The Beautiful Laugh: 5 Reasons to Indulge in Your Endorphins

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Just recently I listened to a great podcast by Michael Hyatt.  It was on the power of a smile.  His discussion revealed that the up-turned corners of your mouth is one of the first forms of communication we share with other humans.  It went onto detail that our smile {in as much our face} is the beginning point for many relationships.

I resonated so much with his words.  With the spiritual gifts of teaching and exhortation embedded in me, I am hardwired by Him to notice the hope that can transcend from one to another.  There is nothing greater received than the freedom that comes from handing over the opportunity to believe better. This hope is the transference of optimism.  A smile is one greatly underestimated action that can do just this.

But a smile is just the beginning.  Laughter is so much the middle we neglect when it comes to life’s beautiful through the all too often buried and burdened steps on this earth.  We forget to laugh.  We skip over the giggles for the prudence of the present. For checklists marked off and for hustle over heart more times than we moms can count.

Laughter matters.  It’s the action verb of a smile.  It’s critical that women not discount the times we let loose not just for ourselves, but for our family, too. The beautiful?  The really beautiful laugh.  They gut bust and chuckle more for the sake of sanctity. Of serenity. Of sending out Him in those easy times.  As God’s creatures, we are nothing short of beautiful.  It’s important that we do our very best to live that out.

5 reasons

1.  Laughter relieves stress.  

This post is proof that LOLs are so very good agents causing us to let go of the strain and drain of daily life.  Be it family, your job, you location or your finances, laughter can leave you a little more ready and able to face the grind.

2.  Laughter releases endorphins.

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel a complete lift after a fit of laughter, this post will help explain why.  Laughter is just one of God’s natural enhancers of life.

3.  Laughter is exercise.

This post is a bit more proof in the pudding that laughter utilizes calories and increases core strength.  Physical movement is a key factor in a human’s well being.

4.  Laughter is contagious.

This post. Yes.  It’s proven research that when you hear someone else laugh, your brain responds.  And you know what?  People need the prompting.  So often, I have needed to cheerful explosion that was caused by someone else’s giggles.  The best life lived is the one that’s lived together.  Teamwork.  Sisterhood.  Family.

5.  Laughter communicates humanity.

We need reminders that there is no perfection. That all the answers aren’t supposed to be known.  That things break and spills happen.  It’s this equal-ness that laughter does such a wonderful job of transcending.  This post actually documents 5 steps in which you can learn to laugh at your mistakes.

I just recently signed up to Happify.  It’s a super cool resource that helps to set you on a healthy track to gleaning more from a happy life.  It’s free and ultra simple to navigate, too.

Find the beautiful there in yourself.  And make it a point to send it out purposefully.  With a determination to gain great amounts of joy with those you love, those you lead and those who need the beautiful that only you can give them.

Tell me.  What’s got you laughing today?

See you soon!

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Meghan Cobble

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2 Responses to The Beautiful Laugh: 5 Reasons to Indulge in Your Endorphins

  1. Amy says:

    Great reminder, thank you! I was just thinking the other day that life has gotten so busy and serious over the last several years that I miss the years that I smiled, laughed, and actually played with my children. There always seems to be so much to do and so much on my mind, that I forget to be the example of fun and happiness in their lives.

  2. Amber Oliver says:

    Great reminder – thanks so much. I love to laugh. When I slow down and sit around with friends, there is usually MUCH laughter. But I know I get too busy sometimes, I don’t even see an opportunity to laugh and enjoy the moment. Like you said, when I do, I feel so energized and happy after a good laugh with friends. =)

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