7 thoughts on “Faith Filled Mothering

  1. Thank you, I really needed this. With all this healthcare mess, I got a letter from our insurance company telling us that our premium will double at the end of the year. I know that it will be a big test of faith for our family. And of course, mother bear is coming out as I wonder if my babies will continue to have health coverage.

  2. Love your posts on facebook, they make my day. And I love today’s picture caption: ‘Faith-filled mothering brings me to a place of dependence on the Lord.” It reminds me of when my son was born. He had to be in the NICU for a few days to make sure his oxygen levels were okay. And we were released with a clean bill of health, but those two days were scary and it would have been easy to let our minds run away with worry and let that become a stronghold to the devil. But my husband and I only got through them because we were dependent on the Lord, that no matter what happened, if something was wrong, we just had to trust that the Lord knew what was going on and would take care of our little one.

  3. Thank you Heidi! Just exactly what I needed today. I love how you said “…to be a faith-filled mother we need to anticipate the grace and goodness of God in the lives of our children.” May God bless you with all that you need today!

  4. Timely words. I’ve been struggling lately over very real fears with severe food allergies that my two year old has. She reacts to the touch of dairy residue. It’s very daunting but I need to remember “I am with you always.” Even during frightening allergic reactions. And I do pray but need to pray more. Thanks for the encouraging post.

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