10 thoughts on “Devastating Distraction: The Snare of Offense

  1. So well said. So many of us agree and sometimes feel we don’t have a voice. Thank you for taking the time to voice exactly how I feel.

    1. If they are truly providing “reproductive services” then helping women who are struggling to conceive should be included.

      1. I totally agree. But at the cost of allowing the abortion bill to exist?!
        The governor did this, while everyone was distracted, like in the darkness without light. Pray for our nation and people in power. Lord, heal our land and her people. If you are not searching for God…Satan is searching for you!

  2. Heidi…I have been following you for years. I don’t follow anyone else for various reasons (time is the #1 reason). I’m a Latino Amercian woman, a proud & happy wife and Mama to 5. I want you to know how deeply appreciated you are. It is refreshing and encouraging to know that there are others out there who feel as convicted and passionate as we are. We are the small voice in the wilderness but our Daddy hears us!
    As soon as I heard Fox News flash the headline of what Governor Kate Brown had done I instantly thought of you and then cried out to our Jesus. My husband and I have been volunteers as crisis pregnancy counselors, post abortive counselors and STD/STI counselors for 10 yrs. The devestation of this law is directly caused from the purposeful distractions laid out as that trap from our real and present enemy. The unfortunate events of what occurred in Charlottesville are horrific. Hate is real. And countless lives are lost daily because of it. From the very first sin in the garden. The enemy is in the details isn’t he dear sister? As you already know. His entire existence is to ultimately destroy us. He has perfected his craft while we clearly have yet to graze the surface of the true real power that lives within us who are called Children of God. The enemy is the fuel that lights that flame to hate. The lion waits…waits for the perfect opportunity to attack it’s prey…he is calculated and precise in how he must attack watching every move and then…BAM! The innocent vulnerable life is consumed and destroyed completely beyond recognition at times. Just as the precious defenseless unborn child is while that dear Mama lay deceived by her own heart and the manipulation that this society of ours has deemed “Woman’s Right”. As you can tell I can sound off about this for hrs and days. I will continue to make my voice loud as the adversary walks about. We are raising our children up to be the voices needed in the darkness and silence of other believers. When will it be enough? When it personally hits home or the compromise of man becomes suffocating? Is it not already? Keep using the sound board the Lord has granted you in this fight. Run the race dear sister! You have the support and prayers of many. Stand strong. Wear that armor. As we battle on. You.Are.Not.Alone. ❤

      1. And thank you Heidi for all your encouragement and enlightening posts. I found you through Bobby’s page that was shared on FB. At 70 years young, I wish this age of internet was available when I was raising boys who are now 49 and 50 years of age.

  3. Thank you for this insight…..I’m going to share this with my children tomorrow to give them a new perspective and a little meat to chew on (and I’m spending some time in repentance right now). It is so easy ro get caught up in our own little wounds and irritations, and lose sight of God’s bigger picture. I appreciate the call to refocus.

  4. Oh my goodness, thank you SO much for saying this! So refreshing!! My pastors wife said her mom always told her “Beware of people who are easily offended. They never get very far with God.” And I know I personally battled that wicked spirit of self pity for years! By God’s grace this is something I’m striving to impart to my children now.

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