8 thoughts on “Where Is the “Easy” Button for Parenting?

  1. Hi! I really enjoy your Facebook page. I need some advise! Sometimes the good Lord puts little devotions on my heart. I have sent them as texts to the women at our church for awhile now. In the last two weeks, I have started a FB group to share as well. I know the Lord wants me to share them and reach more women. I’m not sure how. Do you have any suggestions?

    Mindi Glover

  2. Thanks for the reminder that this is about me as much as it is about them. I remember the bear hunt song 🙂

  3. Thank you for that post! I just finished your Busy Mom books about Daylight and Romance, in record time! Thank you for those great books! You take off the pressure and give so much encouragement to this mom who feels completely ill-equipped (although I shouldn’t because I have God on my side – but he is still forming me into what He wants – I wish I would learn faster!) for the task of raising our large family! My prayer is that as we get situated into our new area I can find a real girlfriend or maybe even 2 like you to do this journey with! I grew up an only child and was not saved until my late 20’s! So far the journey has been alone for my husband and I – your blog and other blogs by homeschooling moms of large families have been my “support”! And I too love the bear hunt song – although my kids are still learning how to be the “echo” they all want to be in charge and race to sing through it, ha!

  4. There isn’t – because as hard as it may be at times – and though you may even want to quit because you have a rebellious child who knows every other button and pushes them ALL – remember – the “easy: things in life aren’t worth a hoot! Easy just isn’t worth it. The tough times are the ones that develop you and your children.

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