’s going to be quite the ride.
      Love you!

    3. Yvonne, I’m so sad for you but TRUTH prevails!! I’m blessed that our family is very conservative and except for maybe 3 grands we all are Trump supporters. Of course, he’s NOT our Savior but he has done so much to make our beautiful country a better place to live. 🙏🏻

    4. I believe we must identify with our citizenship in the Kingdom of Jesus more now than ever. My heart also breaks and my patriotism runs deep. Deeper still, we know that God is allowing these things to happen so that prophesies of the real prophets in the Bible will be fulfilled. Betrayal hurts deeply. Just as Jesus was betrayed, we have experienced betrayal on an exponentially smaller scale. We are his bride. As His bride, I am in love, I am loyal, and I trust him to follow through with His promise. I go to prepare a place for you. All will be restored: justice, honor, truth, love, compassion, and mercy! We must keep our wedding garments ready and the oil in our lamps full no matter what.

  3. Thank you Heidi, I wish I could have written it, you shared so much truth in this. I also feel a grieving in my spirit.
    It’s been a year of great loss for so many.
    I lost my mom last January,ahead of covid. My job was discontinued, ( before covid) both my doctor and chiropractor retired, and my hair salon closed. Church closed, but reopened, after first Sunday back, I got covid😵 it was not horrible, and my hubby never came down with it, but lost time at work for quarantine twice. I think it sounds like a bad country song😉 Most concerning to me is this horrible world for my grands, and my adult children who are willing to just go along with the system “cause we gotta work and eat” etc. Fast and pray, try to share truth to them and others but blinders ear plugs are on tight. Totally get what you are feeling. Love to you and your family and may the Lord provide a way for and us all. Holding on to Jesus. 🙏🇺🇸

  4. Very well said. My heart breaks for our country and those so full of hate that they would destroy the greatest nation on earth to get rid of one man. “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Today I weep for loss, but tomorrow, tomorrow is another day, and it will be filled with joy and praise for what God has done for us through Christ our Savior!

  5. Thank you Heidi for those beautiful and sobering words. I am so thankful that I found this lifeline. Thought I was all alone but then I found your podcast. I began to search out others who wanted to believe the truth. It took time and extra effort. We are out there. Oh, how I would love to hug Trump and thank him for all he has endured. Our nation was mean, cruel, and hateful to him and his family. For me, President Donald Trump will always be the best president ever.

  6. The remnant of God has repented. Thousands and hundreds of thousands have been repenting and praying for the past 4 years. Hundreds of thousands have gone to DC praying in front of the Capitol.I know hundreds that have been staying up all night praying.I am not guilting of putting Biden in office and I am not guilty of supporting abortion.Biden is not my President.To say he is my President is to agree with his policies.It would mean the same if someone who is a Christian prayed in the name of a false god.I would say that they did not believe in the principles of Gods Holy Word and the one True Creator God is not their God.Remember the 117th house opened with a prayer from a man who prayed in the name of a false god.Pelosi being the speaker of the house.Biden is not my President.

    1. I agree with you Pat….he is not my President either for a President us DULY ELECTED (of which JB was not). Winning based on lies and fraud.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. So eloquently written. My heart is grieving also and I have cried many times today. President Trump has been the best President in my lifetime. Today is a sad, sad day for America! I’m still praying and believing for a miracle! God is still on the throne! Praying for provision and strength for you family.

  8. Oh Heidi. My heart and soul are so troubled. I recently started following B Moore on Twitter and some other Christian leaders who are on their high smug mansions looking down their progressive noses at Trump supporters. Their rhetoric about “white evangelical” leaders, Christian Nationalism and their support for the woke agenda has gall in my mouth. Praying and my trust is in the Lord. Where does my help come from? Thank you for stepping out even though it is costly to you and your family. Praying for you and our great nation.

  9. Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking. May God bless and protect you and your family as you continue speaking truth.

    1. Yes I agree…I believe President Trump and Melania felt the same. They were dressed in black as if mourning for our great country. I grieved and wept.

  10. Pretty much every word you said I could have written.
    This morning I watched our beloved president’s farewell address. I had such a wave of sadness overwhelm me… how do we go in now, without our brave captain of the ship America? But I had to hold it together, I had a class of special needs children to teach. I was able to hold it all at bay until I returned home. And then, the tears came. Months and months of interceding prayer for Donald J Trump, for our nation, for the Body of Christ, for those struggling in these dark times—the dam just burst open in my heart. My daughter and I prayed together – rather, she did, I had no words. And then I thought of the disciples after Jesus was crucified. These men and women with their hopes crushed, confused and afraid— for three days they mourned. But then came Hope resurrected— more than they could ever have imagined. So, because I know the character of my Lord and Savior, I will trust Him. Even now.
    Thank you for writing, I am right here with you.

  11. I agree on getting our children out of the mental control camps. Heidi I own a small private school but would love to speak to someone in your office how to do more or start another version to help families homeschool their children. Please get a hold of me. I wish I saw the meeting you had to help people start a school, I saw it last minute. Dawn

  12. I, like you, am grieving. I am grieving for the people who are so blinded in their “wokeness”, the people who are so lost to think that supporting people who push for killing of innocent babies and are giving this country over to radicals and socialists, that it is a good thing. I am grieving for the loss on people who think we are worshiping President Trump when they can’t understand that we are voting for the policies-policies that the democrat party does not uphold. I grieve for the Republican Party because there are too many in it that have given themselves over to those in the Democrat party. I grieve for where this country is heading and the judgement that this country is going to have coming upon them.
    I am thankful, though, for the job Donald Trump did for the past four years, for his tireless work for all of us, for waking up the patriotic Americans to see the greatness that this country has and could move even more towards. I am thankful we had a president who was pro-life, pro Israel, and pro-America.
    The one thing o told my mother about this time is that the good thing is that we won’t be here much longer. Judgement on this country may be coming upon us but we Christ followers will soon be with Him. Until then, we endure and we keep doing what we have done all along-we follow Christ.

  13. As always, extremely well said, Heidi. You are not alone. We are not alone. Nothing surprises me anymore. As I read many things in the Word (whether it’s the actual words of Jesus or words penned by Paul to Timothy), I am constantly reminded that as we draw nearer the end, these times will grow more and more hostile to the true believers. I am rejoicing because I still see and hear HIM clearly!!! And I am saddened by all who cannot. But we have been warned that this was going to happen. Buckle up! Armor on! And let us abide in Him to the very end!! Thank you for continuing to use your platform to speak the TRUTH! May you reap the blessings from above for it tenfold! ❤️

  14. Heidi, you are a humble and bold person that continually points others to the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for your courageous voice and your renewed vision to never give up. We must be faithful to God in EVERY season. We will persevere through this trial, maturing along the way. The finish line is in sight Heidi! HE has a crown of life awaiting you and all of us who are redeemed by HIS spotless blood. Let’s press in tight to our Savior and His Word, praying fervently. And may I suggest we all remember to pray for the souls of those very people who are destroying our freedoms and those of our children? Pray for their children and those trapped in their web of deceit, fraud and blackmail. Dare I say, pray for the young children who are abused by them? When you pray for them, their weapons of warfare aren’t as strong and God dispels the fear that the enemy wants to portray onto us. If God is for us, who can be against us? Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

  15. First thing I did this morning was watch President Trump leave the Air Force base in Maryland to leave on Airforce One to start his life in Florida. I was saddened as I watched and told my husband I was having a hard time holding back tears. Well the more President Trump talked the tears started to flow. I’m not afraid for myself, as I know Jesus Christ. I’m afraid for my adult children who also know Christ, but afraid for them having to raise their children in this mess. Also for my grandchildren who have not made a profession of faith, 2 out of 5 have met Jesus. But Heidi reading this article you just posted brought some light to this dreary day. I know we will be ok. Because Christ has told us this. I know we WIN in the end! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and thank you for being a strong child of God. We do need to stand up for our beliefs and not be a puppet the next time something comes along (corona virus). Bless you and your family! God Bless you!

  16. Thank you. I needed to read this. I miss you on Social Media. I left Facebook and Instagram. I will not support that platform ever again! I joined Gab only because I liked that a Christian runs it. Waiting to hear where Trump lands with social media. I do like following him. Praying for America and that the evil doers will be punished!

  17. Yes! 100% agree with everything you said. My heart, too, is aching for our nation and I will continue to pray. Thank you for your voice and all you do.

  18. I am just so angry with those on the left, our cowardly RINO leadership & those who voted for Biden just because Trump was mean on Twitter. Unfortunately I don’t they will understand the consequences. They will just make excuses. God will prevail!

  19. Thank you for so beautifully articulating what my heart is feeling today. I think we all need to flood Maralago with thank you notes to Former President Trump and his beautiful wife for fighting for us, the people and country he and we love so much.

  20. I am just so angry with those on the left, our cowardly RINO leadership & those who voted for Biden just because Trump was mean on Twitter. Unfortunately I don’t think they will understand the consequences. They will just make excuses. God will prevail!

  21. Thank you for your courage and long-suffering. I’m speechless. I can only cry out to God from my heart fir the things happening right now. Tomorrow is another day and he will give us courage to love those in our lives and fight the fights we must. Praise you Jesus! You are out hope and strength.

  22. Thank you so much such a wonderful, honest and priceless piece of work. Very inspirational! I love President Trump , I’m so disappointed in our leaders. God is in control and I have to remind myself to leave it at the foot of the cross.

  23. Take heart my sister, God let us know that the time is coming that the devil will overcome the saints for a time, but God is still in Control as He reminded me in Daniel 8. With the king whom God humbled. I’ve been praying that God would get our country on their knees and acknowledge Him in everything, This maybe His answer. And I truly believe that the day of reckoning is at hand, judgment I believe is coming to unbelievers even within the church and now is the time for us Christians to stand, speak and live the truth of Christ. That is my focus now. The time of sifting is now and the sorting is soon to come- the chaff from the wheat and goats from the sheep. All is happening as God said, and we must be glad in it. Keep Praying, keep Standing and keep Trusting. Love you and praying for you. God bless you

  24. Keep seeking and speaking truth to this fallen world. I so needed to read what you wrote today. Thank You for sharing.
    Will continue to fast and pray for our country, yes even the new administration. Their eyes and hearts to be opened.
    I will continue to pray peacefully outside our local Planned Parenthood weekly. For all the lives lost there, both babies and the workers.
    I will continue to pray for my granddaughters, that their Parents would be willing to homeschool.
    I will continue to pray.

  25. Amen! So well said. My heart is grieving today, as well. I so appreciate your voice of truth, as it has inspired me through these past difficult months. May God bless you and your family as we face whatever comes next. See you in the clouds!

  26. Thank you for putting into words what so many God loving mama’s are thinking, feeling and crying today. So much was revealed especially in 2020 a true year of eye-opening vision. Our family too has heart ache for the God-given rights that were trampled in this selection election and events surrounding. A lot looks dark yet I’m so encouraged to know there are many many many mom’s Americans Christian’s that do love God and country and will stand in faith and not live by lies but instead with God Almighty’s strength live in Truth. Please Lord, show us “what you want us to do now” and give us the power to pray and do. Keep encouraging us and we are praying for you too!

  27. Thank you for your boldness, Heidi, and your courage to remain steadfast in proclaiming Biblical truth. I’m so sorry you have experienced pain and loss because of your faithfulness to following Christ at all costs. I have also felt abandoned by prominent Christian figures – thank you for standing firm and not buckling under unbiblical popular opinion.

  28. Thank you Heidi for your boldness! We love you, support you, and 100% agree with you! May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may the Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you peace!!

  29. My heart breaks. I thought it would be different. I have had friends ridicule me and downright criminalize me for my beliefs. I am a (soon to be was) a mental health therapist in West Linn, Oregon. I stayed at home and went back to school late in life after I knew the Lord was calling me to it. I remember sitting in a well-known private college near Portland Oregon and the teacher asked if we are born good or evil? When over 90% of the class answer “good” I knew that I was heading into a field that would challenge my faith. I knew that God was asking me to be a Christian FIRST and counselor second and that one day my job may have to end because I make that choice. This was 5 years ago that the Lord began to speak to me.
    Today I cry and grieve at the change that has occurred. But I am incredibly thankful for women like you who help me continue to be brave.
    So in the next few months as I pack up my family and move out of Oregon I will pray how the Lord will use me again in Idaho. I will keep my eyes on him because that is where my hope comes from.

  30. Is it okay if I copy and paste your article everywhere I can? I don’t want to just share the link. I want to HIGHLIGHT parts in hopes that the ones who are guilty of this or that will read it and hear it LOUD AND CLEAR! I too lost almost all of my family. I have been begging God to take me Home for 2 years before this all started due to the EXTENSIVE SUCCESSFUL ATTACK OF THE ENEMY on my marriage and family still at home(like you we have 3 left at home; it was 4 until July 2020) and those 3 are on the wide path and bc the enemy has ALSO succeeded in controlling my husbands thoughts and actions, I have no credibility, no respect, and nobody I can trust except 1 (daughter,her husband and 3 kids live in NC) of my 7 kids, 6 of whom are adults 18-32. The “church” leadership at our church was so toxic and when they realized I wasn’t going to stay quiet about what I had seen and what I knew, they manipulated my husband and 4 daughters (1 who’s the pastoral secretary there and also the one who moved out in july)that I had had created all of these issues with dozens of people, couples and families why they left the church and none of it was true. I have hard proof that the leadership convinced my husband that he “wasn’t really lying to me”, he “was protecting his family.And every single one of them drank the kool-aid, especially me previous best friend and soul mate, my husband. We have been thru SO much to have the most amazing marriage and even came through him being hit head on by a drunk driver and sustained many injuries including several areas of brain damage. It rook almost 3 yeara for me to realize that it wasn’t the accident that caused him to change like this. It was Satan through our “church”. I cannot even express the betrayal. He is on disability(which is a third of his previous income)and we have no insurance and no funds to get the intensive help we desperately need. I have spent MANY hours researching and even more praying and I have nothing and I have even decided a few times that i need to leave so my family can all be happy and God has intervened every single time. Why??? I have never felt so alone. Then all of this covid and the political crap. How much more can one endure??!! But God. Idk what to say after that. I’m waiting, praying alone, and holding onto what I know to be true. I am so ready for Jesus to return, but thanks to these toxic churches, the very thought makes me cry out to Abba because I know most of my kids who were raised and taught apologetics and homeschooled have gone mad along with most everyone else and I do NOT believe they will be going through the narrow gate. False teachings of a different church took our oldest, her husband and 2 of our grandkids away. Out of the blue Dec 19, 2019, they told us they were moving off of our family farm, putting the kids in public school (we had been babysitting them and schooling them bc our daughter and her husband were offered full time positions as the “production team” at their church. Sounds like a Broadway play! The co-pastors are a man and wife(male and female) take turns “preaching” 5 services every Sunday! This is where the 1 moved out in July lives now. It is sickening and so very painful and somehow the enemy has convinced the remaining children that I am to blame!
    Anyway, I cry a lot and today was no different. I know so many marriages and families that have been ripped apart the last 2 years. There is WAY TOO MUCH PRIDE IN THIS WORLD. My other half included! Let us all humble ourselves in the sight of the LORD and pray He will lift us up. But He cannot lift what is not bowing down in humility can He?

      1. Thank you Heidi. I know He does, and in a way that only God can, I just discovered the name El Roi about 2 months ago. I love how a Christian artist puts it in part of a song “when your eyes are on the storm you wonder if I love you still, but when your eyes are on the Cross, you know I ALWAYS HAVE AND I ALWAYS WILL” (emphasis mine).
        It is just so difficult to not having anyone I can trust to seek guidance from. (Not that the LORD isn’t, bc He’s the best, but sometimes, you know how you just need someone who loves you to hold you and pray with/over you?) It’s awful that the “church” today (I know you already know that!) is not a place to seek a spiritual leader, for prayer and guidance. I have known (or I THOUGHT I did) that my identity is in Christ, as a daughter of the King of Kings, then as a wife and then as a mom and so on. The hard thing was to allow Christ to be the ONLY identity, and even harder, to learn that ALL I needed was Jesus, and that ONLY He can complete me. Learning that in the harshest way possible (for me anyway bc there are SO MANY ppl hurting on a HUGE scale) was what brought me to my knees – where I thought I already was….😪

        HEIDI, I have to share this. I first met you many years back at a homeschool conference in SC and the LORD has used you in SO many ways in my life, and several hundred thousand more lives. It was how my husband started listening to your podcast last May. I didn’t have my ear buds in one morning and he asked who I was listening to. He usually listens so I am praying God will open his spiritual eyes and ears. Its the one thing we shared everyday up until November 2020. I still listen and I know he does too, he just doesn’t listen with me. I know God has a reason for that even if to give me a speck of hope, but MY GOD is FAITHFUL. 💜

        This is a Christian artist I have never heard of until this week (which is odd bc worshipping Abba through music is one of favorite things!), but this song in particular is so uplifting and an AWESOME reminder we are to praise Him, even in the storm.

        Regarding the political arena, I do not believe that this is over. I have seen countless posts out there concerning how messed up our world is. My brother has 2 good friends who are in that arena and their input does NOT include this being the final result in D.C. I saw on your fb page that someone commented about this as well. There are several ppl out there although I have only listened to a few, have been monitoring the corruption for 25+ years. I always triple research anything I share bc there are a lot of crazies out there, and I’ve gone back to their posts from 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago and they’ve always been spot on accurate. If anyone would like to do their own research, I would be happy to suggest sources. Please email me

        Donald Trump didn’t have to enter the political arena. He didn’t need notoriety, success or money. He ran bc he KNEW things and bc he loves our nation deeply, he wanted to put a stop to it. That poor man and his family have endured SO much pain, criticism, lies, and I could go on and on, but they believed it was worth it! I saw ppl posting yesterday that he was a coward and he chickened out. Not even for a millisecond do I believe that. I believe we are going to endure some rough times, but THEN, we could see the greatest revival in history! That ALONE gives me hope. Hallelujah Even Here!

    1. I really liked what you were able to say about the mess Satan made in your life, by using other people! We have been battling some of the same Satanic attacks. Other people actually do rip families apart, impossible as it seems. Satan cannot do it without using people to do his dirty work. It is very real! And it really is happening!! Pride is the core sin, I believe, that the devil uses to get people to sin… “Christian” people are used so frequently to destroy families…
      Let’s each of us check ourselves to make sure that nothing we are doing is in any way hurting another’s relationship…
      Hang in there… sister-in-Christ…
      I also loved what you said Heidi!!! God bless you and your family!!!

    2. Sorry, Heidi, I thought I was replying to Leslie Jordan’s post. I’ve never posted anything on someone’s blog before. I’m a homeschool mom with 8 kids… I don’t spend much time on the internet. But I LOVED what you wrote!!!

  31. I could not agree more-words that I cannot find so beautifully and honestly posted here. I am grieved. I’m speechless that the most brazen political heist has been allowed-celebrated in broad daylight. Already I am seeing “a new chapter in our history has begun” and I am heartbroken and saddened that most do not even know what that really means. I too will join you all in prayer but today I too am also mourning. Repenting. Seeking and asking. Worshipping. Beholding Him.

  32. Beloved Heidi,
    We have never met, but I consider you to be my dear sister and friend in Christ. Daily I listen to your podcast as I jog around the inside of my garage when it is too cold to run outside, and also when I do brave the weather outside! You warm my heart and spirit, and keep me going! I am constantly raising my hands to Heaven and verbally agreeing with every word you speak, because the things the Holy Spirit lays upon my heart on a daily basis are confirmed in your very words. That means you are on the right track; the right path! I believe all our hearts are breaking right now for the things that break God’s heart, and our hearts are breaking for you too because you are an encouragement to those of us who listen to you, and your heart is grieved. Today you encouraged me to ask God to daily put His armor on me, and to tell me where to go fight the battle! Don’t despair, and don’t give up fighting, Heidi, no matter what! I am wearing your Psalm 18:32, 34 feather necklace to remind me daily to keep fighting for the things of God! You have an army of listeners backing you up in battle! I just want you to know that this 20+ year multi-generational homeschooling Mom/Gigi so loves and appreciates you, and I am certain our Lord is much pleased with you! May Jesus wrap His loving arms around you and your family and give you blessings, graciousness, protection, provision, and complete peace. Love and hugs to you, sweet friend.❤

  33. Your way with words is so refreshing to hear. I feel the same as you. Thank you for helping me know that my thoughts are normal. So very well written. Keep it up.

  34. Thank you Heidi. What a wonderful piece. Very well said and it speaks to all the hearts of your followers. God Bless you and your ministry.

  35. Thank you so much for writing this. Today has been a hard day. I have been fasting & praying hoping God would step in. Right now, I’m having a hard to finding him in all this. I know we have to have faith, but man, this is a tough pill to swallow. It’s just scary how our country can “cancel” a person, & essentially ban them from existence for political beliefs, & also brazenly steal an election. This isn’t leading anywhere good, & many will realize too late what we had. Thank you again for sharing this excellent post.

  36. I needed this tonight. I feel so alone. I woke up frequently last night almost unconsciously pray that thing were going to go in a different direction today. But they didn’t and I have been so sad. Sad for what this means for our country and for our innocent children and mad because they didn’t win fairly and I am powerless over it. I don’t have any prayers left in me today. Thank you for sharing this.

  37. So well said, Heidi! Thank you for voicing what I feel and know so many others do too. President Trump is a wonderful leader who has shown us what America can be. We must learn from this brief time and persevere for what is right. I know he will continue to do so. Praying for you and your family and the United States of America.

  38. Dear Heidi, I have pondered and prayed about this situation much. I have been frustrated, disappointed, upset, angry, and willing to stand no matter what the cost. But as I pondered and prayed the clarity and gravity of the situation hit me:

    Even if somehow the corrupt leaders, wicked media, and those foreign influences were somehow washed away tomorrow, the people of America themselves have been corrupted. How do you turn that around?

    Then, the REAL answer hit me. The problem is NOT with the corrupt politicians, a sick and lying media, or even with detestable foreign influence, the problem is in the pulpits and in the schools.

    We have “pastors” who no longer preach about the good news that we are ALL sinners and there is a savior who can redeem us. We have “ministers” more interested in social justice rather than in salvation. We have corrupt, and dare I say truly EVIL politicians who are merely a symptom of a corrupted culture. Pastors are silent as the unborn are slaughtered. There was no hue and cry from the pulpit, or a massive uprising from the pulpit to the statehouse door to take up the leadership cause to turn the country back. When black robed lawyers declared “gay marriage” the law of the land, there was no call for repentance or action. There was simply more preening for money and bigger buildings from the pulpit.

    Our political leaders are a reflection of a culture that no longer just watches scary movies, but full on Satanic, and demonic, horror movies. There are no calls from the pulpit to stop this. We wonder why so many of our political leaders hate Trump? Flawed like David, he called out absolutes of right and wrong, and of clear direction. He did what spineless pastors everywhere fail to do. The “progressive” Christians and those having their ears tickled in Church would not tolerate this. Certainly those truly WICKED political leaders, with power from the corrupted, would not dare to tolerate this.

    I digress from my disgust and frustration. Until we change the pulpit, the seminary corruption, and the education system this country is in for a difficult time ahead.

      1. Thank you so much for your words! I just had to respond and say—“I’m with ya!” Thank you for being bold and standing for truth.

  39. Amen to every word! Thank you, sister!! I grieve with you today!!! I also am asking God what He would have me do next. I brought all my kids home for school this year. Grateful!!!

  40. Thank you for expressing, so eloquently the words that need to be said. My only consolation is Jesus is on the throne and HE will forgive us as we struggle with our feelings. Our GOD knows what has, and is happening. We praise you Abba! I love you my sister in CHRIST and hope to meet one whether it be here on earth or in our FATHERS house.
    The verse below is for me just as much as it is for you.

    But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, And do good to those who hate you, pray for those who Spitefully use you and persecute you, so that you may be sons of your father in heaven; for he makes HIS sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and the unjust.
    Matthew 5:44 through 5:45

  41. I share your sentiment. Well thought out post. We conservative Christians that love this country will be marginalized, but stand we must! I received a wonderful email today from Answers in Genesis founder, Ken Ham, which lifted my Christian spirit up:
    Reminding us of our need to persevere and be light in a dark world, it’s time to get back to work on the fact that we all need Jesus. God bless!

  42. My heart exactly! Thanks for putting it down in writing. If we who are merely flawed people truly following God feel this sorrow, think of how God Himself feels… and He is just. Never have I been more glad to know His wrath is as strong as His love. Never. Psalm 2 … all of it.

  43. Thank You Heidi for sharing your heart as you always do so well. When most can’t find words to describe their feelings or what they have personally experienced over the year of 2020, you have summarized it in your letter.
    What will God fearing people do tomorrow? I will continue coming closer to my Lord and savior each day, asking Him to direct my thoughts, feelings and actions as I reach out to those he brings around me to hear the gospel of Christ whether in person or by letter.
    One thing I have been pondering a lot is that God has known by His own engineering and Sovereign hand that all that what has taken place over the last 4 years of President Trumps administration would come to pass. He was chosen by God to be the whipping post for evil people in the Democrat Party for four years. God used President Trump to stir up the Deep State/Swamp of evil characters to be exposed. He was used to show his followers that good triumphs over evil. He was used to bring His people back to Himself.
    All these things took place and we all believed President Trump would be reelected to a 2nd term.
    BUT, God had other plans… Isaiah 55: 8-9 tells us; For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts.
    So, today we are left thinking…What are your ways and thoughts Lord, concerning the future of America?
    Meanwhile, we love and praise you Lord as to how well you have taken care of us thus far. We will continue to trust you for the future of this country..

  44. I am right there with you! I felt like I witnessed the death of America today, and I grieved… It hurts my heart to see where we are headed. But everything you have said lately I agree with… We brought this on ourselves. Judgement begins in the house of God. The church has not stood up for righteousness, and instead conformed to culture. I hate this idea that it’s a sin to be patriotic. God gave us this great nation…the most free nation on earth..and we took it for granted. May God have mercy on us. Today I allowed myself to grieve, but tomorrow, I get up and take care of what I can take care of, and I leave the rest in God’s hand. I’m praying for America, for Trump, for Biden, and for the American people to wake up. I pray that God will use what is happening now to draw people to Him. Thank you for beautifully putting into words all my heart was feeling today.

  45. Thank you Heidi! My heart is in exactly the same place as yours. And my thanks to Trump as well. He didn’t have to do all this for us. But he did. They treated him worse than anyone ever. And he didn’t give up on us. We were blessed to call him Our President. ❤️

  46. THANK YOU, Heidi. Thank you for clearly, concisely, and eloquently putting into words the exact things that are in my own heart and mind. I am grieving and mourning with you. 💔 But God…

  47. Thanks Heidi for your transparent heart, your words heavy with truth. It emboldens me to want to share my own and that it’s ok to do so. Although evil is exposed more then ever before and so ugly to watch, you want to look away, I truly hope and want to believe that hearts are turning and clinging harder toward God then ever before. We are being awakened.

  48. I felt like I just read what I’ve been seeing this whole time on your blog. It brought tears to my eyes. I felt like I was crazy for feeling all this but I see I am in good company. We are not alone! I know the loss… I was disregarded and removed from my Mom’s will for my association with Trump. It’s almost harder to be a Trump supporter than a Christian these days.
    I greive with you sister and thank you for being a wonderful guide to me.
    I homeschool and at times feel like giving up because I am exhausted (having health problems) but then I see women such as yourself and others who encourage us… plus it’s always a great help to keep hearing about Paul who NEVER gave up for Christ. Thank you so much!

  49. What a beautiful and truthful letter to America. Your not alone in any thing you spoke of. I have cried for days seeing my beloved land going to hell in a fake swearing in of a fake president. He did not win, Trump did. I have struggled asking God, why!! IF God wanted biden in office, why the heist, why not a real win. It still bothers me but I am learning to let God lead because I know He holds all things and He will avenge this travesty. President Reagan was running the first time I was able to vote 🙂 What a great President he was, and Trump was just like him, but with a bit more added. God gave us a blessing of 4 years of religious freedom, fighting abortion and gay marriage. I am fighting my own flesh to not get discouraged but to daily minute by minute trust in our Holy God, He has this. Stay strong Heidi , we are with you in prayer and trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  50. Oh how my heart is crying for you all and your precious country dear Heidi! I am from South Africa and what happens in America overflows to the rest of the world….I fervently pray that Pres Trump and his family will be protected and safe, but most of all that they will all come to true repentance and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ if they are not yet saved. You had a one-of-kind President in that man! If only our country could be ruled by someone with half his gumption!
    Please know that many South African believers are praying for you. I think it was somewhere on your FB page (I may be wrong) that someone posted an image that said: “If you have Nebuchadnezzar as king, be a Daniel”.
    Keep on being a Daniel Heidi, what you and your family are doing gives so much encouragement to folks worldwide! I will continue to hold you up in prayer!
    God bless you!

    Much love from South Africa

  51. My eyes were swollen from my lamenting yesterday. Thank you for continuing to use your God-given talent to create a picture with your words. To me that is the true definition of a good writer. When you can feel the emotion and have a vision of what the writer is saying through just the use of words, that’s from God alone. I have found, through your posting, a new sanctuary where I will find the Prince of Peace waiting amidst the turmoil. All of your followers are true inspirations also. Sometimes when your “out there” you stand alone (or so it feels). But we’re not alone…. we have our Father in Heaven and we have each other. This road is not going to be easy, we have been told to choose the road less traveled. That I will. I know we will see one another along the way. Shalom✝️🇺🇸🙏🌟❤️⚔️🛡

  52. Thank you for Sharing what so many of us believe. God has a plan – Keep the faith. “Be gracious to everyone .. the Lord is near.”

  53. This is so well written, Heidi. You said it all so well. Thanks for putting into words what my heart wants to shout to the world. You nailed it girl. And now I’m a fan. I’ll be following you after seeing this post! So glad a friend shared it on FB! More importantly, know that I’m praying with you for our country and our vulnerable citizens who have apparently lost the ability to think for themselves.

  54. Amen and Thank You, Heidi! My emotions have been all over the place; faithful and hopeful one second, faithless and anxious the next. I’m very nervous about how they are going to use this vaccine to control us, among other things. Now I just feel kind of numb. I feel like we have been led into captivity because of the sins of our nation.
    I closed my Facebook and Instagram accounts so I don’t see anything you may have posted on there lately. Thank you for sending this message over email.
    Please keep speaking truth. You are not alone.

  55. Wow, Heidi. Thank you so much for being bold enough to share what so many of us are thinking. I am forwarding this article to all my friends who seemed to wither over this past year. I’m amazed at how many people seemed to just drink the cool-aid and shut up. It has been incredibly discouraging, and has put a wedge between myself and some of my family members and Christian brothers and sisters. I am amazed that pastors are not pondering this more fully and speaking the truth from the pulpit, even my own whom I respect greatly. Thank you, Heidi. I will be more closely following your writings and thoughts from here on out. I need a Christian sister who isn’t afraid to speak the truth BOLDLY in love. God bless you, my new friend!

  56. President Trump Made America Great Again.
    One of our country’s greatest Presidents because Trump believed what he repeatedly stated we are all created equal by God and he was a great public servant for we the people a true patriot and present from God. Thankful we had a glimpse of what the Constitution was designed to be and do to bring Glory to God.

  57. My heart was heavy all yesterday. It truly hasn’t been like that through this whole Covid thing because I felt, and still do that Jesus is returning soon. BUT when something passes away there is grief and that’s what I was feeling. I’m older so know what this country once was (prior to the 60’s) and what true patriotism was and is. We were free to sing and proclaim those thoughts. The Judeo/Christian policies were front and center and even talked about on the news. We weren’t given “editorials” on how we should think. History and civics was actually taught in the schools. Our culture has been on a slippery slope for some time but really hit the skids these last few years. Exponentially!!! Being a Christ-follower, I can see prophecy happening in real time. We should be working on the Great Commission as the time is short! Hang on Heidi—you have folks who support you and your thoughts!!!

  58. I agree with you. In fact, thanks to your messages, I began to research “false prophets”. As much as I didn’t want to believe it, you were right. One of them was proudly at the inauguration yesterday. I’ve been reminded countless times of the movie “Left Behind.” In it, the anti-Christ would perform an evil act, yet everyone around him saw something completely different! This has been so unbelievable that those that had the power to do something did absolutely nothing! At least investigate it for no other reason than to calm the doubts if 75,000,000 voters. But nothing.

    My hope is in Christ alone. Thank you for being a strong voice. More of us must become bold enough to do so. God’s heart must be grieved by those who claim to be a His who have bought into and are teaching false doctrine. Thank you for sharing your faith so boldly.

  59. YES! AMEN! You said everything I am feeling as well. You are not alone. Thank you for always speaking truth and being an encouragement! The Lord bless you!

  60. I would encourage every church, ladies prayer and study group to focus on building our individual prayer life (our closet), which will then spill into our families, churches and communities. (There is a fantastic book titled “Developing Your Secret Closet of Prayer”, by Richard Burr. Wish enough people asked for it that it needed another printing!).

    God says IF we repent and turn from our wickedness, he will heal our land. It is time to get serious about reclaiming our nation as Christians…No nation in history that kills its children has survived.

  61. So we didn’t pray hard enough? Or fast correctly? Or repent adequately? We had rallies in DC (The Return and Franklin Graham’s pray walk) and Intercessors of America were very engaged with prayer and fasting. They created opportunities for emails to be sent directly to our Senators and even Trump. Multitudes of Christians exercised their faith in expectation of God moving in this situation. We have to believe God is sovereign and in control or we will fear what is to come. Personally, I am weary and no longer watch the news. Come Lord Jesus Come!

  62. Amen Heidi. I am grieving our country today. But also filled with hope that God is still on His throne. Thank you for always speaking truth no matter whether it is popular opinion or not. Millions of Americans stand with you.

  63. In agreement with you; thank you for your words. My heart was heavy yesterday; and it took awhile to process. My spirit is better today after just reading God’s word for the last couple days especially. And also remembering a couple things Trump said in his farewell speech, and his wife’s speech; that made me think deeper at what the meaning was behind some of their words. I along with many also believe that it is Jesus who we are to put our hope and trust in, but yes also to want good things for this country. President Trump did so much for the people. I don’t know if you follow Charlene Bollinger, but there was a link to listen to a roundtable discussion and it was encouraging to listen to the panel of people that included 3 pastors, along with people that stand up for the truth. One being Charlene, another being Mike Adams from , there are more but I won’t get into that. I try each day to catch up on what they have for us; and things will change for the better. As one said, we cannot just lie down and not get up and do something. God is on the move. Today, I read, and I also had my children write out a section of Psalm 119. We must focus on His Words, and wisdom. I have not done well with that in the past but He has brought me back; and He has also had me learn through people like you, so I am grateful for all you have done, doing the Lord’s work. Tonight, I will listen to Pastor Jack and Charlie Kirk, and I know I will be all the more encouraged. Bless you, Heidi.

  64. Thank thank you!! This is exactly what I have been feeling but couldn’t put into words!! Please continue on, I believe God isn’t done with us yet and maybe this is what it will take to move us. Thank you for opening up and giving me passion to do whatever God asks me to do next! May God Bless You!

  65. Hi Heidi – I am curious if you follow the Qanon theories on the election fraud. If apart from Qanon, where are you finding sources on the election fraud? I’m not sure where I fall on all of this. I worry that we are being misled. Just wonder if you have any good sources on election fraud that you can point your followers to. I’ve been looking for good sources on this and it’s hard to find any that aren’t mixed up with Qanon.
    Thank you for all your hard work on this. You provide a lot of support to homeschool moms and that’s awesome.

    1. Hi Joy, I do not follow QAnon. Ultimately, when we put our trust in theories rather than fact, it can give a false hope. I rely on what I see happening with my own eyes and can confirm. If my spirit is trouble, I pray. We prepare for emergencies etc., but I decided my time is better spent loving my family and encouraging others and it leaves me little time to go down too many rabbit holes. It robs me of peace. I do believe there has been widespread fraud, but based on the testimony of people who were there, not a theory on the Internet. Be at peace, sweet friend. God is in control. We know that He sees it all.

  66. I so feel your pain, thank you for being faithful in all that you do. this will pass and i’m praying God will shine in the midst of all this ugliness. blessings on you and you family

  67. Heidi— you just captured everything i’m feeling and thinking at this moment of disbelief. Maybe, finally, God has our attention— we’re about to lose it all.

  68. It’s so refreshing to see someone who thinks the way my family and I do. I feel so defeated and baffled at the amount of CHRISTIAN people who are celebrating this new “leadership.” This world is so, so lost. Thank you for your words. They really hit home with me. ❤️

  69. Oh Heidi, thank you so much for putting into words how I have felt yesterday and today. I am supposed to teach a CC class of 10th graders tomorrow. I’ve got nothing but sadness. The hope and joy I once felt in guiding them in truth seems pointless now bc truth doesn’t seem to matter in this world anymore. The only thing that seems to matter is propping up the right people and talking points. I, too, was so naive in the past to think if you did what was right, things would work out in the end. Not so. I can teach them Logic, but no one else is using it. I can teach them Biology in Truth, but no one cares. I can teach them words matter, but they don’t anymore. It’s so very, very sad to me. Like you oh I know I will get better. I know the Lord will show my once naive soul, raising my homeschoolers to make a difference in this world, how to guide my own, and the small class I tutor, in this new darkness with no truth. I never dreamed the blatant lies would also be exalted in the church. I am so thankful my husband, who is a Pastor, is standing strong against the elites in our denomination and even in our church. The goats and sheep are becoming ever-apparent. My eyes are on the Lord and He alone will lead me to learn how to live in this new darkness. Until then, thank you for being a voice for so many of us who don’t have a platform.

  70. I shared your blog post with this message:
    This is incredibly written. A friend sent it to me. It is how so many of us feel, she crawled into our minds and stole our words.
    It is ok to grieve what we have lost, it is ok to feel all the feelings, it’s ok to be sad as long as you don’t carry those burdens.

    For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.
    Psalm 30:5

    We seem to have much in common personally!

  71. Thank you Heidi. Resonating with you. God is at work even now…..a nation that refuses to acknowledge God will be invaded….time and again it happened in the Bible. But we know that the kingdom grows under persecution. The days ahead will be like none other this generation in America has ever experienced. The time is at hand to stand and teach our children to stand as the coming persecution escalates. One thing is sure though…. all things work together for good for those who love the Lord….. even the outcome of this election. May it bring the reign of God closer. Come soon Lord Jesus. We, your people, are anxiously waiting as our redemption is drawing nigh. Keep up the good fight Heidi and all the brothers and sisters!!! God is with us!!!

  72. Although I live in Canada, I follow US politics and Social affairs closely, and I am shocked that so much corruption is allowed to stand. I also felt that the patriotic movement in the US under Trump was the last stand against the Globalist Agenda and the march toward a One-World Government. I never thought this level of corruption and evil possible. Yes, Trump has his shortcomings, but so do we all. At least his heart was in the right place and he loves his country.

    I still pray that the evil and corruption that took place will come to light so that many people’s eyes will be opened and the schemers will be exposed. But we do know that God is still on the throne and Jesus has overcome the (corrupt) world.

    Don’t give up and keep the faith

  73. absolutely, just recalling how I wondered at the corruption in 3rd world countries when I was a teenager – why did those citizens allow it? why did they stand in long lines to vote in a rigged election? And I counted myself lucky to be an American.
    I still count myself fortunate, but very very sad for what is happening today. It’s unthinkable to me. This past year has been surreal.

  74. Thank you for this post. I will miss President Trump and Melania so much. He was my president and I can’t even imagine how much more he could have accomplished in 2021. Such a shame to see him have to go out of office so fraudulently and disrespected. He was the best because he loved life, America, Israel, the constitution and all of us. He was the people’s president for sure. He worked tirelessly for American exceptionalism. I will miss him so much and will continue to pray God’s will and protection over him. He did not deserve this. The new admin does not deserve to be president and Vice President. God allowed it and He is sovereign and no one can stop that. I must trust His plan.

  75. AMEN & AMEN!!! Thank you for standing up, speaking out and standing strong. You are NOT ALONE!!! I agree with you 100%. I grieve with you over the loss of your income and relationships. It has been an extremely difficult year. I am trusting with you that our God is still on His throne, His plan still stands firm. Our hope is in Him! So yes we are grieving for our country but we remain hopeful that God is not done yet. Thank you for being a voice “against the flow”, may you never waver. Much love and thanks!!

  76. I would tell President Trump the same thing. Thank you for your boldness and for standing strong. I appreciated your Facebook live today, too. God bless you.

  77. We can’t forget that prophetically, this era is right on time, and permitted by our Heavenly Father. Not something that is understandable for us at this time, but it is however, a “sign”, given to us by God. When we see these “signs”, He wants us to “rejoice” because “our redemption draweth nigh” and we are to “encourage each other”. Easy to say, but not easy to do when we feel that we’ve lost our control over these circumstances. I’ve been deeply disturbed over the events of violence, fraud, corruption, the election, etc. Evil seems to exist in so many things around us and is painfully obvious. It rips at our hearts with brutality. We know that what is happening is wrong, but we should rejoice as we see these “signs.” These “signs” mean that He’s coming for us! That cup of coffee you’re drinking will stay sitting there, getting cold, you won’t have time to turn off the lights and lock the door, or run to the store for toilet paper.
    So we have to remind each other that He’ll be returning soon to gather us together, to be with Him forever! No more pain, suffering, tears, anger, sickness, hatred, etc. Meanwhile enjoy finishing your coffee.😇

  78. Heidi, I read this again and just love the way you put so many of my thoughts into words. You are a great encouragement and I love so many of your podcasts! Keep fighting the good fight! Praise God we know the end of the story! Prayers for you and your continued ministry- God isn’t finished writing your story!

  79. Amen
    I have to keep remembering and reminding my family that God is in control and that’s all that matters.
    Thank you

  80. I just listened to you read your post today. My heart hurts. I love this country too. I am grieved that my children will not get to grow up in the same country I did. I am grieved at the cowardly way the churches in the United States have acted. Thank you for speaking truth in our culture right now. I am still thankful for the hope we have though, hope in the God who never fails, and who is Able to Overcome.

  81. I wholeheartedly agree with you Heidi. One thing is certain. There will be no change if Christians are not willing to live pure, Holy, obedient lives. The Church, the REAL CHURCH, is the last hold out for goodness. God’s people are the only ones holding back the tide of evil. If we do not recognize evil, we can not run from it and hate it, and if we do not hate evil, we really do not love good, or God. It is looking like loving righteousnes is now going to be illegal and also hated. We know who is behind that but his head has already been crushed. We can only serve one master. Let it be Truth, Life, and Love. Emmanuel. He is!

  82. Your words are so concise and truth-laden. I couldn’t agree with you more. My parents were LEGAL immigrants from the former U.S.S.R. Their experiences there were horrific and they warned us to stay vigilant. What some consider conspiracy theories here, happened there to real people. I believe the writing is on the wall and unless we Christians can be like-minded and stand united, we, too, will experience the horrors of socialism and then communism.

    Thank you for being bold and honest even at your own expense.

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