The Good Hunt at the Second Hand Store

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Um, hey.  I’m the new girl.

You and I are gonna really become best friends.  I just know it.  There’s something kindred happening here.  Can you feel it?  Picture it. Us vacationing together, swapping our Great Aunt Louvina’s corn chowder recipes and maybe, just maybe, getting like a matching henna type tattoo together. What’s that?  You don’t have a Great Aunt Louvina?  It’s fine. Totally, it is.  No seriously, it’s okay. I don’t like corn chowder. See? Good friends meet in the middle. But we’re square on the matching henna tattoos, right? Nothing permanent.  Just a little quasi-twinsie ink.

Aw, yeah, baby.

I am here to talk to you about finding the look for less.  I know what you’re thinking. She’s gonna go all coupon binder on us.  Next thing you know we’re gonna have to buy like eleventy-three hundred extra Sunday papers.

Sisters, please. A good friendship begins with honesty.  Does this computer screen look like the mother who coupons?  

computer screen-TBM.png

Wanna go ahead and pinky swear promise on that henna ink now? I’m thinking a tiny flower.  Maybe with a little  overlay “BFF” in script font.  What?  You still need time to decide.  No sweat.  Good friends are not only honest, but they’re patient, too.


Where was I?  Oh, yes.  The look for less.  I am living proof that there is joy in goodwill.  In doing something one louder for others.  In seeking that same fantastic inside yourself. And in remembering just who put it there.  God’s purpose is goodwill. Grace handing and son sacrificing. What he has created in us is worth hunting for.

You need to know my spiritual gifts are teaching and exhortation.  He planted in me the art of instructing all while waving pom-poms wildly in.your.face shouting, “You can do it!”  {I’m not gonna ask just yet, but I am thinking a tiny flower with some scripty-font is all you can think about right now, huh?}

And I just so happen to be extremely frugal.  We can thank a husband who proudly {and quite handsomely if I do say so myself} serves as a public English teacher and head football coach for that. We can also thank homeschooling.  So my presence up in house is to move your closet more towards happy and your wallet more towards…well let’s be honest…less empty.

The above is just a tiny sneak peek at what’s about to go down in your wardrobe, ladies.  You will note 15 outfits.  Completely fashioned and ready for wear with 90% of the articles coming straight from Goodwill.  Consider me your lead dog.  I am like the coonhound of frugal fashion. My sniffer is well trained and seasoned to the trail. It’s time we load up and catch the look for less. But first.  About that henna tattoo…

.mac :)

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Meghan Cobble

Meghan Cobble is a goodwill hunter. In fashion and in people. She serves the Lord best by using her hands to create, teach and inspire. She resides in East TN with her husband and their 2 boys where she home schools and runs k.Mac, her custom design business.

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8 Responses to The Good Hunt at the Second Hand Store

  1. {sans} says:

    […] am now a contributing writer over at The Busy Mom. My first post is today.  Go check it out here.  I’m excited and honored to be a part of this great group of ladies.  Encouraging and […]

  2. Amy says:

    Awesome article….coming from a fellow homeschool, Good Will, Thrifty-kind of mom!! Our wardrobe basically comes from GW or the clearance racks at Target. 😉

    • Amy! I hear you loud and clear! We are outfitted 90% by Goodwill. I love thrill of the hunt and the frugality of clothing my family in name brand, quality items at drastically low prices. And…everything is already pre-shrunk! Thanks for the comment! Hope to hear from you again!

      .mac :)

  3. April Gilbert says:

    I’m going to love this! Frugal fashionista 101!!!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Why, oh, WHY do you have to be in Tennessee??? That’s ok. We can still be BFFs (henna and all) and shop The GW together in spirit.

    I never could commit to a tattoo. Not because I have something against it… but because I just know that my taste changes so often, I’d hate it before it was done. OR… something tragic would happen.I’d get a cute little bird or something and then get pregnant again.. BAM! Big Bird. Not cute.

    But I digress. I’d say 90% of my HOUSE comes from thrift shopping and garage sales. I’m not above a good scrub, running over it with a iron, or a refinishing a piece that just needs some love.

    The GW is the place for me — and the hunt is on — in people AND deals.


    • Yes, Sarah, yes!!! to know you are out there, soul sister! Oh, we are gonna have so much fun together. I, too, can trash to treasure just about anything. Isn’t it great how God can give us looking eyes for the best purposes for things and ourselves? He rocks. I’m straight with you on the tattoo deal…BiG BIRD…not cute. Correct-o-mundo! My grandfather has a black panther crawling up his arm. It’s now a saggy green ink sleep kitty at 85. Let’s just say he’s resting. Purring even.

      Can’t wait to chat again!

      .mac :)

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