When Your Homeschool Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

Homeschool Expectations


I came from a long line of highly educated people.  Even my grandmother, born at the turn of the century, had an advanced degree.  So naturally, when I started homeschooling, I expected that my children would also be highly academic.

Then I discovered the world of dyslexia.

Dyslexia causes otherwise intelligent people to struggle mightily with reading, writing and spelling.  So while my kids had all of the intelligence to succeed academically, their execution of school-type work hindered them.  In fact, because these things were so hard for them, and despite their great creativity, imagination and love of learning itself, they disliked traditional academic pursuits.  Yikes!  This mama was worried.

Looking back now after 20 years of homeschooling dyslexic kids, I realize that I could have saved myself a lot of sorrow if I had realized one basic fact much sooner.

God’s Purposes Over My Purposes

God created my kids with great purpose from before time began.

God…called us with a holy calling, not according to our works,
but according to His own purpose and grace
which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began.
2 Timothy 1:8-9

While I may not know God’s exact purposes for my kids, I can know that they are good and perfect, awesome and doable.

Somehow, intellectually I understood this but practically speaking, I wanted things my way.  As I learned to lean on God and ask Him for direction for my kids’ lives I found peace.

Many Types of Intelligence

All of my years trying to figure out dyslexia taught me that there are many types of intelligence.  Not only that but that they were perfectly created that way by God so that they could beautifully and naturally fulfill their God-given purpose!

So relax mamas, breathe!  Lay your burdened thoughts for your children and their futures down before the Lord.   Let go of your expectations and ask God for wisdom.  As God slowly weaves your story and the stories of your children together, it will be tempting to pick up that burden once again, but I assure you – God is faithful.  His promises are true.

While your child may not be meeting your expectations, he or she is being prepared day-by-day, experience-by-experience for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in their lives.

Discovering God-given Talents

Once we have laid down our agenda for our kids, we are free to observe our kids natural interests and strengths.  Where do they excel in ability?  What really interests them?  Where these two intersect, interest and ability, may well be where their purpose lies.

Questions to Ask

Are you teaching them about the wonderful works of God?  Are you pointing them to Jesus in their trials?  Have they experienced the faithfulness of God?

Honestly, what would be the worst thing that could happen if your child never mastered Algebra?  Read all of the classics?  Or never went to college?  Could God still use their lives?  Of course!

Now go and lay those burdens down and pray for God’s good and perfect purpose to be made known in your lives and the lives of your kids.


Heidi St John Homeschooling Guide to Daylight

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Marianne Sunderland
Marianne Sunderland has been married to her husband, Laurence, since 1991. She is a homeschooling mother of eight lively children ages 3 to 22. Marianne is passionate about encouraging families to discover and nurture their children’s God-given gifts and talents, in and outside of the classroom. She also encourages women to joyfully love and serve their families. Her varied experiences homeschooling through difficult times and with kids who learn differently has taught her much about learning how to trust fully in God for her family and homeschool. Marianne’s blog, Abundant Life, provides weekly articles on faith, family and homeschooling that will bless and encourage you.
Marianne Sunderland
Marianne Sunderland
Marianne Sunderland

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  2. Cheryl Pitt says:

    Amen, so well stated! Different types of intelligence,ability and interest, laying down and not picking back up the burden, I’m with you with my struggling reader! Thank you for the reminder, and the call to pray!

  3. Debora Holliday says:

    Thank you so much for this exhortation and reminder. I felt a connection even though I don’t know you. I was married as well in 1991. I have 3 children, ranging from 21 to 14 years old and have been homeschooling for about 10 years. Today I needed a reminder that our Lord is in control. May you be blessed greatly today.

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