5 Minute Makeup for Busy Moms

5 minute makeup for busy moms

Makeup was one of the first things to go when I had my second child. (Well, makeup and hair, but hair is another story.) I know I went through a serious frumpy phase, especially after the birth of my third child. There were too many things to do, and not enough time or priority for appearances. Eventually I began to emerge from the Mom Fog and realized that I really did need to set aside at least a few minutes to freshen myself up. I don’t represent my husband and my family well when I look like a bag lady! But since I habitually run late, I knew that in addition to working on my tardiness, I needed to find a way to look put together in only a handful of minutes. And you know what? I did. My face can be “church-ready” in less than five minutes. And you can do it, too.

Quick & Simple Makeup for the Busy Mom in Five Minutes (Or Less)

Step 1: Change Your Thinking

This is the most important step, really, because it affects how much time you spend on your makeup. Are trying to achieve perfection? Trying to look “Magazine-ready?” (Been there; done that.) When I was younger I spent too much time making sure my eyeliner was ‘just so.’ Let go of perfection. Remind yourself that you’re not painting a masterpiece and it’s not a competition. Simply approach makeup as a tool for putting your best face forward, to look fresh and ready to meet your day, and your attitude toward applying the makeup will change with it.

makeup foundation for busy moms

Step 2: Change Your Foundation

Don’t get me wrong, when we’re going to have family pictures taken, I’m going to apply full makeup with liquid foundation (or cream to powder foundation, preferably.) Without a solid foundation base, the makeup won’t stand up to the bright photography lights. But for day to day makeup, even Date With Hubby makeup, there’s a simpler, faster way. For a simple daily makeup foundation, first apply moisturizer to your clean face, and while it’s still damp, apply powder. For the powder, use a multi-tonal blending face powder, or a bare mineral kind of foundation powder. Now you have a simple and light foundation that evens out your skin, sets up your face for the rest of your makeup, and still lets your skin breathe a little.

{Heidi’s interjecting here to give you my faves for makeup and foundation powder!}
Bare Minerals: I never leave home without them (very often!)
Oil of Olay’s “Complete”daily moisturizer with sunscreen (been using this since the dawn of time!)

Simple mom makeup

Step 3: Keep It Simple

I do like to have fun with different colors of eye shadow and eyeliner, but overall, I still keep things quick and easy, using as few items as possible in one sitting. At its simplest, my makeup will consist only of a light dusting of blush, the same blush on my eyelids, finished with mascara and natural lip gloss. It’s the quickest and easiest and makes a big difference when I’m headed out the door.

{Heidi’s faves}
Bare Minerals blush. ‘nuf said. I like the color “Glee” – my skin is very fair so results will vary! :)
Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer – If you want your eye shadow to stay on all day, this is a must-have. MUST.
It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara by Elizabeth Mott.  Yes. Yes. Yes!  My other bestie? A little cheaper too: Cover Girl

In fact, most days I don’t add any additional eye shadow or eyeliner at all. I like that soft and simple look for quick trips to the store and play days with friends. Even when I do add more, I can save time by simplifying the total number of products I use.

Eye makeup for moms

Step 4: Focus on the eyes.

If I have more time, or want to dress up a little more nicely, I will add one or two shades of shadow and an eyeliner, too. I spend more time on my eyes if anything. If you spend just a little more time there then you really look put together and it creates a focal point on your face. In fact, the rest of my makeup is so soft, you almost can’t tell a difference until I’ve finished the eyes. My goal with makeup isn’t to get noticed or look highly made-up, but just to look as though I took enough time to take care of myself before I left the house. Since people look at your eyes a lot, it makes sense to spend a little more time there.

{Heidi’s Faves}
Prestige Liquid Eyeliner (love my liquid eyeliner!) or, for a pencil— MAC Kohl Smolder Eye … mmmm good
Too Faced Natural Eye – I have several of these palettes and I’m hooked! Don’t forget your primer!

simple quick mom makeup

Step 5: Finish with powder.

To help set your makeup so that it lasts longer, applying another dusting of powder (before you apply your mascara.) It doesn’t help to spend time on something if it isn’t going to last. We certainly don’t have time to waste! A professional makeup artist expressed the importance of setting the end result with a layer of powder and I’ve been doing it since. Unless I’ve taken a nap, shed tears, or rubbed my face a lot because of allergies, my easy makeup will last through the day.

{Heidi’s Fave}
Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder: Don’t leave home without it!

Easy Makeup That Lasts All Day

Don’t Over-think It

Busy moms don’t have a lot of time to waste on makeup–but you only need five minutes to look put together and ready to go. By keeping it simple and easy, you can quickly get your makeup done in the morning and spend more time thinking about other things. The key is just to not over think your makeup – in the end, it’s just makeup! Busy moms have more important things than makeup, right? And by the way, if you’re one of those busy moms with daughters who are starting to wear a little makeup, the simple and easy approach is a great tool for teens, too.


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  1. […] Today I have a post up over at The Busy Mom, where I am sharing how I do my makeup simply and quickly in five minutes or less, so that I can have more time to do other things (like trying to be on time for church!) Is makeup frivolous? Important? How much time should spend on it? Come read what I have to say about it in, “5 Minute Makeup for Busy Moms.” […]

  2. LS says:

    I understand how easy it is to just frump it, but why say you aren’t representing your family/husband well that way? Why can’t you do something nice for you? Some day your kids will be gone and your husband will be dead — will you try to look nice for you then, or without them will you have no raison d’etre? You were you before husband and kids. Don’t make them your sole reason for anything.

  3. I don’t usually make time for make-up, my sweetheart says I don’t need it. But occasionally I like to look special for him anyhow. It’s hard to find even 5 minutes sometimes. This is a great post anyhow!

  4. My hubby doesn’t like too much makeup, and what I do put on, he doesn’t really notice whether I have it on or not. I usually only wear a little eyeliner and mascara on Sundays because I’m on stage in the worship band. It takes like a minute tops.

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