At-Home Workouts for the Busy Mom

At-Home Workouts for the Busy Mom

I am super-psyched that my friend, Marlene has written this for our Busy Mom readers.  I’m off and on the exercise wagon (just keepin’ it real) but I have got to say, when I’m on it, I feel 1000000x better in every way.  I shoot for early morning as that’s the only time my kids will leave me alone :)  but anytime is the right time!  Moms, you need to take care of your beautiful, baby-making, husband-loving body.  My favorite workout (I have a fracture in my lower back) ended up being a yoga workout.  DON’T FREAK OUT.  I do what I like to call “Yoga without the Ya-Ya” meaning I do all the stretches and strengthen my body while keeping my heart and my listening to my favorite, soul-healing music.  Try listening to this album by Shawn McDonald. My favorite song is called “Rise.”  Let’s RISE to this, moms!  We can do it!  <3 You want to run around with your grandkids some day with me, right?  It’s not impossible, it just takes some thought and determination.  Thanks Marlene for the encouragement!



As moms and wives, we tend to be the heart of the home. We keep track of everyone’s schedule, meal plan, cook, clean, and somehow have to find time to take care of ourselves. More often than not, our health and fitness tend to fall to the back burner. It’s not easy making time to workout, and when we do make the time – guilt often follows shortly after. At least that was my experience. But this year I’m making it a goal to live a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve realized that if I’m not at my best, I can’t possibly offer my family the best version of me. So after some time planning and reflecting on how to do this, without going all crazy and jumping in head first, I broke it down into baby steps.

First, I started with reducing my sugary drink intake. I swapped anything high in sugar (soda, juices, etc.) for green tea or water. Making this one change alone made a huge difference in how I felt and how I responded to everything around me. Every so often I’ll treat myself, but it’s definitely more of a treat now than a way of life.

Next, I worked on my eating habits. I cleaned up our meals and have switched to high protein meals which keep me full and help me feel more energized. We all seem to be thriving on this, and I’m feeling much more energetic!

Now, I’m full force working on my physical fitness. I’m not aiming to be a fitness model, nor a body builder, but I do want my body to be strong.

My first goal was setting up a mini home gym. I have everything I could possibly need to legitimately get a good full body workout. I like to switch things up every so often, and some days the garage is just too hot to workout in, and on those days I turn to fitness videos.

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Here are my favorite at-home workout videos

Ballet Workouts

  • Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout – Low impact, no jumping around like you would do in aerobics videos. I tend to have back problems, and workouts like these are my favorite.


I’ve been doing Pilates off and on for years. They are similar workouts to ballet movements. There are many Pilate workout videos now, but here are my favorites:

Jillian Michaels

The cool part about most of these, is that they are available for free on Amazon Prime Instant Video if you are an Amazon Prime customer.

These next videos are all free and can be found on YouTube!

What are your favorite ways to work out at home?


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Marlene is a wife to an amazing husband and a mom to three kiddos. Her days as spent homeschooling their kiddos in-between hugs and snuggles. In her not so spare time she enjoys crafting, painting (canvas not wall), catching up on the latest beauty and fashion trends, or just relaxing with a cup of coffee and a good book. She loves the Lord and is passionate about living life diligently for Him in everything she does.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I love the variety of tips she shared here. :)

  3. Amy Larson says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to make some healthy changes in my life.

  4. Tory Whatley says:

    I use the Home Workout app on my Android. It is great! 35 minutes of scheduled exercises that require no gym equipment, weights, etc 3 days a week. I do a yoga workout app the other two days.

  5. I find going to the gym works better for me. The kids are in child watch which means I get a break!

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  7. Vikki K says:

    Yes, it is very important to check whether you have diastasis recti after a birth. It is chronically undiagnosed. Core, pilates, sit-ups and planks (among others) can make your poor belly muscles worse! Another on-line program that is good value for money is

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