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  1. My boys are 12 (almost 13),10,and 2 1/2. I had two hard babies to begin with. My middle son was the worst baby ever! Seriously, he cried for no reason at all, didn’t like anybody or anything, and made me miserable. My hubby got to the point where he said we were done. After a few years, I really got the baby itch. My big boys had been praying for years for a baby brother, and my hubby and I both decided we wanted another. He has been the biggest blessing ever! We can’t seem to get enough of that sweet little boy. It’s wonderful having a baby with older kids because they are a HUGE help.

    1. Prayers of our children are so POWERFUL, aren’t they? I am definitely looking forward to the help my girls will be 🙂

  2. I’m definitely with you. I have 4 (7yo boy, 5 1/2, 2 1/2yo & 2m girls) and 2 in heaven and get asked all the time if we’re done. We joke that we’d be crazy not to be or that were out of space (we’re still in a 2 bedroom to become debt free & pay as much down on our first home). But I know my husband will give me babies forever as long as he feels he can provide for us. I wanted 4 from day one & after losing my 2 between #3 & #4, I told God just allow this last one and I wouldn’t ask for more. ☺️
    Only He will decide. And we talk about adoption through fostering so maybe I’m done having babies but not done adding to my family.

    1. Amber, God knows what’s best. Trust Him for His perfect plan and timing. I too am needing more space in our house. I am trusting Him to provide the finances for a home renovation!

  3. Oh, how this speaks to my heart right now. After my last child was born (a son, finally!) I was done. I told my husband I’m not having anymore. I’m not cut out for it. But then over our last anniversary this past August, my husband and I were talking at dinner about more kids and he said something like, ” just imagine what another you or me would look like or what it’s personality would be. If there was another one, I can’t wait to see what their personality would be like.” And that got me thinking, and praying and reading Ecclesiasties which then began to convict me. Every time I came across a verse that talked about vanity I got more and more convicted. Then, I saw friends online talking about how they were done and having kids and how it was their kid’s last 1st birthday…and I got convicted. And in October, I got off the pill. Last Monday, I found out I was pregnant with our 4th child and I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant. Only a small group of family knows plus our kids and every one is thrilled. Especially my kids. They’ve been praying for me to get pregnant too. And our 3 yr old son, wants a sister. Every morning he runs into my room wanting to see “the baby” on the Sprout app on my iPad. He’s so excited!! My prayer is that this pregnancy takes as I’ve had a miscarriage before. But I feel so much peace and I’m already experiencing a few symptoms and I’m just trusting in him, because he convicted me and he knows what’s best for our family. He wants control over my entire life and that as scary as it sounds includes family planning too.

    1. What a sweet story. I know what you mean…I am so excited to see what kind of personality this one will have as well! Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Our 8 babies arrived in 8.75 years, ending on twins. I was 33. We want as many children as the Lord has for us, and His timing. Never dreamed our last conception would be at 32! No changes in my health that I can tell. He opens and closes wombs. Trust God. But, I’m *only* 43 😉

    1. Keep the faith! Keep praying. We had 8, hubby had a vasectomy. I knew the day we did it , it was wrong. I cried so much the surgeon almost wouldn’t do it. We agreed to the vasectomy on the idea we would adopt. 2 years out hubby with tears told me he just didn’t feel we should. I know his heart well enough to know he didn’t purposely deceive me into doing the vasectomy but that’s how I felt, deceived and betrayed. I knew we where not done. For 3 more years I cried out to God and begged for him to fix what we had broke or to change my husbands heart toward adoption. He kept telling me to be still and know I am God. I hate that! But I listened. I didn’t nag my husband or mention it to him again. I finally got to the point where I prayed “Lord either give him this desire or take it from me! I can’t do this anymore!” At the almost 5 year mark a friend approached me about adopting a little 5 month old boy. God gave me peace to talk to hubby. To my surprise he said Yes! With full peace and joy! I was shocked but we ran with it. Then a family member of the baby came forward and he was placed there and not available for adoption anymore. I was crushed. Then 8 months later another friend approched me with information of a woman 6 month pregnant who wanted a larger family for her baby. Again I approched hubby and he said yes, a little hesitant because he knew the heartache from before. This time we contacted lawyers and home study people ect. Then the weird texts started. The birth mom was being very odd. Demanding “her” baby have his own room, not be homeschooled, she wanted shot records sent to her with updates ect. On the Wednesday after Father’s Day I just knew in my spirit we where to pull out. With great heartache that night I told hubby my feeling, he started crying. He said he felt the same way but didn’t want to hurt me by saying it. Then he said the greatest words I’ve ever heard “why don’t we just fix what we broke and I stop running away from God!” I had never told my husband that was the exact phrase I prayed everyday! So to sum up we had the surgery, only given 30% chance for success. Had conceived within 2 months. We lost that baby but conceived again soon and that beautiful blessing is now 22 months old!! A few weeks ago hubby baby and myself where out alone (never happens with 9 kids). Hubby tears up and looks at me and says “what if we had said no?” And hugs our little boy so tight. Oh the joy that he stopped saying no! We sadly lost a baby in January of this year but are currently 32 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! And hubby makes comments like, “if the next one is a girl too we can just make a built in bed on that wall”. His heart is surrendered! Praise God! So keep praying, don’t nag, but cry out to God.

  5. Great story! And congratulations on your pregnancy.

    My husband and I blended two families. We were both previously divorced and both of us brought a son and a daughter into our marriage so we started with four kids but knew we wanted more together. We had a daughter, and 22 months later a son… three girls and three boys. A nice even number… and our last baby was PERFECT. We knew we were done… until I started having that stirring in my gut telling me we weren’t supposed to be done yet. I felt SO strongly about it and, like you, found out that my two oldest kids had been praying for one more baby. My husband was sure in our decision to be done though, and scheduled a vasectomy. My heart was broken but I decided to trust God… and six days before his scheduled vasectomy I got a positive pregnancy test! Our Elliot (Ellie) is now three months old. Number seven… the biblical number of completion. NOW we really ARE done. Ha! Hubby got that vasectomy as scheduled.

  6. I love this post. I have a somewhat similar, but also completely different story. Before I became a Christian, I lived a crazy life which resulted in me getting pregnant at the age of 20. I had my beautiful daughter the day before turing 21. Because God has always had an amazing plan for me and because children are always a blessing, my daughter has been the most precious gift in my life.

    Fast forward many years… I became a Christian at the age of 30 and prayed God would send a godly man my way. I told myself if was to marry before 35 I’d have another child. Well, 35 came, and so did 36, and before I knew it I was about to turn 37. It was at this point that my prayer for a godly man was answered and I met my now husband, Brian.

    When I met Brian I felt the urge to tell him very early in our dating that I was done having children. He didn’t have any. Funny thing is when we had “the talk” about kids and he asked me how I felt about having more, I immediately said “I’d love to have more children.” What?! Where did that come from? Because that was the opposite of what I had told myself. Of course, God’s plan always prevails! Days after telling Brian that I would love to have more children, God showed me how I had closed myself off to His most precious gifts and that it was never too late. It was a beautiful transformation.

    As I type this, I am 20 weeks pregnant, with a son. My husband, daughter and I are beyond thrilled. God’s love and faithfulness is unfathomable. We are blessed.

  7. When my husband and I were first married, we said we’d love either two or four children. After having the first we said we were good with two. When my second was 4 months old, my dh had a vasectomy. We were permanently done, right? Well, fast forward 6 years, to two months before my 35th birthday and I keep seeing mom’s older then me who were pregnant and happy! I thought, I still feel young and could have more children. I love babies! So with lots of prayer I brought up the idea of having a vasectomy reverse to my dh. It look about 4 months for us to research and make a final decision but it all worked out. We decided that we’d reverse and see what happens bc more children aren’t a guarantee with a reversal. The reversal was July 25, 2013 and July 1, 2014 we were holding our precious baby son! It was truly amazing! We currently have an 11 yr old son, 9.5 yr old daughter, a 20 month old son & one on the way in Sept! I did loose a baby at 11.5 weeks this past Oct as well. Congratulations on your little one. 🙂

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