17 thoughts on “Staying Fit During the Holidays

  1. Great tips and something that I totally agree with, it’s also one of the reasons I am running weight loss challenge group starting soon, to help transition through that holiday season. I know come January I won’t be making resolutions I’ll be holding firm to the changes I’ve made all along.

  2. Great tips. I have a question. You said that by the 2nd year your taste had started to change and you brought lighter dishes to the events you went to. Was there a particular website, cookbook, etc that helped you find lighter recipes? Thanks for your blog!

    1. Yes, Deb. I love the website, Skinny Taste. It’s where the majority of my meals came from that first year or two, because it’s full of healthy foods that my whole family enjoys.

      At first, they would look at new foods skeptically and ask, “Is this healthy?”

      You know, in the tone of voice that said they were expecting it to leap off the plate and attack them at any moment. Now, they don’t even ask. They may ask if something is new if they don’t recognize it, but they’ve learned that healthy really can taste good.

  3. Kris, I love your honesty! I was reading your blog way back then, and your journey has been amazing to watch. I love tip #6! My diet has changed because of food allergies. Holiday meals are often at others houses where I can only eat what I brought. I used to feel sad that I couldn’t participate in sampling all the pies. Last year I realized that I enjoyed the time with family and friends…and I didn’t miss what I couldn’t eat. Of course I didn’t realize this until the day after Thanksgiving when all my friends were posting that they still felt stuffed/ill/in-need-of-exercise after their indulgence. I felt normal! I didn’t feel bloated/ill/lethargic because of what I ate. I just enjoyed my holiday. I’m hoping to create new meaning filled traditions for my family that don’t all surround food.

  4. Love all your posts!!

    do you have a particular way you do your devotions? ex: read through the Bible in a year, or devotional book? please share your process.

    also, can i get the recipe for your green beans and sweet potato brulee?

    thank you 😉

    1. Hi Jennifer! I go through my Bible in a different way than most people. I read a lot of books, Oswald Chambers, etc., and often I am directed to a particular passage. I read Psalms every day and usually go through the Bible a book at a time that I choose. I just enjoy reading the Bible. 🙂 Welcome to the Busy Mom! xoxo heidi

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