15 thoughts on “Dealing with Worry

  1. We cut out the cable and my newest worry is wondering if we will get in our workouts! Today I made the choice to wake up 1,2,&3 earlier so we can have “gym class” together! Our blood is pumping better and our brains have woken up faster!! No news is good news!

  2. I’ve been struggling with worry lately because of everything that’s going on in our country. It just seems like we’ll not be allowed to homeschool our kids, or even keep them, as our government is headed for total control. I constantly remind myself that God is in control, but I still worry for my family. Thanks for this reminder.

  3. Heidi, not trying to start any arguments since I know this is such a controversial topic, but since you mentioned it in your post, I would like to know. You could private message me if you like. We’ve been seeking answers. And like you said there is so much info and misinfo…can I ask a mom to mom question, do you vaccinate your children? Whether you do or don’t, doesn’t matter to me on a personal level, I am just seeking to gain knowledge from sources I’ve come to trust from what I see and hear. Thank you.

  4. I really needed this! I found out this morning that I’ve got to have a special ultrasound next week bc there may be something wrong with my baby. I pregnant with #9 and the worry is overwhelming. I know that regardless, my savior is in control and trying really hard to be strong.

  5. Thanks for your post! And I love the quote by Corrie Ten Boom – it reminds me of Matthew 6:34. Worry is a topic that many Christians struggle against, but don’t talk much about.

  6. That was good. It backed up what Ann Voskamp said this last weekend at the Women of Faith Conference.
    ” Being stressed out is an advertisement of an unfaithful God”. I could fit anxiety and worry in that spot too. God IS faithful, let’s show it with how we live.

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