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Consistency is such a grounding word.  It evokes notions of bills paid in a timely fashion.  Of library books returned 2 weeks late on time.  It thrusts forth this idea that togetherness and order are, in fact, BFFS with good time keeping and practical spending. I imagine them all piled like good little school girls with flannel pajamas under their puffy sleeping bags. Their chitter-chattering is everything overzealous and high pitched while in their laps rest overflowing bowlfuls of popcorn and soda pops with piping straws peeking out the tops.

Parenting is so very pro-consistency, wouldn’t you agree?  Yes, it’s paramount that we stick to your foundations and hold true to our morals and deep rooted beliefs when it comes to child rearing.  Be the slumber party above and own the mess out of transferring steadfastness in living to your baby people. YES.  But when it comes to the locks on your noggin, it is here where I am asking that you opt out of this “c” word.  I am even emphatically imploring your to re-consider the aesthetic locks that flow out of the globe-o-sphere that God did, in fact, entrust your very being.

Consistency with your hair? Let it go, Mama.


{my hair transformations in the past year}

In this world of dimes store shopping, home schooling, toilet cleaning, penny pinching, soccer practice carpooling, laundry folding and mother loving, we Moms shape.  We guide and we grow humans for better and though worse.  We are the backbone of support for our family in more ways than we even realize.

That’s why it’s important to not miss the opportunity to find spontaneity and energy in those easy areas of our lives.  Change is a great spark that so many of us women miss out on because of fear.  We fear a new cut won’t look right. We worry a new hair color will be too risky.  We over use consistency in areas where it’s just not needed and, furthermore, deadening to the awakening our very bodies need.

Sisters, don’t be afraid to change YOUR HAIRSTYLE! In the Meghan-esqued words of my homeboy, John Lennon, “Give peace scissors a chance.”  CUT.  Snip.  TRIM.  Color.  CHANGE.  It’s your dome; it’s not your parenting convictions. Allow the winds of different to tousle your locks with a new vibe.  And trust that you will find ENERGY and a fresh start feeling from using the aesthetics of you.

Consistency.  It counts.  Oh yes it does.  But keeping the same cut and/or color for 15+ years may just be the cinderblock you’ve tied yourself to – all because you’re nervous to try something new.

In the past year I decided to celebrate new ways I could gain strength and energy from the areas in my life where consistency needn’t be a priority.  And the hair department was just the place for me to re-invent myself and practice new all knowing that my outside could create a potential inward revolution when I needed a new twist on life.

I am here to officially report that it grows out.  It grows back.  And best of all, about an inch off of your scalp is all dead hair cells. DEAD.  They always have been and always will be.

CUT.  Snip.  TRIM.  Color.  CHANGE.  It’s your dome; it’s not your parenting convictions.

You can do it!  And you can gain strength from laying fear aside, keeping consistency where it dutifully belongs and leaning less on the aesthetically overrated DEAD HAIR CELLS.

From my mane to yours, 

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Meghan Cobble

Meghan Cobble is a goodwill hunter. In fashion and in people. She serves the Lord best by using her hands to create, teach and inspire. She resides in East TN with her husband and their 2 boys where she home schools and runs k.Mac, her custom design business.

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5 Responses to changing hairstyles + fresh starts

  1. Melissa says:

    Aaaaand I would be that one who is nervous to do silly things like this. But I loved this, and maybe I’ll re-think it. :)

  2. Kimberly says:

    FYI, the k.mac link is broken. On my iPhone it sends me to a search site in another language. I even googled it and got the same result.

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