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America the Beautiful, You’re In Trouble


Trump leaves White House for the last time as US president ...

My heart is breaking for our Republic today. I know many of you are grieving with me.

2020 will go down in history, at least for me, as the year we lost our Republic. The 24/7 attacks against our President by the mainstream media and leftist elites seems to have had its intended result: the faith in our democracy has all but disappeared for over 75 million Americans who watched as the unimaginable happened in slow motion
right before our eyes.

President Trump, though he is flawed like the rest of us and even arrogant at times, was a champion for this country, for Israel, and for the unborn, to name just a few of the reasons I loved and supported his presidency. His patriotism moved a generation out of their slumber and back into caring about what happens in DC.

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