2 thoughts on “New Year’s Hope for a Weary Homeschool Mom

  1. THANK YOU. I’m sitting here tonight in tears and despair because school is going to be starting back up for us soon. I am dreading it. I’m so tired and weary of the 24/7 ~ none of my guys like school (I have 3) and one of them has learning difficulties. And I feel like giving up. Thank you for your encouragement! It is much needed! So glad I googled “encouragement for the homeschool mom” and your blog popped up! It is a God-send! Thank you for reminding me that perseverance will pay off! DUE SEASON!

    1. I completely understand what you’re saying, Tara. Stay strong and know that we fellow homeschool mothers are lifting you up. You’re not alone. Homeschooling is near the top of the list of the toughest things to do as a parent. We start back this Monday, and I’ve been trying to get mentally prepared since the day after Christmas. I’ve even searched for some small, Christian schools nearby that we could afford, but for three kids (soon to be 4), there are none. That further lets me know that God has me doing this now for a reason. Stay encouraged through God’s Word and LOTS of prayer. Much love from Tennessee!

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