6 thoughts on “Step Out in Faith—Let Go of Fear

  1. This is very timely for my family. I have an amazing opportunity at my fingertips. In order to take the position AND balance family, marriage, and my personal walk – will require me to step up my time management game. Good opportunities can be a distraction from greater things. Please pray I discern God’s will clearly.

    It only seems like a few months ago your fb page was at 25k now 100k that is fabulous! Congratulations!

    Well, I’m off to the fabric store for some wool!

  2. Just recently I was faced with your step 2 in discerning God’s will while my child lay in critical condition due to a surgery that went wrong. We prayed hard and around the clock and asked for that sign, that miracle. It didn’t come easy, but I listened very closely and literally breathed His word in and sacrificed it all, regardless of the cost, knowing that God’s will was to take my child into His Kingdom for the ultimate healing. It was peaceful as only I imagine He would have wanted it. The days ahead are still dark but THANK YOU for today’s post as it reminds me to stay focused on Him.

  3. Hi, can you please give me info on the picture that is on the top of your Oct 17, 2013 post? Is it a photograph, or a drawing? Who did it, etc..?

    Thanks in advance,


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