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If you’ve been following me for very long, then you know I am a huge fan of training children to work.

Here is a chart from my friend Toni over at The Happy Housewife—a list of age-appropriate chores that children can do.  This does not mean that they do every chore, but it’s a list of ideas for you. If you’re wondering, “What can my four-year old do?”, this this might help you:


Around here, we use a weekly rotation for the “big things.”   Here is what ours looks like this year:


If you like this one, you can download a printable version of it here!

Bottom line:  Have a plan. Teach your children to help and the value of hard work.  You’ll all be better off for it!

Work the Plan,

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10 thoughts on “Organizing your Chores {Blog Hop}

  1. I was looking for this chore list! Thanks for posting it. Our chart has a bit more on it. The kids have at least five chores they are responsible for each day. The two oldest are learning to do their own laundry this year.

  2. I really love all your printables – they are so creative and practical! I just have to ask – what kind of printer do you have at home? Ours is always running out of ink! I often either write with markers on poster board or go to an office store to pay for bigger jobs. Perhaps a better printer (or maybe just more ink!) would do the trick for me!

    1. Hi Aria! We have a Canon Pixma ink jet—hubby gets the ink refilled in some magical way. I’m not sure how but I know it’s less expensive than buying new cartridges. For years we bought the ink refill pack from Costco but they quit selling it.

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