7 thoughts on “Finding Peace in the Storm

  1. What a nice article, so incredibly true! Yes, there’s hope, and it’s always here, but I tend to forget it so often. I just printed the scripture you offered, and I’ll put it where I could see it every hour of every day.
    The only point I don’t agree with you is when you encourage us to keep going to the church. Personally, I don’t see the point, if like me, you didn’t find a home church for yourself. I went to a church where people didn’t care, and I could have died in the middle of service in total indifference. I’m pretty unhappy with this experience. I don’t think it would be different in another church, it’s just the way it is today. I do believe that I can worship the Lord everywhere, every time, and I don’t need a bunch of dummies with me to do so.
    Bless you for this great article!

    1. Hi dear one, thank you for stopping by and commenting! I do hope you won’t give up on church. And by “church” I mean the Body of Christ. There ARE churches that care because I am in one! I am so, so sorry for your experience and the hurt you felt. There are people who care out there…and I’m praying that your heart will be encouraged.

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