4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Recovering Legalist {part one}

  1. I too, am a recovering legalist. Legalism is UGLY and it took me til I was in my 50’s… I’m 53 not to recognize it and it was like someone knocked me in the head and things were suddenly clear! I very much agree about legalism being a horrible thing that Christians impose on people and sadly, even turn people away from God from good. Lord, have mercy on us!

  2. This topic of legalism touches me, but I’m not free to be specific here. I just know it’s oppressive and crushing, and it takes me to the only one who can break it, and that is Jesus. He is the healer for one who struggles with being legalistic, and He is the giver of life to those who may be feeling its weight. Thank you for sharing honestly with us, Heidi.

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