10 Things to Do At the Park

One of my favorite places to hang out with my boys is the park. Living in Florida means that it’s usually warm enough to go outside all the time.  While the playground equipment provides a lot of fun for my boys, I have found that there are many other things to do at the park that are just as fun {and sometimes educational}.

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10 Things to Do with Your Kids at the Park

1. Have a picnic: On a really nice day pack up lunch and head to the park.  I have an old comforter in my trunk that we use for our picnics at the park. One days when we just need to get out and get some fresh air a picnic can be just what we need.

2. Read a book: This one goes well with #1. When we have a picnic at the park I always take something to read. I will read to my boys while they eat their lunches. Sometimes it’s something for school (a history book) and sometimes it’s whatever read aloud we are working on.  I also take something to read by myself while my boys play.

3. Take a nature walk: My boys love to explore and this year we are taking more time for nature walks.  When we are at a park I try to take a 10-15 minutes when we first get there or right before we leave to go on a nature walk.  We walk around the park and observe nature. We look for plants and animals. One year we visited the same park every week and we got to watch as ducklings hatched and grew. My boys also found a tadpole pond and we were able to watch the transformation from tadpole to frog.

4. Art: My boys love to paint and create and make messes. The park is a great place for this because there’s no mess in your house to clean up.   My boys love watercolors and chalk pastels so these are usually what we take with us to the park. They get to draw or paint things that they see at the park or whatever pops into their heads.  This can also be a great tie in with nature walks. Sometimes my boys will draw something that we found on our walk.

5.  Fly a kite: My boys love to fly kites! Sadly I take after Charlie Brown when it comes to kite flying. But the park is a great place for kite flying. There’s lots of open space and grass to run. And if you need some help there’s usually someone there to help you out.

6. Target practice: My boys love to shoot things. We have cap guns, swords, nerf guns and archery sets everywhere. There really isn’t much room in our tiny apartment for my boys to really have fun with these toys so from time to time we take our armory to the playground.

7. Games: Re-live your childhood by playing some of your favorite games  (hide-n-seek, red rover, tag,  etc).  My boys love to play hide and seek at the park because there are so many places to hide. If you have a big group of people red rover can be a lot of fun. My boys are always asking me for new games to play with kids at the park.

8.  Ball Game: Grab those soccer balls, footballs and baseballs when you head to the park.  Take advantage of the extra space to run and play and the extra kids to add to the fun!

9.  Climb Trees: My boys love to climb trees. Every time that we go to a new park they run around looking for trees to climb.  I love watching them climb like monkeys. Our favorite park has many trees and I love watching as my boys get older and are able to climb more trees.

10. Have fun: Get out there and play with your kids! My boys love it when I slide and climb and run around with them at the park.

What are some of your favorite things to do at the park?


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  1. taheeda says:

    I do same ways with my girls all the time.

  2. Lynn says:

    These are great ideas! We’re getting ready to move to FL and hope to spend lots of time at the park!

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