18 thoughts on “How Many Sweaters Does One Woman Need?

  1. Love these tips, Dana!! At one point my closet was mostly full of clothes that didn’t fit me well, most of which I didn’t even LIKE all that much, because I needed clothes after having a baby and putting on weight.. and I kept taking all these handmedowns even if they weren’t a good fit so I’d have something to wear — but then I wouldn’t wear most of them because they didn’t fit well and I didn’t like them! I ended up with a cluttered closet full of stuff I couldn’t or wouldn’t wear. Even when we are poor, going through trials, life changes, whatever, we don’t have to be the Good Will of our social circle. If it doesn’t fit our style, our needs, our body, whatever, we need to pass it on. =) Who knows — it might fit someone else and they might love it!!

  2. Been purging the house recently, only one more room to go. The basement storage will have to wait till spring. BUT it is all on hold as I try to finish painting the outside of my home. I will admit though, the purging I’ve done has sure made house keeping EASIER! 🙂

  3. Have you seen that meme that says something about looking at the last few loads of laundry and considering just throwing them away? When this happens, I know its time to start bagging stuff up for the thrift store. It happens 2-4 times a year.

  4. Been working on this all month – hubby decided 4 kiddos was enough so all the baby and maternity stuff is heading out (course my whole family has told me I am just jinxing myself by do that 😀 )

  5. Clean your closets monthly, if not weekly. Give away what you haven’t worn for a year, does not fit,toys which aren’t played with any more. Replace clothes when you buy a “newer version” of the kind. Winter clothing (coats, sweaters, socks) is such a wanted item by the homeless!

  6. I have been going through all of our clothes for 2 days. I emptied my closet of two, huge, black bags of my clothing. I am 37+ lbs lighter than I was pre-pregnancy with our (5th) baby. But, 47+ lighter than my heaviest weight! God is good!

  7. Not really caring about what’s in style, I just try to wear what looks good. So I end up keeping things for years, even if I don’t wear them, just in case I eventually get something that matches so I can wear it. Ugh.
    We do have one rule, though. The rare times I do buy clothes, I have to get rid of one old item for every item I bring in.

  8. Oh the best thing I ever did was have my colours and styling done! The styling analyses your body proportion so you can dress to make your figure look best (you know like the optical illusion where you can make a rectangle of the exact same size look either stumpy and fat or long and thin by the lines added). I kept about 1/6 of my clothes after realising that much of it was not doing me any favours. between colour and cut it was so easy to cull and now I go to my wardrobe and feel happy choosing something to wear. despite carrying a little extra weight 😛

  9. When the Rescue Mission calls looking for donations, I say yes, even if I don’t have anything set aside for them. Since I don’t want them to come out for nothing, I tend to dig a little deeper. Yesterday I had NOTHING to give them…by the time the truck got here today, there were 5 bags and a TV set.

  10. heehee – My sister is convinced another one will appear. Since I won’t do anything permanent there is always a chance if God wills 🙂 Meanwhile I submit to my husband and trust Gods plan 😀

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