Embrace Your Post-Baby Shape

Embrace Your Post Baby Shape
Before I had my first baby, I was a size o pants and wore an x-small shirt and dress size. I weighed 106 lbs. Today, I am 8 sizes bigger and 25lbs heavier. I have carried and birthed 5 children and my youngest is now 3 years old. My shedding pounds, post-pregnancy days are over.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking and let me just put this into a bit of perspective for you. I get that people probably don’t see me the way I see myself. But going up 8 sizes is a lot to take in! Learning to deal with arm and belly flab can be hard for anybody who’s trying to cope with a much different shape and size then they started out. That’s me.

I am not at an unhealthy weight, according to my doctor. It’s me who has had to learn to embrace this post baby shape, and learn how to make the most of it.

For someone who grew up never needing to watch what she ate, for fear it would land into the wrong places, today is a whole other story. But rather than deny the facts, I have had to learn how to embrace the truth that my body has changed after having babies and I need to adjust my life and my mind accordingly.

Embracing that post-baby shape is not an excuse to rule out exercise and healthy eating, because even with those elements incorporated, it’s unlikely a post-baby body will ever fully return to that pre-baby state. So, what’s a girl to do?

Find clothes that flatter and compliment your shape.



I would always wear loose jeans and a long, oversized shirt. There was one season when I wore a different gray t-shirt every single day. No joke. Now? I only wear these clothes around the house and when I’m cleaning.


Post Baby Shape

I do well with stripes and honestly never thought I would ever wear a pair of skinny jeans. I tried them on in a dressing room one day just for fun. And I was surprised by how much I liked them. I was also a hater of the tapered leg. I liked boot cut because I didn’t like the feeling of jeans wrapped around my ankles, but I adjusted pretty quickly!

So, one of the rules you need to embrace when shopping for new clothes, is to try on pieces you don’t think you’re going to like. You might surprise yourself!

Pay attention to the colors and patterns that compliment your shape rather then exaggerate it.

A large reason I choose to buy clothes from a name brand retailer is because they design their clothing much more intricately. Bargain stores often lack those details and you end up with shirts that have no shape, therefore compounding the issues we’re trying to combat!

We don’t want to wear bigger shirts to hide our larger waist or belly because honestly, that only makes us look bigger. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying you need to go out and buy tight, form fitting clothing. Rather, buy pieces that work with your shape. Pay attention to the cut, print, and color because those are all determining factors on whether they will flatter or spoil you.

Post Baby Shape 1

This shirt shows a bit more post-baby belly than I would like, but this shirt has zippers on the side, and unzipping them up, actually loosens the form of the shirt, making it less obvious.

Post-Baby Shape TBM

I used a different setting on this photo which obviously shows the color of the shirt much better. It was also taken a day later, on a cloudy day. But you can see the obvious difference in how the shirt portrays my shape with the zipper unzipped.

And, honestly, I can tame that belly a bit better if I would just leave the chocolate alone!

On a more eternal perspective, God has used our bodies for a great purpose and what we are left with is a testimony to life. Embracing post-baby shape is much more than physical; it’s sacrificial. My aim here is to make the most of it, not complain about it.

The fact is, we can take action to be healthier and look healthier if we are willing to put the work into it. Denying yourself anything and everything to eat isn’t the answer. Correct stewardship is. Our bodies are gracious enough to allow us an occasional treat without it affecting us dramatically. It’s indulging in those treats that makes it an issue.

So, while choosing flattering clothing is one aspect of embracing your shape, it’s not the only way. Embrace the sacrifice you made and embrace what it is your body requires to be at it’s best performance.

Celebrate it!

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I have a heart to encourage and equip women in aspects of discipleship, marriage, mothering, writing, blogging, and community. My biggest ministry is to my family and I realize how beautiful, hard, overwhelming, and exhausting motherhood can be. My passion is to encourage mothers who need a challenge and a bit of encouragement. I have been married 13 years and have 7 children.

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71 Responses to Embrace Your Post-Baby Shape

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I struggle with this constantly and it is nice to have little reminders once in a while that my body is God’s tool and not my treasure!

  2. Emily says:

    Well said! It is a daily struggle, I find, to accept my body now. I know, logically, that I am in good shape, and am healthy, but I still find myself longing for my pre-baby body at times.

  3. Sarah says:

    I agree – clothes that fit are soooo much more flattering. Sometimes it takes a little extra work to find something that works, but it’s worth it. I feel much better when I am wearing something cute, even if it’s just a regular old Monday morning. Speaking of, I guess it’s time to get dressed before the kids appear.

    • Christin Slade says:

      Totally agree. When I feel my best I put my best foot forward. If I dress frumpy, I have no motivation. It’s a strange combination.

  4. Noelle says:

    Thank you for the post and encouragement. I 5 months pregnant with baby number 6 and after baby number 5 I was unable to start at my pre pregnancy weight. I started in my mind 20 pounds overweight, the doctor told me also I was at a healthy weight and BMI at that time. Your post really brings a whole different perspective that our change in body shape is sacrificial. Also to embrace it and dress to our new shape….lose the baggy clothes we “think” we are hiding it all under! Great post, thanks for being transparent and sharing!

  5. Heidi says:

    Christin, I love this! Thanks for keepin’ it real—and encouraging us all to be our best :) You’re darling, btw!

  6. Cindy says:

    I love reading your encouraging and informative blogs each day, as I receive them in my email. This article was so right! I’m a 46 year old mom of 6 kids…4 biological, 2 step kids, ages 11,11,14,15,19,22. I’m very much a fan of t-shirts and jeans. I wear really nice, supportive, comfortable running shoes every day because I’ve had back problems and surgeries in the past, and have an injured hip right now (seeing the surgeon on October 15). I need the stability.

    Because my 4 daughters all tend to be very fashionable, yet all different, they’ve been working on my wardrobe! They’ve helped me
    understand that looking pretty helps me feel better, too! We shop at Goodwill, Salvation Army Thrift Store, and Plato’s Closet (consignment shop) for lots of things, and we like discount department stores, too!

    What has made all this more fun, is that I lost 25 lbs in only 3 months last year (I’m 5’5″ tall…went from 159 lb down to 134 lb, from size 12 down to size 6)! In October 2012, I stopped eating wheat products due to years of digestive ailments. I researched it on my own and quitting wheat worked for me! (The weight loss was a VERY unexpected and welcomed “side effect”.) This may be something you’d like to try. After I made the changes and had lost the weight, my husband found the book, Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis. We bought it, I read it, and it confirmed everything I had researched and been through! A year later, I’m still one very happy woman! Dr. Davis has nothing to sell, no products or exercise videos, no medications or herbs…this is about NOT eating wheat. This is about wheat, it’s effect on humans, the way it reacts in our brains, the changes and history of wheat, farming and all kinds of other awesome info! Let me know what you think!

    • Christin Slade says:

      Wow that’s wonderful Cindy!! I am so glad to hear that!! Good for you for making the changes that help your health and prettying up your wardrobe! It’s fun and really does help you feel better!

  7. Yes, certain styles and designs are far more flattering than others! And, I agree with you that shopping the clearance rack at a higher quality retailer will often pay off in the long run, because the clothes will often last longer and look/feel better than the “cheaper” brands. Many times I have purchased cheaper items that didn’t really get worn because of the unflattering fit. I am plus-sized and I love shopping at Cato for plus-sized items that are somewhat flattering.

  8. I love encouragement when it comes to embracing ourselves. God made us all so different. Thank you for this great reminder and extending grace to each other and ourselves!

  9. So she’s a size 8 and weighs around 131 lbs? I’d do ANYTHING to be that small and would have NO PROBLEM embracing that post-baby bod!

    • Christin Slade says:

      See, I knew people would feel that way but rather than focus on the size, think of the perspective. Think about going up 8 sizes after having babies. That’s a hard thing for any woman to wrap their mind around!

  10. Molly says:

    My one and only is turning 4 in January and Just this year I have finally started making SLOW progress getting my body in shape. I had a bad pregnancy that led into a worse labor and subsequent c-section. I think I have cried more times than I can count over my post-baby body. I didn’t expect it all to go back instantaneously but I breast fed and DID expect to be “back to normal” by the time my son was on solid food. I was not prepared for the saggy boobs, mommy tummy, itchy scar or horrible internal pain when I cough or turned the wrong way. I NEVER thought I’d still be 30 lbs heavy either. And I will always miss my pre-baby bladder! Since June I took up Zumba (at home) and TRY to get my 10,000 steps a day. I started drinking water cut WAY back on the Mickey Ds and have lost 7 pounds so I am encouraged. When I get down I try to remind myself that my hubs thinks I look great and my son loves my squishy belly where he lived for 9 months :)

    • Christin Slade says:

      I can relate to all of this! My first child was born via c-section and I had those painful bouts in my abdomen when I cough or sneezed for a couple of years! Just keep pressing forward. Say no to the junk more than you say yes and keep moving. :) You can do it!! Your body has gone through great sacrifice! ((Hugs))

  11. Katie Murray says:

    I get down to a size 8 and stay around 140 when not pregnant. Those are just numbers, my belly still has stretch marks and sags. Just because you hit a size and weight doesn’t mean you have a pre-baby body.

  12. Seriously, who wrote this? I started out an a healthy 8 and am now an unhealthy 16. Same 8 sizes up from your starting point… Put on an unnecessary 40 within two yrs… My hormones are far outside of what I can handle. Five children and a husband coming to Christ a lil later in life has left me… Well, like this I would guess. In my own strength, I can’t do this. With His, I am making head way. Not every woman starts out at a size 0! Add those 8 sizes, if you will, to there pre-prego healthy weight for their body… Cause personally… I am more than happy to “welcome my pre-prego body” at a size 8!… Which I will never see again! a ten or even a twelve would be good for me, my body type. Horific for you? Yes, for me, NO!
    And plus, my size zero or smaller friends in highshcool are at a post-prego size of a two or four… No where near an eight… Each lady has their healthy before size. None of us are built the same. And each of us need to find our healthy after babies sizes… For some it’s a two or four… Others it’s an eight or ten or even *gasp* a twelve.
    Seek the Lord on what’s right for you. And DON’T BE ASHAMED!

    • Christin Slade says:

      Thank you for this Charity. I wrote this because I know it’s important to be thankful, but it’s such a transition for our minds! I wanted to encourage others who may have struggled with the reality of jumping up many sizes, regardless of the starting point. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  13. I have five boys (ages 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1) and just turned 30 this last may. I was a teeny tiny size 2/3 before I got pregnant w/ my first at 20 years old and have basically been a size 7/9 ever since when not pregnant.

    I did not exercise with ANY sort of consistency or regularity for the last 15 or so years of my life but have just started to get myself to the gym semi-regularly over the last year or so.

    I set out w/ some pretty specific goals body-wise and just wanted to feel and BE healthy. I definitely do feel a lot better and actually enjoy working out and eating pretty healthy BUT am still dissatisfied and having a hard time accepting my post-five-babies-body.

    People look at me and say, “You look great for having had five kids! You don’t look like you’ve had ANY kids!” which is super nice and encouraging BUT what they don’t see are the countless stretchmarks, stretched-out saggy belly (I’m pretty good at flexing it in most of the time but if I let her loose I still look four months pregnant), cellulite ridden backside, and boobs that have withered away to just about nothing after over five years of nursing between all five boys’ baby days.

    I know we moms were built to bring little bundles of baby joy into the world and that God knew what He was doing when He created us to do just that but it is still hard to accept the irreversible damage that childbearing and delivering have done (yep .. there are issues I won’t get into after shoving five humans out of my hooha).

    I want to feel AND look my best. I want to be comfortable and confident in my own skin. I eat right (with the occasional sweet indulgence of course), exercise, drink water, don’t smoke, etc etc etc but some things seem to be permanent reminders of the five boys I helped bring into this world.

    • Christin Slade says:

      LOL Totally get you! There are some things that just cannot help the belly pooch. That’s why I choose shirts that can mask it without making me look bigger. Keep pressing on and remember your body has served a great sacrifice for wonderful blessings, too! We don’t want to resent our bodies, but make the most of it. :)

  14. I know it is frustrating to hear someone talk about trying to cope with being a size that you only wish to be but no matter what size you are, your body definitely changes post-baby and no matter what size you start with, it is sometimes very hard to accept. Even a low (to you) number on the scale equals dramatic change in a body. I am what many people would consider a lower number on the scale but it is a good 20 pounds more than were I started from, tons of stretch marks, very untoned abs no matter what I do, a muffin top, etc. — things I never had to deal with before. Instead of judging where someone else is compared to you, understand it for what it is — changes in our bodies are hard to accept. The Mommy wars are so disheartening at times… and we all want to feel we have it worse or better than someone else but I’d like to see moms just start to support one another, understand our commonalities even if they aren’t exactly the same and compare a lot less. I think that we would feel better about ourselves and in turn support others.

    • Christin Slade says:

      Thank you and amen. The point was about comparison, but reality that we all start at a point A and end at a point B. That point B is something that requires some adjusting on our parts.

  15. Tarah Stump says:

    Carrie, i completely agree!

  16. I can’t stand my post-baby muffin top! Drives me crazy. Wouldn’t trade my girls for the best body in the world, but still haven’t quite come to accept my post-baby body yet either. Praying all of us mamas can begin to see ourselves through God’s eyes!

  17. Sara says:

    Thanks so much I truly needed this! I’m 8 months post twins so God knows my body will never be the same.

  18. The Busy Mom says:

    Charity, the woman who wrote this is a precious mom who was honest enough to put herself “out there” to try and encourage other moms. I hope you can see past the size issue to the heart of the matter—which is learning to love the body you have post-baby. This is not about comparison. It’s about self-acceptance.

  19. I will not accept my post baby body because I know if I do, I won’t do anything to fix it. I hate the muffin top, I hate the way my belly droops when I lay down and I hate my thighs. I can’t do anything about the hideous stretch marks , but dang it, everything else must go!

    • Chris True says:

      That a girl Carissa! That was my outlook and 9 babies later, while I have to work harder at age 46, I am back to better than before! However, I’d like to mention that I could only loose so much while breastfeeding and the rest just stuck to me like glue until baby was weaned.

    • Christin Slade says:

      Oh Carissa, I do agree we should still do something to maintain our health and even drop some pounds if we can. That’s why I included that we can still do all these things, but often, we’ll never go back to the shape we had pre-baby and it’s something we can try to embrace.
      Widening hips isn’t something that weight loss or diet can help. My belly is my biggest nemesis! Hang in there!

  20. Ashley Mel says:

    My post baby body looked better than my pre baby body lol so yes, I love my post baby body.

  21. Thanx, I do definitely understand that, Heidi.

  22. Isn’t it funny how weigh affects us all so differently??? I’m looking at that article thinking ‘she gained 25lbs and went up HOW many sizes????’ The last time I lost 2 stone I only dropped 2 sizes! :)

    • Christin Slade says:

      Yes, I think the shock of going up 8 sizes in conjunction with gaining 25lbs is a strange parallel, but I think the size difference is due to widening hips after deliveries.

  23. I though would personally accept that at a size ten. 😉 Which is perfectly within the “healthy rage” for my body type. I have a ways to go, but am getting there with the Lord’s strength. 😀

  24. Thanks Carrie! 100% agree

  25. Deanna Keir says:

    For me personally, it was not all about the “appearance”. Three babies (one of whom was a csection) left many marks and stretched out areas behind. And having a big age gap in between kids meant the idea of EVER going back to my pre-baby number one weight was laughable. As a nurse I was frustrated with how the scale never moved no matter how we ate or how much I exercised. But in addition to all of that, I wanted to lose the weight because of how I felt. I missed the energy, I missed the desire to be active. I missed that rested feeling (yes, I STILL get up almost every night with my 2 year old). And I knew something had to be done. So I reached out and found a program that works, enlisted the help of a trusted friend, lost the weight and feel amazing and now I help others do the same. I would love to help any of you ladies create health in your life, regardless of whether you have 10 pounds or 100 to lose, I can assure you it very much is possible. And I know for me, it was so very very worth it – I enjoy so much more now, and am better for all those I love as a result. It’s not about a number, it is about feeling great and having your outward beauty compliment the inner beauty, about having confidence in your choices and your future. I am proud of my stretch marks, my roadmap of parenthood….and I am proud to no longer look pregnant as well, saying bye bye to maternity pants was awesome.

  26. Oh my…good timing. I am expecting my third after an 11 year break! I was just telling my husband I was more nervous about after baby #3 than I had been previously. Thank you!

  27. my 2nd is now 14… is it still considered post-baby?! I wish!

  28. Tracey Clegg says:

    Oh wow!!!!! Everyones so unhappy with their body here. After having 6 children my bodys been up and down over the past 22 yrs. At the moment its around the middle but all in all I’m just thrilled that my body was able to conceive, carry and birth my children, especially when so many can’t. Sure my boobs and tummy sag. I may never wear a mini again ( not that I want to as I’m 44 anway lol), but for goodness sakes its been worth every square inch of it. I breastfed for practically 8-10 yrs, been pregnant for 54 months or 6 yrs all up, then have been homeschooling going on 11yrs now with at least another 10 yrs to come. To me its all totally amazing :)

    • Christin Slade says:

      That’s entirely what this post is about—learning to embrace our bodies after the shock wears off. LOL It takes a little longer for some of us. But your perspective offers us some encouragement, so thank you for sharing! :)

  29. If we strive for godly discipline in the “exercise/healthy eating” area of our lives, I believe we can be happier and healthier, and show our kids that we do not have to “let go” and become dependent on the medical/pharmaceutical industry. I have an 8 month old (my 3rd baby) and 8 weeks ago I started doing the Jillian Michaels abs workout for an intense 30 minutes a day (and I hate it because it is truly hard work) but it makes me feel stronger, and it helps me strive for discipline in other areas of my life. The book “Discipline, the glad surrender” by Elisabeth Elliot has helped me realize more the importance of discipline in the life of a disciple.

    • Christin Slade says:

      I seriously just got that book by Elisabeth Elliot YESTERDAY!! I do believe that if we really want something, we should work to get it rather than mope and complain. But there are some things exercise cannot take care of and in those instances, embrace that post-baby shape! :) But yes, we should be taking steps to eat healthy and move everyday.

      • Emilia Barnum says:

        I am so curious as to what you think of that book…at first I felt a bit convicted and conflicted, slightly offended, and then, once I got past that, I actually felt challenged and enlightened. The chapter on the “discipline of the body” was especially hard to digest (and I have never even had a weight problem!), but her “tough love” approach is really a much needed godly dose of common sense. :)

  30. Kate Scott says:

    After 7 pregnancies and 4 kiddos, I actually weigh less now than when I got preggo with my first! I eat a full-fat diet of very low processed foods and I keep active. I have great genes on my side, too. I also bound my belly after my last baby. However, I still have a changed body. I can loose to pudge, but not the stretched out skin. My once oval belly button now frowns. Funny, though, hubby thinks my post-baby body is so much sexier than my late teens/early twenties body. There’s something beautiful and even sexy about having the body of a WOMAN and not a teenage or college girl.

    • Christin Slade says:

      That’s wonderful Kate and just an excellent example how bodies can be so different to change. And I agree about the woman vs teenage girl body. :)

  31. Ladies – let us remember that muffin tops did not exist before those horrible low cut jeans. Why we insist on buying pants that don’t go over our hips I will never know. But muffin tops are what happens when our pants are not made properly.

  32. Trina Holden says:

    Well, you KNOW I loved this post. 😉 Amen, and Amen.

  33. Love that diagonal stripe! It looks great on you! Whether we lose weight and tone our baby bellies or not, saying no to yoga pants and boxy t-shirts and yes to stylish clothes is always a good thing. It’s not just good for how others see us but also for our own self-confidence and mental health.

  34. audrey bauman says:

    thanks 4 this artical =) something that is really ironic…i too started out at a sz 0, but i desperately wanted some curves. well, 2 babies later i am a 130+ lb “hourglass” and much, much happier w myself =) yes, i have stretch marks so youre unlikely to ever catch me in a two-piece but i just want to say, ladies…love yourselves! just think…to your children, theres no one prettier than mommy! <3

    • Christin Slade says:

      Honestly, I like my new curves, too (did someone say HIPS!?). It’s the arm and belly flab I struggle to cope with. Ha! But I am learning. :)

  35. Does anyone else also feel less intelligent since having children? I graduated college with a 3.8 GPA but feel so dumb some days. Say things backwards, can’t think of what things are called sometimes, go in a room and forget what I wanted, etc. So discouraging…..

  36. Tammy Reagan says:

    Be thankful.. there are thousands up thousands of women that would love to be able to complain about a “post baby” body.

  37. as a single parent now, this past two years, speaking for myself alone…,,, I feel better and more energetic having now lost all 81lbs I gained from my pregnancy. I was placed on Dr ordered bed rest 2 months into my pregnancy – starting weight was 110. it was a battle to keep my little one inside with bleeding and constant contractions. weekly visits to the ER. no exaggeration. she came 3 weeks early (my, then husband had just come back from deployment in time for her birth). needless to say everything I ate, with lack of any kind of exercise – no undue stress on the body, per Dr – everything eaten was stored as fat on my body. once my little one came (Emg C section), I struggled like heck to get the weight off. it was a very very slow process. alot of tears and insecurity on my part. as much as I truly admire those that have no insecurity in this, I will say with complete honesty – I did NOT have that kind of self confidence. for me — well, my husband had left on deployment with me looking like a runner (I had JUST found out we were expecting) and came home months later with me….. well……. not looking like a runner. lol. trust me when I say… I wish I had had tons of self confidence and tons of security in my new weight. — anyway… I will say, it’s taken time, lots n lots of time… a few back slides, some leaps fwd … but I’m healthier with alot more energy to keep up w my little one. I’ll never be a sz 5 again, but sz 7 looks good on me. I’m happy w that :)

  38. Amy Moller says:

    My husband says I am beautiful…my body isn’t anything like 20 years ago….but I have 9 beautiful blessings :)

  39. Abbey says:

    Thank you for sharing this blog and for helping mothers out there find peace with their post baby bodies. I was excited to lose my last ten pounds from my first pregnancy by getting pregnant and not wanting to eat early in my second pregnancy. Now 9 months after delivering my 2nd baby I am well below my pre-babies-at-all after losing 27 pounds and 16.5 inches in three months. I’m wearing clothes that I was too big for in high school and feel better than ever. So while I firmly believe that God has given us a temple to carry and birth babies and that those bodies are forever changed, I also believe that we don’t have to settle for being heavier than we once were as a result. I LOVE my post baby body and am so thankful for being a healthier Mom now than I was before kids and for having the energy to keep up with my little blessings.

  40. Almost all my hair is gone too :( I don’t associate my kids to what happened to my body/skin/hair though, it wasn’t their fault.

  41. My husband says I’m beautiful just the way I am all the time, and I know that our bodies are the temple of Christ so we should be looking at ourselves through the eyes of Christ, for he has woven our bodies together and has made us each a masterpiece, but deep down that didn’t change how I felt about my body after 4 c-sections and hitting my 40’s and it being SO hard to lose those extra unwanted pounds and squishy tummy…. I know for me it effects the intimacy in my marriage. If I don’t feel great about my body, I certainly am more inhibited in sharing my whole self with my husband. Earlier this year I was following my cousins blog and facebook posts for several months about a product that tightens, tones and firms the skin so I decided to check it out. After seeing my results and seeing how it was changing other people’s lives, I decided to become a distributor myself in the hopes that I could not only help my family out financially a bit but also help others’ in their health journey and feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually as well as encourage others in their walk with Christ and possibly lead others to Christ along the way. If any of you would like to check out what I’m talking about you can visit my website at https://azwrapyourselfskinny.myitworks.com or you can check out my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/AZwrapyourselfskinny. Blessings to all of you ladies as we strive to take care of our bodies that God has blessed us with…

  42. I actually prefer the way I look after having a baby. I’ve always been skinnier than I’d like; but after having a baby, I get to rock the sexy curves I’ve always envied other women having.

  43. I’m blessed by what other women have written. I have had 3 C-sections and 3 healthy babies and one very worn out body. I would love to say that it doesn’t bother me, but not fitting into any of the clothing I like (after going up 6 sizes) is very disheartening. I homeschool during the day, and work almost full time during the nights and weekends, so going to the gym rarely happens. Housework rarely happens! 😉 But, for this season anyway, God has given me tasks to do and the strength to do them. I try to focus on seeking Him first every morning, and trust that He will supply all my needs, which may or may not include some work out time! And I wouldn’t trade my life for one minute for someone who works out 3 hrs a day in a gym and doesn’t know her blessings at home! Fearfully and wonderfully made, ladies…

  44. Lucy Seay says:

    Thank you for writing this post! I struggle with this issue every single day — sometimes from a godly perspective, sometimes from a worldly perspective. It is a constant battle. Yet, ultimately, I’m thankful for my body… the body God used to bring forth my two precious children.

  45. Ashlee says:

    Thank you so much for your post on this topic. I have a similar story to yours – starting very skinny and upping several sizes, but I am currently in the healthy weight range! For the most part, I am okay with my body changes. The times I struggle most is when comments are made about my body from others or when compared to someone who is smaller. I know my worth in Christ and have wonderful support from my husband… it is just that other people’s words can still hurt. So even if you can learn to embrace your own body and have lots of support, you may possibly have to deal with “someone’s” comments. :(

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