5 Steps To Establishing An Exercise Routine

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There’s something really great about beginnings.  They have this swift way of coercing our dreams a little more into reality. It’s kinda like those notions just wished up there in our noggin become almost physically tangible right before us.  I think what I love best about beginnings is the opportunity that exists through the unknown.  And opportunity comes to us best when we set no limits to what we can accomplish.

A huge notion so many women toss around in their noggin is the dream of being fit and feeling good. Moms want to look better and/or feel healthy.  And so oftentimes, we are the worst at allowing our dreams of exercise for the hope of a better self exit our noggin.  This dream tosses to and fro just waiting to be touched. Trust me.  I’ve been there.  And I’m here now as proof that using the following these 5 steps to establishing an exercise routine is not only doable, but life changing, too.

I played 2 sports in college.  My life was active.  Moving was a part of me.  Then married life and motherhood happened.  Looooong days at home with little boys and living on a very limited budget left me lacking in all things moving. The only aerobics I received came from chasing my toddler around the house to ensure he didn’t dunk the cat or his baby brother into the toilet. Can anyone relate?

It was Christmas Day of 2007.  Through the sea of wrapping paper shreds and toddler mangled bows, I decided there was a gift under the Christmas tree wrapped just for me.  I had an 11 month old and a 33 month old.  I walked into the kitchen and let my husband know that today was the day I was choosing to open my gift of exercise. With a high-five, “atta, girl” followed by a “ummm, how long you gonna be gone?” he was in full support.  I laced up my shoes and took off.  And I haven’t been still since.


Say it.  Don’t stutter.  Don’t make excuses.  Make it known aloud to yourself, your husband or a good friend.  The first step is making it a priority in your day.  Not just every once in a while.  Telling someone you trust will help keep you accountable.  Especially on the days when you aren’t motivated.


Don’t generalize.  Be very exact about what your exercise plans are for a 7 day week.  In 2007, I began with maintaining my exercise 3 days a week.  I tracked my exercise to be sure I met my goal.  Each year since I increased my exercise amount and times per week.


Tell yourself of the good your gifting your life.  Moving is absolutely wonderful for so many reasons.  It increases blood flow, releases endorphins and elevates your metabolic rate.  One of the things I love to do most when I run is affirm myself in my very moment of movement.  I also have such a beautiful time of worship with the Lord.  I pray.  I cry.  I tell Him my dreams.  I hand over the aches of this world and have worship with Him as I run.  I am in complete unison with Him each time that I move.  Using this time to spend with Him makes exercise even more a priority in my life.


Like I said earlier, we live on a very limited budget.  Remember, I’m the Goodwill hunter!  So my family cannot afford a gym membership.  Thus, I use the outdoors to its fullest.  Not only do I run outside, but I use the nearby state park for hikes with my boys as well as good ole push-ups and sit-ups, planks, squats and leg lifts inside my home.  Don’t limit yourself to the idea that exercise can only happen with a membership.  Change up your routines to keep your body fresh for different ways to move.


Exercising is God’s natural feel good medicine.  Sweat creates optimism. I really believe that.  The more you are proactive in planning and proceeding with your exercise routine, the more you will feel the release and lift He has just for you.  This gift is from Him; enjoy every ounce of what will begin to fill up those empty places that live there inside your noggin. A better diet right along with healthier food choices will fall right into place once these 5 steps are established.

Physically tangible right before us.  Opportunity comes to us best when we set no limits to what we can accomplish.  I know you can do it!  Now open that gift for yourself and MOVE, Moms!


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Meghan Cobble

Meghan Cobble is a goodwill hunter. In fashion and in people. She serves the Lord best by using her hands to create, teach and inspire. She resides in East TN with her husband and their 2 boys where she home schools and runs k.Mac, her custom design business.

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7 Responses to 5 Steps To Establishing An Exercise Routine

  1. Emily says:

    This is really excellent! I started my exercise routine about a year ago and I’ve never felt so good in my life. I notice my skin looks better, I feel better about myself and I have more energy for my family. I’m not much of a runner but I found a number of DVDs that I really enjoy including some Jillian Michaels dvds and the set of T25 dvds that I got on Craigslist. Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive and doing them just 3 or 4 times a week makes it simple and easy.

  2. Noelle says:

    I have found an awesome affordable program for mamas- I am in no way affiliated other than by seeing results and experiencing it’s doability (I don’t think that is a word but I am going to use it!) It is called Mutu mamas it is around $90 for a lifetime membership and $10 for an app with tons of hiit type routines that require no or very minimal space & equipment! And it is awesome for moms!!! There is food advice -NOT a diet and other great tips to get rid of your “mummy tummy”! A great way to ease into moving or supplement! I need to DO it again as I fell off the moving wagon. Thanks for the post!!!!!

  3. Noelle says:

    The workouts are short also they vary from 8-30 minutes depending on the day!

  4. Jewel C says:

    This is such a timely reminder for me….that my habit of WALKS down my long road and back do not need to stop even though 8+ inches of snow fell on us yesterday. Got exercise yesterday via shoveling…and my back and other muscles are feeling it! This post spurs me on to get a brisk walk in this afternoon even in low temps and on a snow-covered road! I too love these alone time with my Lord in the fresh air….to pray, to cry, to dream, to refresh!

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