7 thoughts on “Target’s “Guest” Policy Is About More Than Bathrooms

  1. Well said Heidi! We totally disagree with Target and Obama and I can’t ever imagine allowing our schools to indoctrinate our children with this garbage. We are standing firm on God’s Word with you!

  2. I love that you’re standing up on this issue. I’m getting so angry that people try to marginalize our feelings of safety for ourselves and our children and no, it’s not the transgender folks we worry about. It’s every sex offender/child molester who is given free reign to walk into our bathrooms without so much as a sideways glance. When I was in college I was in the shower late one night when some guys from down the hall decided it would be funny to shut the lights off while I was in the shower. Sure, it was funny to them, but as I explained to my RA I went back to my empty room and thought about how if the intention was not a joke, but to rape or harm me it would have been easy. I was naked. I was vulnerable and my roommate was out so I don’t know how long it would have been until someone looked for me. Using slurs of “bigot” to force us to forget our very legitimate concerns is NOT ok. You don’t give one population rights, by taking away the rights of others in exchange.

  3. I totally agree with you, it is about marginalizing those of us who think male and female. Sooner or later it will also try to do away with the stay at home parent who cares for their child because after all they aren’t working so they don’t deserve healthcare or money or any recognition whatsoever. Maybe it’s a way to control the population too, after all if all the women are either lesbians or wanting to be men and all the men are gay or wanting to be women and they all have surgeries and take hormones a mess up their bodies who’s going to be able to have kids? Or will they steal them from the Christian parents because they think we are evil and intolerant and are raising our kids to be that way too so therefore we don’t deserve to have them.

  4. Heidi,
    I had not seen your Facebook page or blog until today; however, I am very encouraged a young woman and mother is taking a stand against the assault of the LGBTQ crowd.
    The article on Target and the end goal of the leftwing crowd being social engineering is right on “Target”!
    With the heart of a shepherd,
    Pastor Travis D. Smith

  5. Heidi,

    Thank you for standing on God’s word on this and many other issues-I completely agree! I fear more and more public nudity is on the horizon. Just last year a woman was walking down a major street in our town with nothing on from the waist down. The police quickly came and covered her up. But, with the ability to now essentially expose yourself to the opposite sex in what used to be “women” or “mens” bathroom or locker room and have the presidents blessing, what is stopping anyone from feeling the right to do this in a restaurant, store, or walking down the street. This is totally from the devil. We are not protecting our children anymore! This is indecent exposure. the crime of intentionally showing one’s sexual organs in public. the act of outraging public decency by being naked in a public place. Why is this now okay now to do this as long as your doing it in a women’s bathroom or locker room?

  6. It has been really interesting watching this occur from Canada. In January of this year the province I live in put out a document called “Guidelines For Best Practice”. Passed off as a anti-bullying bill it gives students who identify as transgender the ability to use alternative pronouns (including some I’ve never heard of before!), change their name, use bathrooms, change rooms and play on sports teams that are opposite to their biological sex. They can also join GSA’s and schools can no longer set a dress code- ie skirts for girls only. BUT the biggest thing is that they included a clause that all of this can occur WITHOUT a parents knowledge. In order to protect the ‘safety’ of the child the child must give the school permission to discuss any of the above with a parent or guardian.

    The government, hailed as a modern hero gave school districts 10 weeks to amend their local policies to support all of the above. There was a large amount of pushback but parents who opposed these policies have been attacked being called closed-minded, bigots, anti-trans and religious zealots -even by the government itself. Some have gone so far as to publically post names and pictures of those who oppose the policies encouraging others to inundate them with letters of hate.

    It has been an extremely trying time and while I’m deeply saddened at what is occurring in the USA I am glad to see so much pushback against the changes. It gives me hope.

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