4 thoughts on “Budget friendly holiday decorating ideas

  1. The places that sell trees trim lots of branches off the bottoms of trees. You can get those branches for free & use them for garland, wreaths, & nativity backdrops. I also hang garland over my doorways with fragile ornaments so little hands can’t yank them off the tree – just make sure it’s high enough that you don’t bump your head.

  2. Last year we moved to Europe at least for the time being, due to my mother’s health not being so good (she lives here) and so we had to get everything from scratch…
    I used pretty gold ribbon to tie bows in our tree and from white paper I created German paper stars. I also made Scandinavian paper hearts and we got ourselves a rustic, but pretty tree!
    I made snowflakes from white tissue paper and hung those from string, which I set as a “curtain” to the kitchen window and I also made the wreath to our door…
    I had candles and I received a pretty red runner as a gift, which I put on the dining room table.
    Over here we have a store called Tiger, which is similar to a dollar store and I got all my supplies from there.
    Our apartment got compliments on being simple but pretty!

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