3 thoughts on “Good Thing My Pastor is Reading His Bible

  1. Heidi,

    One day later, I am here doing the scripture writing and turn to James 1;5 and The Lord is loud and clear to me – This wisdom reminds why I always rest and turn to “simplicity” in everything I do from home life to homeschool even though I may look different from what everyone else is doing and that is ok. And it is because I feel like God wants to strip me down to the bare minimum because that is where I will always find Him. And this is why I need to sit with Him, make the time for Him, read His word and rest in Him. Thanks Heidi for all your own words of wisdom that you share with us. Being Mom Strong and Real moms right?

  2. So true. So so true. We allow ourselves to get so busy..quiet time is relegated to the vert last thing we might do, Alas we end up not doing it.. And just as you rightly said. The less time we pray nd study the word..the less renewed our mind is and the more easy it is for us to lower our standards_ which are obviously based on God’s word.
    The conclusion is that we need to be deliberate about our faith and relationship with God like we are about other things. So help us God

  3. I don’t know about you!
    But I get attacked so much by the enemy as soon as I start reading my Bible and fasting again, why me? I’m nobody just a baptized believer of 21 years, I know I’m special to God, but sometimes I get bombarded one after another no brake.
    Please pray for my family. Thanks so much for you godly wisdom Heidi

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